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perkinsmotors Colorado Springs, CO 80905 Walk For Life event is coming soon! June 4th at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. We are Perkins Motors and desire to demonstrate love and encourage those who are looking for solutions. #walk #run #memorialpark #coloradosprings #life Welcome to Perkins Motor Company! New Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, and Used Cars at 1205 Motor City Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (855) 832-3989
SDonaghmore Congratulations to our wonderful boys and girls who received their Walk for Life medals at our first assembly.🏅 These children participated in the charity walk from Armagh to Dungannon. With two Yr 7 girls completing the entire walk.💪🏻💪🏻 #charity Primary school in the heart of the village of Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone
primitiveradio San Francisco, CA It’s already happening. In January, Josh Fulfer was at San Francisco The Walk for Life spying on our unhoused community, the next month Michael Shellenberger followed his lead and one upped it. And where is Josh Fulfer now? Terminator is the best movie franchise. All I ever need to know I learned from the Sunscreen Song. I tweet my interests and make jokes.
skeetchapo Khasual's Heads @Bruhapssss Bruhh 💀 one more foot stomp and he wont be able to walk for life 😭 NOT a casual ⚠️ conor mcgregor = goat 🦍👑 kanye enjoyer 😈 only wife dm 🚨 Chandler😍 (he/her) fb master
KevRatcliffe4 I've #justdonated to Walk for Life with Mickey Thomas & his life-saving NHS team campaign. Donate on @justgiving and support this great cause Official Twitter of Kevin Ratcliffe, proud former @Everton&Wales Captain. All media, social requests or bookings please contact
sbcmissions Chattanooga, TN Join with Choices on June 4th to Walk for Life! Your investment will help women and men as they face unexpected pregnancies. #onmission #silverdaleonmission #cahttanoogaonmission #choiceswalkforlife #silverdalebaptistchurch #silverdalemissions Jesus said to them, "Come after me and I will make you fishers of men." Mark 1:17
barharborbank Bar Harbor, ME We are proud sponsors of the 22nd Annual Beth C. Wright Walk for Life, happening tomorrow, May 21 in Addison, ME! Participants will run/walk, enjoy community activities, and raise money to provide support services to those affected by cancer. At Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, we are committed to providing sound financial products and services.
biebsidea jb/riri/ariana/eminem/top My country is so forked up because there are protests named Walk for life where bunch of misogynists walk to ban abortions because "everyone deserves to live" and when there is a child with a serious illness that has to be treated outside the country then none of them do anything fan account. laugh it up chuckles
david__clifford Minnesota Amnion Walk for Life 2022 I love this organization and the work that they do. My wife and I are walking to raise donations for Amnion as they help men and women in crisis. Please join us in this effort. Spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.
LifeChoiceKS Manhattan, KS We are thankful for the enthusiasm of our walkers as they raised funds for LCM during the 2022 Walk for Life! The top three fundraisers were: Lois & Peter Barringer, Gloria Eimers, and Maddie Mayer! Offering Real Options, Real Help & Real Hope to women and families dealing with challenging pregnancies since 1987.
LifeChoiceKS Manhattan, KS We are thankful for the enthusiasm of our walkers as they raised funds for LCM during the 2022 Walk for Life! The top three fundraisers were: Gloria Eimers, Lois & Peter Barringer, and Maddie Mayer! Offering Real Options, Real Help & Real Hope to women and families dealing with challenging pregnancies since 1987.
KTLFRadio Colorado Springs, CO Everyone needs to know that they are valued and loved. That's where Jesus comes in. He's right here, you just have to see it. Join the walk For Life on June 4th, 2022, at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. For more info go to #KTLFradio #WalkForLife A Christian radio ministry with a mission to establish, encourage & equip believers in their daily walk with Jesus Christ.
