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Love to walk.

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seokmingyu__u My brother and my mom visited us so we took them to highstreet. While walking, my mom won't stop saying how mingoo would love to walk there too with the other dogs 🥺🥺🥺 SVT | the earth has two suns: mingyu and dokyeom
JackeeHolder London, UK This is why I love to walk early. This morning left home, it was humid, and the streets were silent expect for the hum of the cars passing by? Most morning I witness weather that does not last past 7am and this… Writer, Coach, Facilitator, Creative and Lover of Trees. Register for 'Paper Therapy' online writing course Jan 2019 here:
GoldenRosco Seattle, WA Hi Sawyer! I would love to walk wiff yoo but I am so far away...Daddy says yoo were a gud boy on his walk tour and he enjoyed his day out! #GoldenRetrievers #sawyergudboy Hi, my name is Rosco. Woofles to my world!
smhoscalabar Calabar, Cross River State,🇳 You must value the supernatural to live above natural life. It takes love to walk in the supernatural - 1 John 4:8, 16. When you walk in love, you walk in God and you operate in the supernatural. #SMHOSLiveService Salvation Ministries Calabar Plot 206 Etta Agbor Layout, Hall Two Road, Off Etta Agbor Road, Calabar, Cross River State. 09086680466
mschomm Bonn @docgovtnz Would love to walk this in a few years. Did the Heaphy Track last year and really enjoyed it. When the track opens, could you give a percentage on the boarded parts of it. While I fully understand the necessity of this, it can become very tiring to walk on boards for some time. All-natural, equal opportunity non-believer. Loves travel, scuba diving, NZ, gadgets, tea, rum, and dogs.
hyseongjun Why do you love to walk when the distance is far? It only feels far if you think its far, and I just do2019-07-14T04:00:27.000Z parody of hyeongjun. on ts. uptweert by @velvect 212kt.
mike_crisle Why do you love to walk when the distance is far? It only feels far if you think its far, and I just do ⏳Myths and legends exist for reincarnated souls⌛ what you see what you read when you leave, leave it here
karinasilva_27 School might not always be for me but I owe it to the people I love to walk across that stage and get that hs diploma & I owe it to my culture to get that law degree one day🙏🏼👩🏽‍🎓🇲🇽 GA 🍑
Chalchuckles @Screamnshout5 I’m in Texas too and would love to walk through this with you, if you don’t mind the company of a stranger.
queenmama7777 Crete, Illinois @TeamBB4ever I agree! I’d love to walk in there and chat! I’m ready! I am a registered and certified Reflexologist and Home Health Nurse
Netflixhelps @lilpaninivert Hey there, Tamara ✌️ This is an issue that we're aware of and are working on! We'd love to walk you through some steps. Please give us a call so we can work with you directly: *ZOE For tech issues, please include device & error. For Live Chat or Voice support, contact us:
uncivilobedient without papers Love to walk away from the grill for two minutes and come back to a raging grease fire only that real good bde ⚡🔮⚡
MajenicaM Indiana, USA hi, I’m from Indiana and I love to walk barefoot in the mud. living in a trippy place in outer space
SasuWhy California, USA Work, why did you close almost all the employee parking starting in two days and then close half the parking structure level that we all get to park on today and then say walk or take the tram :/ which sometimes sits here. I would love to walk but my knee would give out They/Them |25| Bi | Genderfluid | ADHD |Student, Barista and amateur photographer :0 Catch me on the Geeks that Drink Podcast, or Streaming on Twitch/Mixer 18+
CurtisRCurtis Vancouver, BC & Honolulu, HI My mom and dad's memorial bench on Qualicum Beach. They always love to walk here and spent many a time here so it's fitting that they have a memorial bench here to share with others. — feeling sad at Town of Qualicum Beach Chief Rainmaker, Technology & Internet Marketing Specialist, fanatical skier/snowboarder & surfer dude with a beautiful Bulgarian wife & 2 awesome sons!
SanjinDmC Bosnia and Herzegovina @FrankiLoveMusic I rarely look at my phone but if you love nature than i would love to walk with you in nature bring along friends to,as matter of fact let's call it camping trip and go have fun Dj/producer! It's about fun and even when bad hits you head's up and smile! Say cheers to life!
