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NancyPBrummett Colorado Springs, Colorado Life Network is having a virtual "Walk for Life" event on Saturday, June 6, but we are actually walking in our neighborhood. If you'd like to sponsor us and support Life Network that would be wonderful!Freelance writer and author;Colorado wife, mother and grandmother. Follower of Christ.
LifeChoiceKS Manhattan, KS We are so thankful for all who are participating in our Walk for Life this year! If you would like to sponsor one of our walkers, click here: and choose who you would like to sponsor! #LifeChoiceKS #ThankfulThursday Offering Real Options, Real Help & Real Hope to women and families dealing with challenging pregnancies since 1987.
HCLprolife Houston, Tx Participate in the Run/Walk for Life 2020 and help keep open the three Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers offering free ultrasounds and a network of resources in the Houston area! We have seen over 9,100 women choose life since 2011! Register today: Ending Abortion in Houston - Peacefully & Prayerfully. Offering free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and free counseling to women in crisis pregnancies.
joatmeow Rochester, NY @geg2us @lexiHanna I went to this larger contemporary church in Rochester that seemed young and hip, and I really liked their worship style, but I didn’t do enough research. As soon as I noticed they were sponsoring and hosting a Walk for Life, I was out. ~She/her/hers~ Aspiring higher education professional. Grad student, learner, advocate. Academic at heart ❤
Right_2_LIFE Guelph, Ontario, Canada From June 13-20, we'll be asking you to walk for life! Though we can't gather together this year, you can set your own goal for walking, raising awareness of pro-life issues, or both! Read more and sign up here: Promoting greater respect for the dignity and worth of all human beings from conception/fertilization to natural death.
ThePregNetwork 336-274-4881 Only 4 days to go till the Walk for Life! Today we're so excited to share a special message from @JoannaHyatt. Joanna is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at @LiveAction, a media movement dedicated to advocating for the value and dignity of life at every stage. At The Pregnancy Network, our mission is to empower women to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. Contact us today to find out more!
GregoryHarold70 Austin, TX My wife & I are participating in the Walk for Life in Austin. Any donation is welcome! All $$$ goes to the Texas Alliance for Life. $$$ will be used for pro-life education and for support of pro-life legislation. 26th Annual Walk for Life I am a Christ follower who is running the race. 
MarkwardLynn Pennsylvania, USA @ThomasLedford6 @TheWantedEmcees @NYGovCuomo Oh that's very easy. He is the first president in US history to attend The Walk For Life. He defunded Planned Parenthood. He reopened churches across the country and labeled them as essential services. He is a man, just like you, and yes he's made mistakes, but God is using him. Awaiting the opportunity to be used by the Lord to reveal His Glory. Supporting @POTUS as ordained by the Lord. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT'S COMING #WWG1WGA
joepojman Austin, Texas A bit campy, but my family and I had a lot of fun making this video to promote the 26th Annual Walk for Life. Exec Dir, @TXAlliance4Life. Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering. B.A. Philosophy. Wasn't born in Texas, but neither was Sam Houston.
LifeChoiceKS Manhattan, KS Flashback to the 2014 Walk for Life! That was a beautiful day for a walk! If you would like to help us reach our goal this year, sponsor one of our walkers! Click here: and choose the walker you’d like to sponsor! #LifeChoiceKS #FlashbackFriday Offering Real Options, Real Help & Real Hope to women and families dealing with challenging pregnancies since 1987.
ReachShow Houston, TX GET REGISTERED!!! Visit the link at bottom of flyer or visit and click the "Walk For Life" link!! #DoIt4Dad #FathersDayWeekend #MentalHealthAwareness PODCAST
DKronicles GET REGISTERED!!! Visit the link at bottom of flyer or visit and click the "Walk For Life" link!! #DoIt4Dad #FathersDayWeekend #MentalHealthAwareness CHESS IS LIFE!!
