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scottclarke975 Bromley, London @gerardjasper Wouldn’t it be nice to see these examples of UK manufacturing across all areas retail, leisure, health etc etc love to walk in a hospital and JCB and Dyson branded equipment where possible proves the cross capabilities of many UK manufacturing!! Millwall
Imogen_IL Summerton — and thick shoes. At least the people that can afford them does wear them. Mostly it’s the people that she currently see. Imogen pulls the long-sleeved sweater lower to her palm then moving on. She would love to walk for twenty minutes from the hospital but it’s not what she — ㅤㅤ ㅤ @IlleaKingdom — FICTIONAL. 23 year old Nurse portrayed by Elle Fanning. Caste Two. Passionate maiden with big dreams and committs to serve people. — $150
MaybeIamJack I always have ugly feet because I love to walk. Now with the lockdown, my blisters and calluses are healing XD I love you, feet. ❤️ 🇵🇭 / I love eggs 🥚
IndigoRocketeer #4b0082 Hex Code and that's upsetting. I'm almost 16 and don't feel like I've really seen the night sky. I'd love to walk around my apartment complex to see the sky from different angles and places, but it is like 2:30 in the morning so yeah, no. Maybe one night, just not tonight I suppose. I love my axe jokes /// incorrect quotes page at @IncorrectItsUs
Grungness El Paso,TX @kimchiloid Heels are like boots they’re made for walking. And the villains love to walk all over the hero’s 😏😘 UTEP art undergraduate student looking for inspiration. Living life to the fullest and taking one day at a time. #ElPasoStrong
Dri_lovee Ohio, USA @oIiviaraeb I keep telling you to babysit koko🤦🏽‍♀️ she would love to walk in your pathway and trip you 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 ◈ 𝐻𝑜𝓈𝓉 𝑜𝒻 @ediblezpodcast ◈ 𝒮𝑒𝓍 𝐵𝓁𝑜𝑔𝑔𝑒𝓇 ◈ 𝐸𝓇𝑜𝓉𝒾𝒸 𝒫𝑜𝒹𝒸𝒶𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓇
Haush Canada @MarcMero But Marc you have your health. That is something I dont have. I had a failed kidney transplant that left a hole the size of your fist. I am also a hemo dialysis patient for 16 yrs. I would love to walk and work, look at the positive, not the negative. Time to start new venture. Sheetmetal mechanic(Tin Basher) 30. years Licensed Security Guard-12 years Electronic Geek, Dialysis patient Ham Radio Operator -20+ years Ontario, 🇨🇦
glenkeating1 @KindaBirdBraind @OrussellRussell Thank you. I love to walk while listening to music. I heard years ago that it is easier on ones joints versus jogging. It works for me. 5'9" and 165 lbs. 59 years old. Great blood pressure. I highly recommend walking. be the person your dog thinks you are
Yaboi73412976 @Alphawolf181 @HumgryW @BIGDIP6 @hairymen4life @HairyOn @hairymusclefork @MasterBaneUK @WolfRayetXXX @TruckerDutch @o_t_ter_ @all4menonly Damn I'd love to walk in and see that. I wouldn't complain ever
JC12209 Bay Area, California I’d love to walk onto a video shoot on day 1 using my cane after It’s announced that I’m the Director. Would have someone film the reactions so I could see them and have a laugh later lol. Legally blind YouTuber/filmmaker, fitness geek, sports fan. I enjoy telling stories visually.
Nikkiwarrenuk Huddersfield @kosind I'm more gutted that the pubs are closed. I'd love to walk across road to my local and see all the regulars. I miss putting the world to rights with them. Sadly all of the older generation so they do not have social media 😢😢 Crazy but caring mum of two. Love putting the world to rights and looking out for the underdog.
12fan4ever United States @Delavegalaw Score!!! Great that it folds up. Seriously thinking of buying one myself. I love to walk outdoors but wouldn’t hurt to have that as a backup and sadly might be the direction headed in the future. Glass half full, animal lover, tired of the s**t show.
jgkeays 😔Thread: Living in @CSaanich adjacent to #BCParks Tod Inlet, we love to walk and enjoy it’s beauty daily, but it’s closed, so we don’t. It’s hard, but it’s the reality. Sadly, when I walked down my driveway just now I saw 🚗s & 2 large groups of people going into the park. 1/3 #UsNotMe Love my family. Dad and ally 💜🏳️‍🌈 #StayAtHome Opinions are mine. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” HST #Leafs
AndreaAlbion UK @DanWals83975326 @DJSiri @WSmith797 I lay flat stone on top of my walls. Cats love to walk along them to keep out of wet grass and have a view. Your own stone? Landscaper, drystone waller, planter, friend to wildlife and cats, Russophile, Sinophile, opponent of UK-US presence in ME
yobincali San Jose, CA Wow - Second bucket list item on Twitter this week. Would love to walk in, find a this and a note at the door. And surrender from there. Verse / Flip in Northern CA. Here to enjoy the view, meet good people, and have some fun.
