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RajiJoseph New Delhi. Thanks a lot for your humanity. She is a great lady. What a smile on her face after 600 km walk for life without any food and rest. Wow! Great lady. She can do lot. She is something special. Advocate On Record @SC. & National President @BNSS-INC
SundarRamasamy1 Coimbatore, India India, where FM just watched ramayana in DD, awaiting for the next episodes along with home minister,remote handle by network and energy grp powered by PM,Poors walk for life and middleman waits for 21days, millionaire book emergency beds and ventilators to safeguard their family Man searching for meaning , thinking of purpose a life to live,to foresee,to pursue, with full of unanswered questions
CPCPhoenix Greater Phoenix Area The Walk for Life is less than a week away, and even though we can't gather as one big group this year, we can still be a community - online! So get ready to share your photos and videos on walk day by joining our Cluster group by clicking here: Saving and Transforming Lives since 1983.
CPCPhoenix Greater Phoenix Area How Can We Pray For YOU? We have started a prayer list through a free app called Echo so we can pray for each other and our communities in specific ways during our Prayer-Walk for Life on April 4th. Join us by clicking here: Saving and Transforming Lives since 1983.
LovelyPhotogra7 Delhi And Punjab When you walk down the aisle, we want to remember that walk for life! Presenting our beautiful and lovely couple Instagram: Dm or call us on +91-9711990699 New Delhi, India And Punjab India #brideandgroom #couplegoals We say “Say Cheese!!” Yes, we are a team of candid Wedding photographers who will help you relive each and every moment of your beautiful fairy tale wedding.
CPCPhoenix Greater Phoenix Area How Can We Pray For YOU? We have started a prayer list through a free app called Echo so we can pray in specific ways during our Prayer-Walk for Life on Saturday, April 4th. You can access the list and add your requests by clicking here: Saving and Transforming Lives since 1983.
60Minutes New York, NY “They walk into the hospital, talking, or into an urgent care. And 12 hours later, they're on a ventilator, fighting for their life.” Dr. Mangala Narasimhan describes how COVID-19 patients can suddenly deteriorate and require intensive care. The most successful news magazine in TV history, offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news.
reasonTDE Del Amo, CA Bruh imagine you walk in a studio and those records are loaded up for you to sing and change your life. Thank God for writers!🙏🏾 Del Amo’s very own! Instagram: | / Rest In Power Nipsey Hussle
StanCollymore England Going to keep plugging the exercise drum because I know all too well that it can save, maintain and enhance life. A walk, jog or run daily for 30+ mins( follow govt advice) will bank good MENTAL & PHYSICAL health. Footballer @LFC @AVFCOfficial @NFFC @England. Politics. Anti-Racism. Mental Health Advocacy.
Siobhan_LM London, England Wfh day 12 went out for a lunchtime walk with a Dad and we legit only went about 7 mins from our house but we discovered a whole new area. I have lived in this village my whole life and I did not know this place existed...🤯 Some politics/current affairs and the occasional pithy one liner. I won't be satisfied until the day there is a ginger princess emoji.
nerdette Austin, TX You do not have any responsibility to manage other people's emotional health. If someone is being abusive or erratic - on this website or in real life - you can and should walk away if you can. A crisis is not a reason to hold space for people who are harmful or toxic. I write about negotiation, equal pay & the future of work for @forbeswomen. Rogue behavioral scientist. Dammit, you gotta be kind. (she/her/ma’am) 🇰🇷🇧🇷🇺🇸
RCSchulteIII West Palm Beach, FL Turn the news off. Take a walk. Read the Bible. Develop an attitude of gratitude 🙏 pray to the LORD and thank him for all his goodness, faithfulness. Renew your mind. Reboot on what is truly important in life. Jesus, Family, Country, Wealth Management, Homesteading, Handyman Services, Learning, Truth, Liberty.
jerrycamarie_ PH Now I understand why mama kept us from relatives' family issues. I believed that in Christ, there is complete freedom. Life is not perfect for us even today but I rest on God's will and align with Him. We align our desire to try to walk and follow His ways no matter what. Writer and artist from PH. Volunteer teacher.