WaltLarimore Colorado Springs, CO Check the latest from Dr. Walt! Barb and I “Walk for Life” in two weeks as Crisis Pregnancy Centers come under attack My bio is at
FamilyServiceRI Rhode Island, USA Have you registered yet? 🏃 Grab your cape and join our friends at @aidsprojectri on Saturday, June 25th for the #AIDS #5K Run/Walk for Life! Dress as your favorite #superherorun and raise funds for an important cause. #RunRhody #HitTheRhode #RhodyRunners #PVD #401Love #RaceWire Family Service of RI is a non-profit human service agency serving children and families in need across Rhode Island.
monroenews Monroe, Michigan Monroe's Walk for Life, held Saturday, featured a procession with speaker stops near several churches and crisis pregnancy resource centers. Reporting for and about Monroe County, Michigan, through our news, sports and community event coverage. Find us on social media at monroenews. 📰
rickwashburnjr Vandalia, Ohio @PastorKirkland We partner with the Miami Valley Women's Center, sponsoring and participating their Walk for Life, adopting one of their families at Christmas, and connecting both men and women to their wide range of resources, classes, and Gospel-centered services. Servant of Jesus Christ, husband to an incredible wife, father of five beautiful daughters, pastor of Vandalia Baptist Temple.
aidsprojectri Providence, RI Have you signed up yet? Be a hero and dust off your favorite cape-- register now for the #AIDS 5K Run/Walk for Life this June 25th in #EastProvidence! #APRI #FSRI #HIV #ProvidenceRI #BarringtonRI #WarrenRI #PVD #401Love #RunRhody #HittheRhode #RhodeRunner #5K #fundraising APRI is dedicated to providing a compassionate, nonjudgmental & collaborative response to people living with, affected by, and at risk for HIV.
AmericanMartyrs Manhattan Beach, CA Join the Life and Family Ministry for the annual Walk for Life South Bay to benefit the Pregnancy Help Center. When: Saturday, May 21 at 8:30am Where: Veterans Park, Redondo Beach (South End) Sign-Up: (Online) team name Life and Family (In Person) 7:30am American Martyrs Catholic Church
hasrra18 @KnockDotLA item 24 would waive a $250 permit and $6/vehicle fee for next weekend's "Annual Walk for Life" organized by the Pregnancy Help Center
Mamainak @LonepineRjr @BBCWorld There were two. Protest 'Dosta' ('Enough') is pro-choice, spurred by the case of a pregnant woman with dead foetus who was denied abortion by local hospitals. And then this 'walk for life' anti-choice, religious one, as a response. 🇪🇺
makerscincy Cincinnati, OH It's time to STEP UP & STEP OUT! Help raise awareness and resources to help families choose life for the unborn. Join us for a "Walk for Life" & make a difference, register here: #MakersChurch #ServeCincy We believe everyone was called to Make Disciples, and Make a Difference. We meet Sunday mornings at 10:30AM. This is church Made Different.
ZJemptv Orlando, Florida Room full of cis people laughing at you for being a bathroom rapist is not something that ever needs to happen. I have more respect for myself and others than you do. Nobody of any walk of life needs to accept being bullied and accept it being passed off as just a joke Trans science, depersonalization/derealization, busting hoaxes. Wife of @ADubiousPronoun. She/her.
ISPCA1 Ireland Rogue is a beautiful young girl and ready for the next chapter in her life – a new loving home. She is gentle, good to walk on the lead and is super affectionate. Visit our website here for info: Your new best friend could be waiting!🐾🐾💙 #rescuedog We are Ireland's national animal welfare charity, rescuing, rehabilitating & rehoming cruelly treated animals. Please call 0818 515 515 to report animal cruelty
michele_norris Washington Good morning!!! This lil’ dude made my day. And now I will be thinking of my walk up music for a series of challenging tasks in my life Big World. Lotta Stories. Founding Director, The Race Card Project, Columnist Washington Post, Former NPR Host. Explorer. Author, The Grace of Silence. MamaBear
markhuns @QasimRashid @MittRomney For the last time, it's not a "gun" problem. Guns are not the ones deciding to walk into a school with utter disregard for another's life. Guns do not force these or cause these actions. Deal with the actual problem and quit scapegoating guns and rhe NRA.
