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Walk for life.

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Vinniethehat @EWTNNewsNightly the @ockcchapter and the @KofC Rosary, Mass and Walk for Life
mar3277 My mom and I working the registration table at the 2022 Women's Center Walk for Life. #ProLifeForLife ❤️🙏 Yellowstone fan because its the best show on TV that's all you really need to know.
Ade021402 Ibadan, Nigeria. Join the Nasfat Walk for Life and you might be saving a young woman from this ordeal. #NasfatHELD #NasafatCares #5kilometrerwalkforLIFE #GETvaccinated Graphic Designer lProgram Manager l Re-Branding Expert l Event Planner l Publicity l Social Media Influencer l Entrepreneur
RamasamyGanesa5 @RahulGandhi We appreciate it. Continue the the walk for life time and enjoy. Let an appropriate leader to build the congress strong.
LesTurnerALS Skokie, IL You raised $500,000 and counting at the ALS Walk for Life! Thanks to you, we can provide the most comprehensive care and support to people living with #ALS. Fundraising continues until year's end, so please encourage friends and family to donate at The leader in comprehensive #ALS care in Chicagoland
EdGjertsenII Northfield, IL Engage Wealth was happy to support the 2022 Annual @LesTurnerALS Walk for Life in Chicago in memory of Michael Falk and in honor of Berri Falk. Many thanks to everyone who participated with our team Walk for Falk and supported the cause! Founder Fee-Only firm Engage Wealth Group, Past National President Financial Planning Association, Certified Financial Planner
telegramreports Rocky Mount, N.C. Ninety-four runners and an estimated 50 walkers completed a 5K Run and Walk for Life dual event Saturday at the Rocky Mount Sports Complex with the goal of raising $140,000 for the Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center. The Rocky Mount Telegram is a five-day a week newspaper serving Nash & Edgecombe counties. Connect with us on Facebook at
Omni______ Roe v Wade was struck down and everyone seem to have forgotten just how much the right worked for that. Generational effort to establish Originalism as THE system for judges, the entire pro-life social movement that made Walk for Life one of the biggest movements every year lol Descended from New England settlers. Catholic. Husband. Father. Regime shill
AndreaBackman05 Chicago, Illinois Mauricio, it was so lovely to meet you and your amazing Team Jimenez today at the @LesTurnerALS #ALS Walk for Life. CEO @lesturnerals. lost mom to ALS in 2010. board member @alsmndalliance. passionate about people w/ ALS/MND & fighting for a cure. views my own. she/her
AndreaBackman05 Chicago, Illinois Big thanks to ⁦@abekanan⁩ and ⁦@SchwarzABC7⁩ as our hosts of the ⁦@LesTurnerALS⁩ #ALS Walk for Life today at Chicago’s ⁦@SoldierField⁩! CEO @lesturnerals. lost mom to ALS in 2010. board member @alsmndalliance. passionate about people w/ ALS/MND & fighting for a cure. views my own. she/her
AndreaBackman05 Chicago, Illinois Loved seeing The Honey Squad today at the @LesTurnerALS #ALS Walk for Life! And a huge thank you to @SchwarzABC7! CEO @lesturnerals. lost mom to ALS in 2010. board member @alsmndalliance. passionate about people w/ ALS/MND & fighting for a cure. views my own. she/her
AndreaBackman05 Chicago, Illinois The ⁦@LesTurnerALS⁩ Walk for Life was a huge success today in Chicago! Thanks to the thousands of people in this amazing #ALS community for making a difference in ALS care, support and research! CEO @lesturnerals. lost mom to ALS in 2010. board member @alsmndalliance. passionate about people w/ ALS/MND & fighting for a cure. views my own. she/her
GinnaCross Wisconsin, USA Our annual Walk for Life was today and one of my favorite parts of this work is how all different churches come together to celebrate and work on a common cause of championing life and seeing lives transformed by Christ. Christian unity is a wonderful thing! Christ follower | Pregnancy Center Director | Nurse Sonographer I Wife and mother of 6 | Life is precious
BarriFalk Boston, MA @LesTurnerALS Walk for Life is today in Chicago and my family formed a team to Walk for Falk and raise money for #ALS and honored my brother who passed last October and fight for me and my sister. We say #Falk U ALS Passionate and digitally savvy Life Sciences ambassador. Championing life and living. Living with Familial ALS, fighting the fight.