A_walk_this_way A shake-up could be coming in your life, and it might have to ... More for Capricorn IG: @high__sidity
MNCornGuy #RainyLake #OnlyinMN G’morning from #RainyLake and the Tilson Creek Bog Walk. Soon, ice will melt and life will re-emerge and the bog will again teem with all manner of flora and fauna. For now, please #StayAtHome #StayWell #BeKind #OnlyinMN Men plan, God laughs. Personal ramblings of an Island intern.
Muhamma02366940 Kano, Nigeria @FarukAlsheik @meothmans @UsmanAbdul7877 @__usyy @the_hamoood @AysherSadiq @Maryerm_a_y @Official_mohnyc @SaddamKwaith1 @Sir__md @awwalcoach @cardie_bae Dama she is not part of your life so just let go and pray for the best though it's painful but be a man bro when you fall get back on your knees and keelp running if can't then walk if can't crawl no matter what just keep moving don't stand still.💪💪💪be strong bro
HollyKin4 Lost in Scotland @o_nothingisok @AdrianHarrop @sexualhealthLDN @PoliceWarr Then grow up. Go for a walk, read a book, take up a hobby, just stop doing things potentially life threatening to others because you're bored. Really want to drive? Get on a FB group for local area and help people shop, pick up meds, etc. Permanently annoyed with all forms of gov't, who seem to do what's best for themselves and their parties, rather than the people they represent.
Hypocrisy_45 Far from Trump. @crymeariver6666 Hey, you're not alone. I live a fairly solitary life, and even I'm going a little stir crazy. Amazing how just going to work out around other people, or now a walk in the woods, or going to the store can do a lot for your psyche. Indiana Grad 81. Pointing out Trump hypocrisy daily, er, hourly.
navi_jaglan Haryana, India @RNTata2000 Happy birthday sir I wish that you be blessed with all the happiness, good luck and success in your life and may you have a long life. May this year be so much better than the last for you in every walk of life. I wish you all the luck, good health and prosperity.
writer_mikem Canada #MyCurrentMentalStateIs grateful. I remember being confined to a hospital room for days, for nearly one year. I was attached to a chemo machine not knowing if it would be my last day and rarely moved. I would have to walk and take a piss with it near me. That was my life for 1 yr I am Canadian and Italian. Yes, talk with my hands and laugh obnoxiously loud. Wine drinker. Hate drugs/cigs. Author. Music lover. Human. GOD OVER EVERYTHING!
gianthanasia HG-H/NSA @thewenderfuls Walk towards the guest book, she let go of her hold around Bona and start to write her wish for the happy couple. "We wish nothing but sweetness and love for the rest of your marriage life" Minkyeung & Bona (FAKE/RolePlay) Big, Giant Kim, alluring woman with long limbs. HINAPIA's leader, Kim Minkyung. HG-H [Strictly Eng]
aimeemarysia Week 3. I am grumpy and annoyed and living the legging life. I’m a little worried about how I am going to be socially once we are allowed out of our houses for more than a walk or a run. I mean, when will I wear clothes again?! And not wear my hair in a bun?! Writer, baker, candlestick maker.
Lanibob @maradoddsy7 @Sus_L_ I get that not everyone can walk round the block or have somewhere on their doorstep to go for a walk. Yes it's bound to be frustrating. Life's different now tho and we need to take a telling for everyone's good. It's a tough time for everyone
BonnieStaiger Western ND — 46.9 Latitude @WomenInTheHills @WordsworthGras @JoTayl0r0 Dearest Dorothy, Thank you for prodding me to walk daily-especially during this time of pandemic. The countryside here is full of life around me and a rare person at good distance. Be well, BLS @profbate #poets #GreatPlainsWriters @NDSUPress ND Assoc Poet Laureate, Award-winning poet of chapbook ‘Destiny Manifested’ @NDSUPress
daniel__iam Just went for a walk and I’ve never seen so much dog walkers in my life. Reading, United Kingdom
MJLAuthor Wales, United Kingdom I've been writing for 16 years. Despite paying for a professional editor, for the life of me, I can't get an agent. One will request a full MS, then I'll hear nothing from 50 others. At what point do you walk away from it all and stop pestering agents? @AMHeathLtd #AskAMH Write thrillers and literary fiction: FERAL SNOW. Earned the accolade of being the coolest guy someone knows... I mean, the someone was a toddler
fwilliams256 Maryland, USA God wants you to know that the only the shed blood of Jesus could clean you for all your sin and permanently do away with sin if you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and walk in love by living your daily life in the word of God for victory.
