Love to walk

Love to walk.

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DogsTrust London Roxie and Poppy love to walk together, sleep together, eat together and play together, they really are inseparable 💛 This mother daughter duo have larger than life characters and need a home together 🏡 Roxie and Poppy are @DT_Loughborough 👉 We're the UK's largest dog welfare charity 🙂 Follow us for: 🐶 Doggos! 🏡 Adoption 🧠 Advice 🐾 Events 📩
livprettyphoto Moments like this is why I love to walk around and take pictures. Apparently I need alot of attention
angelbeauty26 @Ibruzillion @RetrokingU @romanes14 🤣😂 uncle CARO white,bleach ur knuckles better,d blackness is getting too obvious! And ur dick looks too small,seeing as u love to walk around in booty shorts 🤣🤣 give dem hell 👏
pipandbaby Connecticut, USA @BryanONolan I mean, I would clearly say Twin Peaks, as people did love to walk into a room and make simple demands, but I don't recall waffles ever being mentioned 😂 Wanton Nutmegger; twirly sprite. Side piece of: Oskar Werner, Christoph Waltz & Steve McQueen. @Gormogons Zeppelin Masthead. @TonkaSly is my long lost brother!
Shaggz73 Minnesota Almost at the top of my favorite drag Queens. I would buy her drinks all day to listen to her talk and comment on anything. I would love to walk down Freemont street with her and get her thoughts. Good wine, family & friends, dead pheasants, Vikings football, my labs, some good cheese and Prong - that is all I really need in life.
SHoff83845516 @Imamofpeace @JackPosobiec I have no beef with Iran...don’t want war with them...and I’d love to walk the streets of Tehran myself
PapaPoku Amsterdam, Netherlands Father in heaven, we seek Your wisdom and guidance to prepare the children we know and love to walk with You in faith. Broadcast Journalist I Erasmus Mundus Scholar I Husband I Father I Eternal Optimist I Recovering Law Student
JeramyPNW Portland, OR Me driving through Portland knowing bikers and pedestrians love to walk/pedal in the middle of the street with oncoming cars. Sagittarius ♐️, Scorpio rising, Scorpio descending. I’m becoming a happy bitch. 🏳️‍🌈
Lonelydaddy1 Davenport, IA @Babygirl21512 @babygirllee5 Would love to walk up on this and join in Here to make friends//35// looking for sub/babygirl. Looking also to make new friends, dm if you would just like to chat. I only use kik to chat if not on here.
Jase99426842 @SoHorny101 Hhmmm sweet I would love to walk from behind and slide my fingers in there , then sit You up on my hard popsicle xx Shy couple out to explore
Deb58T Sutherland, Scotland Our beautiful #grass grown long, full of #micromoths and other insects. The #spottedflycatcher s love to walk through it hoovering up!😁 #wildgarden #wildlifegarden #saynotothemow #nomowing #byebyelawn @ Scotland Highlands of Scotland 🌲
genehr Novo Hamburgo, Brasil You play with fire and you get burnt For all the things that I have learnt And I would love to walk you home If not the one, then you're the first For all the things that I have learnt And I would love to be the one to walk you home 🌎🌍🌏
gferg78 Alloa, Scotland @TonyBellew is your siren/z cars walkout soundtrack copyright protected? I’m doing a charity fight in July for @CancerResearc10 with @uwcb1 and would love to walk out to that Likes planes & Everton and still trying to play rugby
aDivineExchange Through conversation and demonstration, help prepare children to follow the Lord on the road ahead! † "Live in #Definition" † #Psalm 78:1-8 Dear God, we seek Your wisdom and guidance to prepare the children we know and love to walk with You in faith! We have been given a major assignment to teach the most profound principles of life & to look towards a Loving God in Faith - for Fortitude and Freedom.