ABC7Chicago Chicago, Illinois The Les Turner ALS Walk For Life kicked off Saturday at Soldier Field to help fund research and care for those living with the disease. Follow ABC 7 Chicago news for Chicago news, weather, sports and the most experienced Chicago news team
PFFORG Chicago, IL "Alay Lakad Ni Bo ( I Walk for Life)." In this walk story, Ernest, who is living with IPF, shares the reason he walks and how walking helps him feel connected to his Filipino heritage. Read his story at We imagine a world without pulmonary fibrosis.
danville_paul We are ONE DAY away from the 2022 Walk for Life and Vendor Fair! This is an event you won't want to miss. With over 30 vendor booths setting up, live music, inflatables for the kids, Royal Donut AND Mad Goat Coffee- it's going to be a blast! Check in begins at 9:30am Danville IL justice for Jelani Day!!
LesTurnerALS Skokie, IL Patrick and his team have been participating in the #ALS Walk for Life for the past 15 years in memory of Patrick’s dad, Dave. Join Patrick, his team and others walking for their loved ones at the Walk this Saturday at Soldier Field. Register at: The leader in comprehensive #ALS care in Chicagoland
FemiJACOBS Nigeria I’m grateful for how the Lord has made perhaps the most difficult season of my life seem like a walk in the park. Things keep getting carried and handled but I don’t feel their weight due to HIS buffer of sumptuous and sufficient grace. Thank You, Lord Jesus 😇 The Beloved • ActoR • ProduceR • DirectR • AuthR of #Rise • #ChristInside
RebekahRadice Los Angeles, CA Give yourself permission to walk away from anything that doesn't serve you, give you purpose, and help you grow. Life is too short to settle for anything less. Digital Marketer, CX Design + Tech Enthusiast, delivering science-backed serendipity. Solving problems is my favorite sport.
FaithOyedepo A clear picture of your future will definitely boost your self-esteem. You can walk tall with your shoulders high because the God in you has blotted out your past sins, and you have discovered His plans for your life.
s_ayebkarlsson University College London Imagine falling ill, you seek medical attention and is told as you enter the hospital doors that you can never talk about your experiences in there. If you do, you may end up in prison. You walk out harmed for life. The surgeon claims to have followed protocols but you disagree.. #intersectionality #policy #climatechange #immobility #migration #displacement #disasters #violence #wellbeing #health #women #children
Theboyatthebvck South sudan I'm so happy I don't live in delusion. I don't portray myself to have the best finances, I don't pretend to have life all figured out and I for sure don't walk around like I'm better than nobody. I just be figuring life out day by day💯 #SSOT Barber| Melophile 👑♠️🦁 ° Amadian Prince °
KentPiano @justwearmasks @MarieDBaker The only answer is to disenfranchise the entire monetary system Look at your bank note: a number How many numbers are you? Council tax, DVLA, gas, electric, water rates Walk away from the numbers and begin a new life they can't tag Gain meaning + purpose for yourself High Priestess of Twitter Piano .. sexy af 🎼🎶 🗡🎷🎺 🍄🕯also known to write sonnets + draw cartoons 💥 to value one's life is truly death defying
limidoh38 Newcastle upon Tyne @BillboBeaney @EnoughNewcastle @nufcfoodbank @WEFoodbank @IanLaveryMP @NUFC and walk of life but you cannot blame them for the ills and woes of this country .... reasonably nice, respectful though opinionated....rarely reply to DMs, DMs from new followers = instablock 🤷🏻‍♀️👍 ALL VIEWS AND OPINIONS MY OWN
ItsNotYouItsMia @ChristineParini That pup is living their best life. I would be at a dog park with 20 dogs/parents. All the dogs would be playing chase, Montana would be splashing in a mud puddle all by herself. Go for walk by the lake? What leash? She'd run and leap in. 🐶🌊 Born dancing 💃🏻 Creative director 🎨 📽️ Medical advocate @LoyolaChicago @UCBerkeley alumna #NoJusticeNoPeace
VirtualSiyahi United Kingdom I’m going to walk 100 miles in October to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. Donate to my fundraising page and help raise life-saving funds for @CR_UK Mental Health Blogger & Humanity Promoter. Among the top 5 Mental Health Blogs. Founder of Sanity Daily and host of 'Mental health first' Podcast. Rebel Poet!