54Sexploits San Francisco, CA @DCHomos Who's the little #hardbody he's staring down in this pic😍! He's sexy af too. Would love to walk into the locker room and see #OlivierRichters giving him some of that #goliath dick! #Goliath #DavidandGoliath #giant Premium Escort & XXX Performer | Stripper & Gogo | Private/Public Events | ☎ +1 901-871-6821🔸IS me🔸#Sexploitation #Exhibitionist
EsmeAlaki San Francisco, CA I would love to walk down Rausch St one day without being inspired to post photos for my neighbor “Rausch is just fine” @LGBJoey, but today was not that day. At least there is some variety today, as there was a car burglary along with people sleeping on the sidewalk and a 💉. Longtime SOMA Resident & Homeowner working for a SOMA Renaissance.
stirchleytwf Birmingham, England @lauracreaven @derrencresswell @TheBrumReaper @GreenStirchley @marylockelabour @stirchley_forum @Stirchleyonline @sweetmeat_inc @isherwoodandco @artefact_bham @stirchleymarket @SuperStirchley @StirchCollect I noticed the ring and ride service now offer transport for those of any age who have an injury or less able. We must always think of those less mobile, I am sure you will agree. I love to walk, but not always possible. Stirchley, the Way Forward(not for profit) Community of Business traders, residents and people who care about Stirchley. Supporter of the Stirchley Bloomers
ashleychantal12 I am an early riser, a great planner, and I love to walk. I was born to go on vacation. running from my issues in my Gucci tennis shoes | UGA Grad |
JimmyMaas2 East Jacksonville, FL I’ll love to walk in on him doing that and start rimming him and turn him over and suck him off then rim and fork him I’m a gay man that loves sex of any kind. I so love sucking popsicle, of any size or shape, and swallow cum. I love piss too, I’m very submissive. I love chatting.
r_baenen Las Vegas, NV(Lower Summerlin) @inxxane Love to walk into a bar with these geezers and start talking crap. Watch a bunch of old Burmese guys hand out naps to the drunks at the bar. MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Lethwei and Jiu-jitsu Fan. #MMABUDZ
kunbiajai Lagos, Nigeria i would love to walk in the nailstudio , show the technician the style and zone out buttt I'm an extra person so that would never happen. Lover of the arts. iG: dekunbi_
ramblin_ray Batavia, IL @chicagotribune @MarySchmich No but we have laws, and we have borders. It’s what makes this a country. I love the tribune and would love to walk in the office, but I bet the doors are locked. Chicago talker. Lover of doin' good in the hood . Saver of pets. 2016 Nominee CRHOF, CMA &ACM winner.Marconi winner, 2013 ER class champion. WCHS HOF.
itsmuhaiminlah Would love to walk at Putrajaya and watch the sun sets alone. 23 | Be nice or slide into other spaces | Sometimes I engage, sometimes I dont | Non II | Life is a long journey. Learn while we can.
MadGuida666 Lisbon (Portugal) @CrowleyCrawley_ And the back pain... Ughr. I love to walk everywhere and ofter wear a backpack. So it's like wearing two backpacks all the time. 😢 Illustrator, translator, shower singer, accelerated chipmunk extraordinaire. Raising Anabanana hell since '81.🌈
nataesha__ and idk how some girls love to walk passing a group of guys... Professional overthinker
bgalvin422 Pennsylvania, USA @007Bigless @JohnHeizelman1 @CindyB13723 @Johnatsrs1949 @realDonaldTrump HE NEVER FIRED MUELLER. Wanting someone who should have recused removed is not obstruction. I'd love to walk into a bank and leave with all the cash. As ling as I don't do that it's not a crime for wanting to. Are you dense?
mschluensen1 Long Island,NY Does it seem weird that I would love to walk and talk with him holding his hand? Single mother to the most amazing son with #Autism. The boy who saved my life. In a constant battle to not fork it up every single day.