CoronaVirus_400 Detroit, MI @SouthernHomo Wait... Wait... There is no proof #CoronaVirus even exist??? Everyone is cursing people out for proof? Nobody #FilmYourHospital yet in real life??? Walk in with a cell camera and stream live on Twitter. GOD of ISRAEL the Creator of the universe is punishing the wickedness of Earth (2 Esdras 15:49). Keep The Law.
taylorramsey3_ California ...of you! Walk in that greater than life! Even when what’s in front of you or around you appears bigger than you can handle, God is greater and so are you, because of Him. Be blessed & encouraged! Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Instagram - @taylorramsey3 // Christian. Husband. Father. Youth Pastor. Love | Faith | Unashamed
MsAshleeLee @beyondreasdoubt @StillmanJeff And when people suggest they walk out of the press conferences? Ha! Not on your life. This kind of attention is what they’re hoping for.
shenmaxiu Wollongong, Dharawal Country Keeping socially distant but still managing to go for a walk in the rainforest on the weekend. So much life on display. There is hope, and joy, and wonder there. 社会正义战士。他。Kernowyon.
bklynbelvr @SXMTheHighway #apartment life in #NYC in the age of #coronavirus is hard, especially if u have no balcony. Don’t take ur front door (or backyard) for granted. If you can open them and walk out still socially isolating, you are blessed. That being said, I have become more zen about it. 🤷‍♀️❤️
Projectbairaag Spiritual awakening happened some years back and it took me a while to confidently walk the path my life asked me for. The Project Bairaag is the gift of this lifetime to me which I want to share with everyone. #spiritualawakening #yoga #meditation #Mentalhealth #Healing Conscious Living ✨ Physical 💪, mental 🧠 and spiritual 💫 health #yoga #veganism #selfhelp #meditation #healing #energywork
barryshealy Macon, GA Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me. The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Psalm 138:7 Husband, father, teacher seeking to show God's love and longing for heaven.
E_Staniforth Madrid, Spain @TimG_translator Woe. I don't ask for much from life but I do ask for sushi and a walk every now and again. Hope your week picks up! Although your tweets have been quite entertaining, I have to say. I like to imagine paint ham guy is planning some bizarre art project. #Translator & #interpreter from #French, #Spanish & #Portuguese to #English. PhD #African #migration journeys in & around #EU.
tiodoor Accra, Ghana #Christianity #Rapture #TheLockdown #TheChurch #COVID19 This is the opportune time for you to belong to Jesus Christ, the son of God. Receive his life and righteousness and begin a new walk with him. In the presence of God, ideas are birthed, and ability granted to accomplish more...☝🏼God!
Kambirds2017 They say if the shoe fits, wear it. Me, personally, I channel my inner Jesus and just go barefoot. Barefoot is how I was born. Barefoot how I'll die. And between birth and death, I ain't interested in walking the path of life. Since I don't wanna walk no path, no need for shoe. 🐰 *Skinny Binny* and the fantasy & ecstasy of you & me --- a creative writer's blog of all things in random-tandem
RajiJoseph New Delhi. Thanks a lot for your humanity. She is a great lady. What a smile on her face after 600 km walk for life without any food and rest. Wow! Great lady. She can do lot. She is something special. Advocate On Record @SC. & National President @BNSS-INC
Ruiner2077 315, NY, USA @Avid_Pariah Same. Only kid. Read a lot of comics. I’m going to get caught up on a couple months of Batman comics. I think I just miss the normal things in life, I’d like to go for a walk and get a cup of coffee or go to the store for something I need. It’s such a strange time to be alive. Blood DK gm of @bearfightguild Gymrat. Cyberpunk Streamer. vaporwave artist. dead on the outside too
wayandtruths At first..i will walk...For me..i didn't know God had big plans for me..i used to cry a lot.. Life is better today then yesterday..But we are praying for a more better future.. In God we trust..Dont envy, Be focus and keep pushing. I'm the Gateway to Africa.. Building businesses for the next Generation..All i want to do..🌍 Invest in my ideas..Let change the world..