Flowerbomb212 London, England @KwasiKwarteng Perhaps you should go for a walk about in the borough YOU grew up in and talk to the locals to understand how they’ll be affected by the measures you’re implementing. Don’t forget where you’ve come from. Not all people are dealt a good hand in life. 🎶 🎭 ⚽️🍿⚯͛ 🧮
behind_mysoul Pakistan They want you to be hurt, and they want you to feel down. You are a creation of the Creator, Allah. He values you more than anyone else ever can - including your own parents.Pray for them, they need guidance and confidence to be able to walk through their life without hurting sm1 Tide is high,moon is drunk✨
SlamanthaDiGi C:\Windows\System32 @QueenRangerSlay i'm fine, she was going slow and i pushed off to get distance. Im just really rattled because i walk everywhere and now i'll think about this for the rest of my life. The CEO of Digimon | Autogamerphyliac | Digimon, Video Games, Wrestling, Trans Stuff
geralda89703435 @Boba12340769066 We Salute your father as a Brave Soldier fighting for freedom,freedom to think & speak without fear,freedom to walk under wide skies in a free Ukraine 🇺🇦He has given his life for all of us to live in peace,We send you and him our Love ❤️ as we remember his Bravery in 🇺🇦 gauk🇬🇧
lichmearse @brclothwrites Walk away if you can and do NOT let them back into your life, ever. Don't try to understand them. You can't and trying to understand them will lead to insanity. That goes for both men and women who are narcissists. Dem & Repub Parties are equally corrupt. Polarization is destroying this country. Be the solution. 18SeriesVets4PEACE. Trump was an indictment of HRC&DNC&RNC
hayleyw1985 essex Donate to my fundraising page and help raise life-saving funds for Cancer Research UK massive theatre fan. love life. freelance photography- snapchat - hwestron1... instagram hayley1145.. add me
lyrictattoo Wallasey, England Day one done! I was hoping to walk at least 8 miles today, but a weather encounter kept it down to4.5. Not a bad start ☺️ Please donate to my fundraising page and help raise life-saving funds for Cancer Research UK I carry words. In every way possible. I am a writer, I love music, I take photos, I am a dreamer, I am full to the brim with love (well, I was born in '67...)
Luciano2479 @bbnaija_junkie @Kofikofigh123 U think so? Don't let those cameras deceive you. Just like real life, beef and envy is real. We may work or walk together, smile for the camera doesn't mean we are cool with each other.
Sonarman626 New Jersey, USA @AmadorBatten @Squirrel1110 @CarterCenter Carters life is the epitome of service and love for humanity and his country. He walked the walk! Love love love this man! Silent Service Vet. Not so silent Vet about Treasonous GOP. and HYPOCRISY! Eagles Fan. “Pops”Love Hard Science Fiction. #Resist MY POTUS isn’t a SPY
Serti in front of a computer Life is too short for ignorant strangers to steal your joy. If they pick you apart, shut them down or walk away. You don’t have to allow room in your head for insults and negativity from someone who neither knows nor cares about you. Christian liberal geek trying to save the world literally+figuratively. Tech, medicine, Muppets, food, travel, random interesting stuff. She/her.
crownofold 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐚 #𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧. ⠀⠀ For @Dragonlnferno ⠀⠀ “Fear cuts deeper than swords and I will not be made to fear my own council.” the walk beside his brother in the gardens had been well needed, the lookout across Blackwater Bay bringing the life back into him that being inside the » ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⋮⠀⠀⠀A 𝑻𝑨𝑹𝑮𝑨𝑹𝒀𝑬𝑵 must be seated on the 𝐈𝐑𝐎𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐑𝐎𝐍𝐄 if the world of men is to 𝗦𝗨𝗥𝗩𝗜𝗩𝗘. ⠀⠀⠀ ⋮⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
COTLGI Ontario, Canada @cindytrimm At present I am making my daily walk a priority so that I can continue to live a healthy life for my biological family and church family. Committed to bring freedom to body, soul and spirit through the ministry of God's word.