amandanoddings Spokane, WA When I come on one of these trips, I don’t take it lightly. In fact, I may be too serious for some people here. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But to me, leaving my family for 5 days IS a big deal! Mostly, I love to walk around and explore… Wife❤️of Darrell, mom to Liv&Eli, Health & Fitness Coach& Entrepreneur. Blogger and Founder of Driven Fitness. 99 lbs⬇️Clean EatingHumorPositivity
shmira4 Moscow, Russia @MaddowBlog where is his sympathy for those poor children in Laos who'd love to walk across our southern border and have the Texas schools teach their kids in Laotian ? racist nazi KKK
SvenWak72 Australia @BlackRoseQueeen I'd love to walk in and find you waiting for me like that. So he definitely will appreciate it too. Cause damn girl, gorgeous. Just an Aussie guy having adventures in the bush
soulcyqle reb @sellingdolan @EthanDolan @GraysonDolan i would love to walk around smelling like almond and vanilla tysm:’)
betsyannstewart murfreesboro, tn people at the walmart on rutherford just LOVE to walk in front of me and look at me like it’s my fault mtsu • zta • this is where i like to complain and tweet sometimes relatable things
cortkid22 Why isnt this a standard practice? I would love to walk into a room and immediately know something about my patient as a person. Respiratory Therapist / @Gekteoranje 💕 ▫ Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ▫
FlyGuy_Rhy Kentucky, USA I love to walk past people and catch them looking back through a reflection. Priceless. | Oneness | Creative • Designer • Style
butterflymatt @WhismanSucks I often think that if I brewed my own beer I'd call it O'l dirty bastard. I'd love to walk into a pub and ask for a pint of O'l dirty.
botticelli_bod love to walk through the hallway at work and there are seven people huddled whispering who suspiciously stop talking when I walk by! perhaps the highlight of my day! back & slightly worse than before 😅
wolfster20038 @K9HausGSD Assaulted numerous women plus he love to walk in on naked pageant girls and he said he would love to have sex with his daughter invanka but don't worry he the Antichrist so he above the law and he get away with it
BlueJayBlog Camberley United Kingdom The path to tapping into your self-worth is lined with acceptance, compassion and kindness. If you're ready to walk that path, I'd love to walk next to you >> Writer / blogger / self-worth coach. Passionate about self-care, kindness and mental health. Contributing writer for @happifulhq (all views my own)
IleenieWeenie Austin, Texas @corrinrenee @weefaerie Here’s one I sing while we take our walk (by Three Dog Night, coincidentally). The chorus goes “The ink is black, the page is white…” - Here’s my version: “The poodle’s gray, and Harry’s white, together they love to walk at night.” Graphic Designerd. Poodle mama. type tramp, cartoonist. If you voted for Trump, move along.
gillie_cee Mandeville people love to walk NEXT to the sidewalks and it's the most baffling thing. At best, a sentry. At worst, a voyeur. Made in Hyrule, deported to Jamaica. she/her
B_rabb973 New Jersey, USA I don’t get how People love to walk up and talk to you when they clearly see you talking on the phone.. #LYBS
Sarcastic_5oul Islamabad, Pakistan Whenever it's raining I love to walk through it as if I'm in some sort of communication with nature and then there are some people who are running like headless chicken and I'm laughing at them inside 😂😂 |Lazy Medico ⚕|Final year| |Virgo♍|Nyctophylic| Positive vibes is all I got|
JockstrapsG Damn ! I would love to walk in and see that ! Jockstrap fetish and other things
Melodyhoppius Burlington This is a BRAND NEW group for those who love to walk!! Great place to find encouragement and support! Whether you’re just starting to walk or you’ve been walking for years, join us! It’s open to anyone!
1Hotcross England, United Kingdom @bitchboy995 Love to walk in and find you like that bud 18+ only please
RecurrentChris Awabakal Nation I was going to make some stupid snark about people climbing Uluru being like climbing over the war memorial. But then I remembered: white fools like me do love to walk all over Gallipoli and Kokoda. Guess it's a white thing. Access all areas pass. Jesus, we suck. My heart's made of parts of all that surround me. That's why the devil just can't get around me.
hotsexygirl21 Houston,US Pink wet pussy LaurenKlop1: I am a very flirtatious girl, I love to smile at everything and life since I wake up until I go to bed, I love to walk and feel the wind in my hair, someday I will live in a house in the middle of the forest… Horny girl webcam Hot and sexy cam babe. Private video chat for adults
yoitsconnor37 Ohio, USA @meatyhenri Would love to walk in on that, spread those cheeks and go to town on that ass. Just a 32yo, bi dude who is horny all the time. NSFW, 18+. Mostly reposts, some of me.

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