BelovedTyrant Park benches and ornate journals: so pensive and somber. Glad to see you have a process. For me it was always a walk through the City that always did the trick. The buzz and life around me did wonders to uplift my mood.
baker2390 Have hit the terrifying point where I would genuinely have more respect for every politician if they would just walk up to the podium and honestly admit “I do not care about a single life or citizen as much as I care about the personal gain this position provides me” insta: bake_50_ 👻: wrbaker
ajsra2k4 Monrovia I Affirm! I am a magnet for success. I am a progression of greatness. I am living in God’s abundance and prosperity. My life will be an evidence of the goodness of God. I have the life of God in me; therefore I walk in divine health and divine guidance. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things.. ♌️ 🔥
_Dinamic_ Idris Keith fell in love with Lance very hard. But what made him know that Lance was the man of his life was seeing how he treated Kosmo. Always keen to take him out for a walk, he prepares dog food for him and bathes and brushes Kosmo. Plus Kosmo loves Lance. He knows this because Dinamic disaster |She/her| 18✨| Español/English| Latina| 💙Stan Lance💙|Terrible with the English (But I will try to learn) 💫Bottom Lance💫
latedaydreaming she/her 20 i remember in like 2019 when tickets went on sale for lot round 1 and i skipped class and had to walk into school empty handed and everyone knew top ten most embarrassing moments of my life music for whatever you want!
jazzminebrooke jada literally dies for me to get married so she can live a life without me but mean while shes always looking for me screaming for me and coming in my room 100 times a day just to stare at me laugh n walk out k bye
GinikaSanil29 woke up, took my cat for a walk, came back home, started playing Lana del rey on my home theatre system, gave my cats breakfast , cleaned my house and took a cold shower.....Life feels good Lana Del Rey is my religion
PennellCaitlyn The first thing life has taught us is that no one can spoil you for a lifetime. If you want to walk wonderfully and magnanimously, you have to be independent and strong. A new day has begun, hug the self who is working hard now for the future you!🦁
Missy_Ports Everton fan 💙 @america68655863 @Griffiths_Pegg @NRA What absolute rubbish.. Have you been listening to trump again? I can freely walk down the street day or night and do not fear for my life. Can you? 'A historian has many duties. Allow me to remind you of two which are important. The first is not to slander; the second is not to bore'. - Voltaire
lifeisaboutlife Philippines @LimitlessReader Although removing toxic people from your life won’t always be a walk in the park, sometimes it’s the best thing you can do for your mental and physical well-being. It might not take you long to think of which person or people in your life are unhealthy for you. Motivation about Life. All about Living. Positivity. Love. Human Power. Instagram: Valuable Life On Earth
LordlessCamelot M 3/3 🎶Knowing not a single thing of our fate or destiny I’ll walk alongside you who found me Starting today Let us keep on painting brand new trails in the sky ‘Cause “I love you” for all my life Though good times and bad times Let’s walk through life together🎶 Role play account. Mun and Muse are of age. Writer is male. #Gornymun
AllieGula @RottenAvocado78 @HOMECOOKEDGil @rubedoe @FtwThemistocles @TheSafestSpace @RebeccaforWA Again, core logic is flawed. UBI will make life less expensive. See my previous tweet for the justification and my walk through on how this happens “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit”
inmuskitrust247 Canada @PeteUK7 Not sure I’d be proud enough to post this to Twitter…you went for a walk and managed to drag someone else into your illogical fear lifestyle…and now want points? I’m sad for anyone who has allowed this propaganda to derail their lives :(. Go on holiday! Life is short Pete just an average dude with some opinions n stuff…agree or don’t, I’ll sleep fine. #fringe #facenudist #trudeaufortreason