HoJack214 Dallas, TX I live near White Rock Lake and although I love to walk my dog along the lake it’s clear that the weather is too nice and people are too inconsistent with their social distancing skills. Time to shut it all down @CityOfDallas #dallas #Covid19usa #covid19dallas
PeterSe89803810 @noahwaybabes I would love to walk in on you doing that. Maybe you'd let me take over so you could just relax and enjoy Kissimmee FL
ap_ond “Gotta whole in my heart...but I love to walk around and still show I care”🚶🏽‍♂️🥀 Variety streamer & YouTuber🎥🛑Use my code 15% off “DIAM0NDAP” 💎Currently under @VoidSanctuaryHQ
voyeurlover93 Utah, USA @nakedinnature1 hot. where are you in utah? id love to walk by and see this view 18+ gay content | nsfw | mid-20s popsicle obsessed fag | voyeurism, public, caught
nonsookongwu Ibadan, Nigeria @AfamDeluxo My leg... Sometimes, someone offers to gimme a ride or I have a car to drive. But I choose to walk cos that's the only time I can listen to music or a podcast or think or ruminate over some concepts and learn ... Most times, I love to Walk so I can live in my own world... God lover, Multimedia & IT consultant, Web & Software Developer, Proudly Anambra Igbo, Trouble maker of life, your Career motivator. I'm somebody's son!
kim_paulin Malmö, Sverige I am trying to figure this crap out. I like to see the world through a pair of rose colored glasses. I am a Lewis Carroll, not a Hemingway. I talk in circles in a way that make sense to apparently only me. I love to walk in pouring rain and spend time out at sea. I like makeup, Portrait Photographer Seduced by wildlife nature, Zac Brown Band and smooth whisky.
heawood London, England @Rick_Turner @HelenR92509097 I’d love to walk through Leicester Square and see a fox strolling through it all alone like my friend who lives in Soho did. But in reality I’m nowhere near there (in London) and have a dog and kid and our park is locked. It’s not all Soho. I interview famouses for The Guardian, Vogue etc and my book, The Hungover Games, about accidentally becoming a mother, is out in July in the UK and US.
deddyissues_ California, USA I give him dome from the distance. I love to climb on top and I love to walk off limping. Play with your momma and your kid. But never with me nigguh 💅🏾.
Darksun_always @jfield1869 I'd love to walk him, probably be a case of him walking me though 😄 Now that its warmer out here, everyone is out walking it seems. Have to be careful there. As it was I drove a ways and found a quieter place with less people Hope things are going ok in Vegas John The strongest trees are rooted in dark places... Darkness will make you strong - George R.R. Martin
ammawriterr Socializing? I find it fun. Making friends? I'm definitely fine with it. Breaking jokes with them? I can ride on it. But sometimes, I'd love to walk away from people for a moment and find myself a break. Spending time for myself's something that pours relief nd serenity into me.
ForU2nVPRO @DomQuantum @Sunfire_SG That looks great! Would love to walk through that at some point and see it all up close! Lvl 29 ♂️ | I am a small content creator, enthusiastic gamer and artist.
milmodelscene United Kingdom @GavinGavingav1 Thanks for posting. Amazing to see relatively modern jets, costing millions, just left to rot. I admit to some envy, I'd love to walk round these and see them. Do you know where they are? Retired Staff Trainer and military modelling author. Home for my scale models, book reviews, news updates & more. Now Editor of Tankette for MAFVA.
cwill1968 @hotbearsboys @JackDixonXX Love to walk in on you and seeing this 👍👍👍👍👍
CliffordBucks Slough @Hatman02131772 @sloughtownfc I have a deep love of terracing which came about after watching Slough v Dagenham in an Amateur Cup semi final at The Valley. One side was an enormous terrace which took my breath away. Always love to walk up and down the steps wherever I go, being very careful these days. Silver surfer who loves modern technology, the big wide world about us and taking photographs. Supports Slough Town FC and non league. GLAD TO BE ALIVE.
GMedeiris @Fan_LunaRival @LoupRival @EN_PRIVATE @ES_PRIVATE incredible curves .. I would love to walk through these beautiful and charming curves ... @LoupRival ❤❤❤❤❤ live intensely...
Mackenzieeadoll Texas, USA We have to do social distancing at work and It’s so damn hard for me because I love to walk up on people and talk FMOI:mackdadoll
ReverendAlly Cambridgeshire, UK @AndrewP71405339 Likewise! I love to walk too - did the mini-pilgrimage from Cambridge to Ely with some of my students just before the current restrictures, and I wish I could be doing it again! Keep well, keep safe. Mum, priest, hymnwriter, painter, Sci-fi fan, rookie researcher, intermittent blogger, happily vegan. Chaplain at @catz_Cambridge (views are my own).