Raminations Chennai @thekaipullai Winner Kaipullai will lead the pack and win any contest hands down. Almost any lesson for life can be drawn from his performance in that movie which was a surprise appearance for him as he was down with a broken leg and was having a limp in his walk. Remarkable actor CA-Economics-Politics-Markets.RTs not necessarily Markets for Living
tunde15127212 @Zlatan_Ibile Street life sweet oooo 😀 make u get case like person carry ur money japa or something E Dey sweet my bro. Pains and smile go con dey walk together for urbody 😅😋😊 on God
heracletian In the spirit of Merry Brandybuck chatting of Tobold Hornblower and the history of pipe-weed with Theoden King whilst Middle Earth was being wracked... Out on my walk yesterday, I saw for the first time in my life darting up and down on a black poplar one of these. Catholic, doctorate on Newman the Philosopher, Medieval thought, birds, trees, animals, education advisor ...
koenfucius here Whether it’s taking part in lockdown parties, putting one’s life at stake to help others in hospitals, care homes and shops, or simply going out for a walk or get provisions... we are all gambling with the undead: Accidental behavioural economist. Wisdom or koenfusion? Maybe the difference is not that big.
Pistol480 NYC R. Even though I walk in the dark valley I fear no evil; for you are at my side. Only goodness and kindness follow me all the days of my life; And I shall dwell in the house of the LORD for years to come. Greetings New to Twitter Was brought to my knees Found myself going to Jesus Was lifted up by everybody's prayers on Twitter Thank You Prayer Warriors
RobLBurgess @dustinpwalsh In Michigan, "nearly 850,000 jobs vanished, some 440,000 in manufacturing. The losses all but wiped out a blue-collar way of life built on high wages and liberal benefits, where a high school graduate could walk across the street and get a job for life." Opinion writer for SW Michigan newspaper. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program coordinator and volunteer. GVSU grad.
Barbara1960D Ireland @xcelticeyesx @sickandtaxed @FergalBowers @rte @SimonHarrisTD @LeoVaradkar @HSELive @CMOIreland I wouldn’t equate life and death decision making in the face of a once-in-100 years global pandemic with picking which party to vote into government for the next four years. Certainly not while watching my youngest walk out the door to man the frontline every day. Slán "The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.”
The25Torquay 25 Avenue Rd, Torquay, TQ2 5LB Being closed meant I’ve finally produced a leaflet for our guests on Agatha Christie which includes some interesting places to visit locally and includes the Agatha Christie Mile which is a walk taking in sites relevant to her life and books. #agathachristie #torquay #author Best B&B in the world on TripAdvisor. Check out our website. Funky design meets cutting-edge technology in Torquay,Devon.
sclayton97 @LeftyVegas All of life isn't just politics. Do something nice for yourself and stay off the TV and Social media for a day. Watch movies you like, take a walk, eat something you really like. Take care of you. You only have one life. Liberal baby boomer; avid Cub fan; resister; mom to 2 liberal daughters & grandma to 3 great girls; nurse. #FBR #Resist
joshwilburne London, England @timothyachumba Still hard pass for me. Can't plan my life around a potential once in a lifetime pandemic. But I like knowing within a 10 minute walk i have about a dozen shops that I can get basic food and house stuffs, deliveries when I need, but isolate in the flat just fine. I make design for Workplace @facebook. 🇺🇸 in 🇬🇧. Take photos daily, often post them late. Rad dad. Previously @lyft @twitter @xero @beyond. Losing my edge.