me_sheer_ @MindUnplug @thedatingboss Not a bad recipe for many relationships in life...when they restrict you and make rules that target mainly you...walk. Environment: Organic Food~No GMOs~Clean Air/Water/Soil ~Animal Rights~Medical, Scientific, Gov't Ethics Matter~World/Travel News *La Dolce Vita * RT's🚫endorse
VickyLynnLovey TX @KeeganPoole25 @TotalFootball97 @LABR919 @wrestlelamia So you genuinely think it’s OK for somebody like me who has never held a gun in her life to just walk into a store and purchase a gun you think that’s OK you don’t think I need to be stopped or there needs to be more steps before I purchase a gun ♏ 10/24 ✨she/her✨
UpSideYoFace @RIPSPN @jmorse1977 @City_of_Letters @FlipNCBlue @RepMTG The Bible does say that and like many, you are taking it out of context. He didn’t judge. We have free will to choose our walk in life, but most certainly there’s 2 eternal destinations. Heaven for those that accept God and hell for those that reject Him. #truthnotjudgement Put on all of God’s armor
scrapsbot icon by tatiana kapustina That which dies shall still know life in death for all that decays is not forgotten and reanimated it shall walk the world in the bliss of not-knowing. bot that posts quotes that stick in my brain every hour. mostly song lyrics and video game quotes. be nice this is inherently embarrassing. dm for sources.
CashierGyaru Minors DNI //Also to go on my commute . I take a bus , and walk four miles to work and from work after my shift . Six days a week . I can't smoke on the way home since it makes me dumb . Life's hard for Gwen-Mun . But I'm on the bus . I'll be home in a half hour or so .
augustinesivy she/her • 18 i’m tired of thoughts and prayers i’m tired of analyzing where the best hiding spot in every classroom i walk into would be i’m tired of my heart dropping at any loud noise i hear i’m tired of lockdown drills im tired of fearing for my life when i’m trying to learn i’m tired. 🪩 • 🏠 • 🍂
DevonKerr9 Delray Beach, Fl. Great to see @Big_Dev49 back in action. What a journey you have been on, a true vision of perseverance for any individual on the walk of life. Happy health my man and good luck moving forward. Former Footballer. Friend/Foe 🤔 Lead Analyst @USLChampionship, co-host #USLAllAccess @siriusxmfc. @ESPN @NCAASoccer @accnetwork @Concacaf @opencup @3honestlads
awaterevalley Ōtautahi, Aotearoa @anni3ru0k We don't own men. We're not responsible for the things they think, feel and do. Sometimes we find one we like and walk alongside them in our journey through life, and we'll help them up if they trip, as they do for us. But it's not our job to carry them the whole way. Pākehā. Words girl. SciFi. Honorary PhD in Unrequited Love. Humanity, sort your crap out.
littlemurph29 As a teacher, I am so sick and tired of fearing for my life every single time I walk into my school. I don't get paid enough for this bullcrap. I am not a human shield. Screw your thoughts and prayers. #GunControlNow #GunSafetyNOW #Uvalde #guncontrolsaveslives multi-stan who makes it seem like she has her life together — let’s have some laughs y’all. #NoAsianHate #BlackLivesMatter
smgirlbigplate Conversation on plane with a lovely 65 yr old M beside me: “I lost my family doctor of 35 years last year. I’ve been depending on walk in clinics for care. You know I’m 65 now… and I’m scared for my health and my life. When will this government do better.” 💔 Medicine. Boxing .
MDC_walk_run Australia We walk, run and fundraise to honour our loved ones, and hope for a breast cancer-free future 💗 Fundraising is open until 30 June 2022, and your support will help fund life-saving research for the 55 Australians who will be diagnosed TODAY. #mdc2022 Australia's largest charity walk/run that raises funds for breast cancer research. Walk, run, fundraise or volunteer on Sunday, 8 May 2022 #mdc2022

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