Robins_heart Rooted in nature, England @JenniHarris4 Thanks Jenni, that give me a little glow, I love to write. The wind prompted a short walk early this morning when there was no one around, I love to walk too! I hope you have a nice Sunday and find something positive to celebrate, even the small victories are worth appreciating x Eternally budding and blossoming; photographer; sweet wanderer; artist of the heart; poet and nature writer ~ affectionately, the girl who flies with robins
JohnFoxhound Reno, NV @JaxsonPomme @DanSaxonxxx I'd love to walk in and find that total dom top, adult model, ex military
alexiszotos St. Louis @Brady_Mc We love to walk to the park and the spots around the neighborhood, Sasha’s, Fiddehead fern, Thurman’s. Definitely not as much to walk to as CWE. Emmy-award winning reporter at @KMOV in my hometown of #STL and host of #MeetStLouis podcast. Coffee addict, @USC Trojan, foodie. Opinions are my own.
DylanTaft2 @timgriffin77 “People love to walk around outside drinking alcohol” is all you need and should not be surprising 😂
CPageYYC Calgary I finally made it to the rainbow stairs in Crescent Heights #yyc. I had always looked up at them thinking I would love to walk up those some day and today was that day! Dreams do come true. Urban Mom and AT student who believes good design can solve most of the worlds problems.
erin_craver North Bend, WA @snoqualmieCarl Oh yes please! For history’s sake! And omg I would love to walk down the strip without anybody there. So jealous I can’t stand it!! Twin Peaks local.
FrankEn91800 Arcata, CA @melanatedmomma I'd love to walk beside you Lay beside you kiss you and see if you would enjoy me too sweet lovely Girl Ok I'm a Tall Artist, Steam Punk Enthusiast and Writer of Romantic Sensual Fiction. Also I Create Masks and Love Beautiful Women...
scott_young2 Question for @HeyHeyItsConrad... Who are your top three wrestlers from any era that you would love to walk up to, shake hands with and thank for the memories. No stories involved, just to say thanks
mijaaclaire shore I would still choose and love to walk with you🥺👉👈🥺 dying
NaoTheInktoling Inkopolis Square @AmiiboSquidRare s-since I'm a curious inktoling.. I love to walk around and explore, I can tell.. I've risked myself too sometimes, but hehe.. I saw plenty of places before 💜pfp-@rizlrhyth64💙banner-@Mario462Super💚hey y'all💛'artist'🧡'roleplayer'💜Splatoon2/lvl.9⭐💙random💚videogames💛FNAF🖤emo🖤crapposter🧡JoJoBA💙@PedroThEgg🧡
LouiseBaldock Stockton-on-Tees, England @jordanBhall That sounds perfect. I love to walk by rivers and canals Councillor, Cooperator, Professional Heir Hunter, Genealogist #DNADetective
Michelita_33 Texas, USA Raise your hand if you'd love to walk past trump and give him the finger right to his face? Not helping states whose governers don't kiss his ass? What an f-ing man child🙄 He owns this #TrumpGenocide Politics & other interests. I RT & GIF a lot. Bilingual Eng/Span. #TheResistance #StrongerTogether #ResistersUnite #VoteBlue2020 #NoWall #FactsMatter
Craig35542509 Florida, USA @SexualGifsDaiIy Would love to walk in from work unexpected and find this! 👀😍 Married Male, Open Minded, Bi Curious, Cuckold Curious..........
mblairYQR ÜT: 49.677302,-103.887946 @the_konch As much as I would love to walk Sadie, I sense her seeing a cat and then dragging me to my death as she runs after it News/Sports at 620 CKRM Regina. Freelancer for Access 7. Love U of R Cougars BBall and Big Seahawks, Oilers & Cubs fan! Tweets are my opinion.
iCarpetClean @flyoutwest1 @ASavageNation I’d love to walk your dog, for sure I’d take out a sludge hammer and whack you over the head with the fee. Hope the walker has.
NotYaAvrg 02119 I would love to walk around my house naked. But my son never leaves the house and he always has company 🙄 The Loner with Persona Somewhere you aint, never where you wanna be!! rolling these planes, staying in my lane✌
LavaletteAstrid Enschede, Nederland 🇳🇱🇫🇷 @prasannasanthi @SyedSakilAhmed3 @arjyabratapande @rk70534 @pkamla1 @LadyMhere4u @SariPykala @MattiRutonen @samiii_78 @nurulrangia @RiyadhAlrifai @eldiablo0786 @PARESH_22 @PrachiMalik @gerilac8 @redsand2 @AllaKrymova @monireuter @debnathpc @suzan343 @Wrix2 @JeanetteJoy You have a beautiful view. Today it is here sunny, a blue sky and some clouds. I love to walk in the park. Humanity is like fingers on a hand... each one is different but we are all connected as ONE. I Declare World Peace #IDWP🕊 🚫 DM's #poetrywriter #appreciation
TurfMutt Washington DC Mutt Mulligan is celebrating National Take a Walk in the Park Day today with a walk in her neighborhood and some time in her yard. Does your dog love to walk outside? Superhero TurfMutt & the Outdoor Powers teach kids and families backyard science, including how to take care of the greenspaces for a healthier planet.