Aysh_Albati Riyadh K S A البطل لايف از قود 🏆Woodward Stakes (G1) 1800m, 500.000 USD, for 3yo and upward 🇺🇸Aqueduct Life Is Good (USA) (4C Into Mischief - Beach Walk, by Distorted Humor) J : Irad Ortiz, Jr. T :Todd A. Pletcher Horses owner | TV analyst and presenter. Horses are my passion 🐎
Benhams_ @____B_S____ I don't know why he did this. But reminds me of what Jesus Christ did for every single human being on the earth. Paid the price for the freedom of all men. We only need actualize that freedom by receiving Him as LORD and SAVIOUR, walk in holiness and prepare for eternal life Official Account| Preacher,Husband,Dad|| The Cross Is The Difference||| Justice and Mercy #OPINIONS MINE
Gatorhoops12 @Archer88Silver @jeremydrobins @JosephAbdin @TMackenzieH Thanks for the words of affirmation. I just went for a walk and found a treasure chest with $5m in it of untraceable bearer bonds. Without you I couldn’t quit my job and live my best life. You are the best.
churan_evalyn My Life Now, I can't walk out of the front door. I can't drive anymore. All I can do is cook stuff for my own home. Terrified of people now. Went through hell and back and still fighting monies owed to me. Labor trafficking should be stopped in Canad.
itsTatianaCarr California, USA People will lie to you and then lie to themselves about the way they treated you so that they can feel better about the situation. Walk away and never look back. A better life is waiting for you around the corner. Actress. Writer. French. Caribbean. Figuring out this whole “life” thing in real time 🌈 (She/Her)
EdenAlysia Flagstaff, AZ @Apple on the other hand, redhaired Prince Harry and I have a wonderful friendship and life together. He’s my redhaired King for my Apple corporations, he’s free to walk away at any time, and me, for breathers. Quantum law. Quantum physics. 🍏🍾 🥃 STEAM. Intl Lawyer &Judge. Intl patents & patents. Intl business.Queenie Mom of 2 adults @USMC Q.Peace. Catholic
iikkeellaa NIGERIA I live, walk and function in grace. Grace sets me apart for a life of glory and excellence. I am a child of grace. Graceful October!!! #RORoct1 I AM; for I know who I AM.
Benthegoat84 Bristol, England @Michelle_H5678 @Biffboff2 @UnityNewsNet Third one couldn't walk for three days and was hospitalised for two weeks. Still struggling and his life is destroyed. Self employed etc. But as I said just coincidence.Defend it all you want I want and if you're convinced it worked for you then great. I won't be going near it ! Grumpy old moaning bastard with low bullcrap tolerance but a big heart.Dear powers that be! Beware the family man who just wants to be left alone.
StopItLight ic yipeeaugh • one/ones • mbcc im completely at peace with everything today. sending this energy out for all of you to share. thankful for everything and everyone in my life. take a walk outside with your palms up and heart open - it does wonders. drink some water and let that autumn sun seep into your bones all Ligjt do is write, be silly, and Tommyinnit ... 🐌🎸☀️🦕
AhoyJayTV Buffalo, NY I'm so happy I don't live in delusion. I don't portray myself to have the best finances, I don't pretend to have life all figured out and I for sure don't walk around like I'm better than nobody. I just be figuring life out day by day.. I was going to make a creative BIO…but I could care less.
mdibane01 “I am under vows to you, my God: I will present my thank offerings to you. For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life” 🏳️‍🌈