New_Life_Clinic Wilmington, Ohio We are so excited about our virtual Walk for Life this year! We have so many videos and virtual fun in the making! We are putting a lot of time into this and can't wait to show you on June 6th! #WalkforLife #virtualwalk New Life Clinic is a pregnancy resource center. All services are free, caring and confidential. Client hours are Monday-Friday 10:00 am-4:00pm
LifeChoiceKS Manhattan, KS Today we are thankful for technology! Technology has provided a means for continuing to provide classes for parents, professional counseling for our clients, and conduct the Walk for Life virtually! Visit our webpage here: #LifeChoiceKS #ThankfulThursday Offering Real Options, Real Help & Real Hope to women and families dealing with challenging pregnancies since 1987.
debostic Charleston, SC This JENNIFER IS THAT ENOUGH lady grabbed a knife, hopped on an electric wheelchair, and drove prepared to lay her life down for her local target The weirdest part is....she can walk just fine?!? 😂😂😂 Has-Been Model • Former Congressional Staffer • #EDM Fanatic • Owner of @CystraLLC • Alison Wonderland mega fan
StoolPitt The 412 Cults at Pitt: -ppl who wait for the walk sign to cross 5th -pete goers -greek life -large freshman groups in south o looking for parties -ppl that prefer antoons over sorrentos -the engineers -skyvue and bridge residents -south side lovers -go puff ambassadors Direct Affiliate of @barstoolsports Not Affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh || IG: pittbarstool
CR_UK UK It’s #NationalWalkingMonth, and the perfect time to challenge yourself to #WalkAllOverCancer! Walking is great way to take care of your mind and your body - take on 10,000 steps every day for a month and help us fund our life-saving research: Cancer Research UK pioneers life-saving research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.
margesimpsimp Earth @staceyabrams Voting republicans out is worth risking your life .Fighting for change every republican must be thrown out .We must change laws so police who commit crimes will do the time. Free speech without hate must be.Canada and other countries have it so kkk and alt can’t walk the streets. Free women from oppression
chalamettaurus - and being able to walk the streets or come in contact with the police without worrying for their life. You have no idea what it feels like to come in contact with the police and immediately have to go into survival mode, hoping and praying it isn’t your last day on Earth. she/her✨| #blacklivesmatter
gnarlynickk Minneapolis, MN @jeannathomas ..I can't even.. Racism should not exist and I am so sad that there are people that can't even walk outside without the fear of their life being taken that day for literally just living. Ephesians 3:20 | Atlanta Falcons | Iowa Hawkeyes | Minnesota Timberwolves | Graphic Design | @FF_Astronauts | #SFBX
KN_Briggs Bronx, NY I just want my 18 year old cousin to live a long, LONG, happy and safe life. HE IS 18. Just finished his 1st yr of college. Has a summer job. And I’m terrified for him to walk the 5 min to work. Yeah, I’m not ok today. NY Native. MSU Alum. Leader. Visionary. Dream Chaser. Founder of @bweleague #BWEL #BlackWomenLead #MorganForever *Tweets are my own*
stephsardi Miami, FL @SirIsaacBrock4 @BigFed5 @GlitterCheese @JAufenthie @solomongeorgio And maybe then we can begin to understand, a little bit, how it feels for every black person out there to go out every morning and walk alone every night. They are just people like you and me and life keeps throwing them down because of who others decided by their insecurities. who am I?
ily00ngi your mind god its crazy how people are so eager to take bts words and twist them into whatever they want to make them look bad... please go get a life, find a hobby maybe go out for a walk or something this is concerning #YOONGI: YEA YEA YEA BURN IT.
lyba_waseem Have you changed?Has something happened?Did they act differently? That's a point when, you deserve an honest answer before you can make peace and get some closure. But for some people reasons doesn't matter, they just walk out of your life, and leave some serious pain. #used computer Scientist
morleysaurus Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Derek Chauvin deserves to be jailed for the rest of his life! Every single person affected by his barbaric behaviour deserves justice. He is not fit to walk free, let alone carry a badge and a gun! 😡 Tofurky eating zombie for animals and the planet. 🐶🌻🐰🌍@JennifersBodies Freud says there's a reason for everything, even me!
PMGClarksville Clarksville, TN Life happens, and unfortunately, things like sprains, burns, and sinus infections also happen. That’s why our walk-in clinics are staffed to care for a variety of issues. Find relief today at Premier Medical Group. Premier Medical Group is the largest physician-owned and directed, multi-specialty group in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area.
forAnewTrueBlue North American @realDonaldTrump @MariaBartiromo @foxandfriends If YOU can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. @Twitter has been citing everyone, from every walk of life for a slew of issues. Everyone but You up till now. Want it to stop? Then YOU stop lying and stop inciting violence. YOU GOT CAUGHT AND CENTRED OUT FOR YOUR LIES. A mom to two cats🐾🐾 A Trump hater because how could you not. #resist 🌊🌊 No Direct Messages Please
crazedafrykan Planet Brooklyn! So you want respect for property when you don’t have respect for life?! If you can walk into “my neighborhood” and keep your knee on my neck until I die and “my neighborhood” can’t do crap about it then according… Hip Hop Producer (Nas, Damien Marley), Writer / Author - You Made It a Hot Line: The most influential lines in hip hop.
pdratcliffe Leeds On a rare walk today I passed my local shops and was shocked. So many people. No 2 metre distancing. Large queues for shops. People walking into people. This I fear will get worse. PLEASE dont risk lives. Stay Alert but stay at home if you can. Life is precious! Health is too! Love Photography / History buff Tweeting my photographic memories of the Royal Family. Twice Published 'Royal Encounters'. At my happiest behind a camera. :-)
blv_rxse 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘴 setting goals: write down your goals in life. write down your goals for the week. write down your goals for the day. when you check them off you feel sm more accomplished. write down simple things you can do to feel good like go take a walk and go look outside. youre gonna reach+ 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢
rainbowgirl19xx hotel diablo @kamilakolin I was bullied I feel like for majority of my life in school because I have the same disability as Ryan yex the guy kells inspired to walk and also was treated differently at home abused and picked on by my brother and cousin a broken soul just trying to find herself again and trying to get closer to God. Not sure what my purpose is yet. What I'm meant to do as a career in the future
treenvest @IUCN @IUCN_forests A short walk in the forests has the tendency to revive a person’s mental health. Imagine the level of positive impact, if we develop an ecosystem for mini forests in major cities, where stress and uncertainties have become the new way of life. Trees for future.
RandyWilliams09 New Jersey, USA @IrvSmith61 @cj_wentz Since you don't have to worry about becoming a statistic I really think you need to sit this one out. Don't comment on a life you don't live. You don't walk in a person of color shoes or lives. Don't speak unless its to thank Carson for his words that R heartfelt and sincere. US Army still serving, College grad, Jets, Yankees, DUKE, and Florida State #KHIVE, father of three, married and loving life!
blake_sorrell2 Greenville, SC Anyone who believes racism was eliminated from this country is mistaken. Systematic issues create problems for people of color at every walk of life. Eliminating those is just the start. We need leaders who will fight the system of racism and don’t amplify racist voices. GWU ‘22, Paul Krugman stan, views my own
anj2d2 TEXAS you can’t argue with stupidity. but until you FEAR for your life when you walk outside. until your freedom of speech goes unnoticed bc of your skin tone. until your rights are overseen. until you are in the system and guilty before you are even looked at. yt ppl dont see reality. high like the sun | dnd |
Justinpr76 @MissWhitehouse1 Nice walk over Beaufort ponds and Woodlands the other day learning about the birds live there & seen some tadpoles. Enjoyed my Birthday on Tuesday, my wish for baby Frankie is that I hope he has loads of love in his life & get what he wants for his 9th birthday. My children means everything to me.
StephPadilla115 ‼️ THIS IS REAL LIFE. This should never happen to anybody. No one should have to beg for their life during an arrest. White men responsible for HISTORICAL mass shootings get to walk away but black men and women can’t reach for their wallet/phones. Disgusting. 25. TX Forever.
Stylo_G1 Black Country. @Johnson_Journo No single person should walk the earth and literally HATE people because of their ethnicity. Vile chumps. I hope that wanker gets locked up for life and is beaten within an inch of his life every single forking day Knowledge is power.
PossiblyGeorge Melbourne, Australia Life: take it serious Also life: *people taking their goldfish for a walk while in their fishtank, and Monkeys flogging Coronavirus samples* Sports capital of the world 🇭🇲 Self-proclaimed content consumer 📹 Media @northcotecityfc 🇬🇷 #GoPies ⚫⚪ | #LCFC 🦊
JamesRollsJr Internet/Worldwide @VivaMattyVegas Not too shocking. What happened (and continues to happen) is complete horsecrap and anybody with a brain sees how much of an injustice it is and may end up being since MN law are saying cops could walk free. Trump launched an investigation that hopefully jails the cops for life. Unsuccessfully ran a few wrestling websites, now just a plain old mark that complains, geeks out and crap posts.
_dakotalynn Up yours I’ve gotten maybe 2 hours of sleep tonight and I’m over it. I’m tired of being in my hot house I want to go walk around outside I’m that forking miserable in my house rn it’s too hot for life • CA ✈ HI •
JaberLatef For one minute, walk outside, stand there, look up at the sky, and contemplate how amazing life is.
moniffawright Jamaica If YoUr ReAdiNg ThiS aNd yOur nOT Ok, juSt knOw God hAs a SpEciAl pLan For YoUr LiFe. The PaIn YouR goInG THrOUgH, yoU Will OvErCoMe & wAlk inTo Joy & puRpose. 👻- Babysunflower5 🇯🇲🇧🇸🌻 • Sunshine🌞👑 • ♛unproblematic Qⓤⓔⓔⓝ♕
lelepalooza If he’s in Florida, y’all can’t let the spirit die. Minneapolis showed out so Florida has to rise to the occasion. We still have to make up for letting George Zimmerman walk free and live a normal life. 👸🏿 @onryllolelia on the Insta of grams @onrylloleliaspeaks when I feel like being poetic @freeballingfreeda When you get to know me FAMU ‘22🧡💚
MrAHundley As a white male I live a life of extreme privledge and should be the last to talk and first to LISTEN. I cannot imagine the horrors and fear that the black community lives with daily. No one should walk through this world fearing for their safety or the safety of their children. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
macdugong Republic Of West Yorkshire I have a lot of sympathy for trying to make cycling and walking more appealing - I walk when I can (I've reshaped my life so that everything I need is within about 100m of my house, so that I can do that) but railing against both car ownership and taxis is just hairshirting. Purveyor of embroidered stories, tailored excuses and lace-thin alibis. It's still just a civil offence.ꙮ 💙❤️💚
bloomhamid Planet Earth @BergnerRudi @GracieBaloo @lydiastrivia @smargulis @Zendaya We dont hate all white people, only the ones who are racist. And how do you want me to find a source for racism? Are you slow? I havent done anything wrong in my life and havent hurt anyone yet if I walk Down the street in America there’s a possibility of me getting shot to death 𝔏𝔢𝔰 𝔐𝔦𝔰é𝔯𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔢𝔰 (𝟣𝟪𝟨𝟤) | not affiliated with anyone I post about
resilienceisme Nassau, Bahamas strut it out walk a mile serving ancient city style. talk it out babylon battle for your life, babylon! this choir in #Babylon!!! and I love the outro so much ugh. #chromatica #Chromatica out FRIDAY: i stan Academy Award & 11 time Grammy winner, @ladygaga. she followed 6.13.13
Johnyflamprider I think it's desgusting that woman walk around with handbags full of 'womans things' Everyone knows 'womans things' is code for dildos and tampons' Sort your life out woman! You bunch of perverts! Door to door used pancake salesman.
picobabyy BDP, LIGHTS. For one minute, walk outside, take pictures and realize how amazing life is.