samurai_rider1 San Diego. CA. USA Visited my parents house on Mother's day🇯🇵🥰 Michael and I were glad to see my parents, as always🤩 My mother and I love to walk on the beach; and, we picked up a bunch of seashells. I will use them for some art… living our dream, living our journey... My life is an ADVENTURE🇯🇵🌏🇺🇸
Ashleyyyy_89 I realize when i travel, i love to walk everywhere by foot. Like to explore and chance upon new & interesting things. And it's so good to come here to take in the sea breeze~ Good place to calm the mind and sort out some thoughts. Next up - Tokyo tonight!
guvnor_opare Father in heaven, we seek Your wisdom and guidance to prepare the children we know and love to walk with You in faith. Holy Spirit
miscu_ Austin, Texas i too love to walk into my house and see several strangers wearing my family's clothes ask me about bad buying habits | he/him | game QA person | telegram is @miscu14
reneeisto (SW)DC|Boston|theBronx This stuff just really sucks and it’s hella annoying. I wish I could just walk without worry of some man watching, catcalling or harming me. It’s still normalized and I’m just so over this. I love to walk + I want to enjoy life, but moments like this suck the joy out of me. she. black. belizean-garifuna + haitian. nurturer. community youth worker. pet sitter. clothed in joy + purpose✨
007hcff @Dollywinks @corruptcravings I work at a hotel and would love to walk in on you if you want somthing just ask I don't normally say no not buying anything
jan_hemeoncRN USA @jmarlene127 @SweetKat111 Do not come to America we will cook bacon and serve it at every meal. Pork roast too. And we love to walk our dogs in your neighborhoods. Married-wife, mom, gmom. Retired Heme/onc RN,OCN, USAF Mom,Army&Navy/gmom, #Trump2020❤️#MAGA #NRA #BlueLM 💙 #NATIONALISMrocks
sidneyy_grace Why do people love to walk up to a register that clearly has no one working on it and then stare at you like this
IrishTimesFit On the road, Ireland Why I love to... walk on the beach #GetRunning is the 8-week course from The Irish Times with video tutorials and online support via social media. If you can walk, you can Get Running!
StylizedR meow i am a cat now meow and i sometimes love to walk behind my husband and snuggles him with my soft and warm big boobs heh~ Hello guys and sorry for not posting so much here i will try to post some nude if you guys don't like so much nude don't follow okay just unfollow i'm 18
cboardman92 South Charleston, WV We would love to walk the red carpet with the celebrities because we been stuck in the house for a year and couldnt celebrate our one year of marriage do to my son being in the nicu for 75 days. Check out my #CMAawardsxGEICO Photo! @GEICO @CMA
shafk Blackburn, Lancashire, UK @amyshoelou @lancashirelife @darwen_tower Mine too ... Love to walk (and run) around there 👍 Technical Aggregator, Web Developer & 49 x Marathon Runner, PR 2:57:58
QuestMalloy South Central My favorite part of cities older than LA is the historic architecture. I love to walk cities and just stare. Mar•KWESS. Esquire. Tacophile. World's Greatest Uncle. "Fall in love with the deal, not the opportunity." - me. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. #BLACKLIVESMATTER
AllRiseShane everywhere Uh, so Cimi the cat has a pair of huge bell on his collar (that made from a shoelace, shout out to my father's creativity) and love to walk around neighborhood DURING midnight Imagine you awake and heard ringing sounds just outside your house in the middle of the night Life is C between B and D
palola_7 It takes love to stay and it takes love to walk away. UNCG Alumni📚| Mexicana🇲🇽| NC|
loveless_2123 San Antonio, TX @KogaOinks I love it especially that body I love to walk in and u like that come join me when I play I'll be streaming game live follow me on YouTube and twitch
vanityphasemusi Toronto, Ontario In Japan you’re not allowed to walk while you eat or drink and it makes me realize how much I love to walk while I eat and drink Synth project featuring member of Century Palm
AScribbledEagle Cardiff Love to walk into a spoons and find it absolutely packed to the rafters with fash chumps All views those of Captain Birdseye
MmmmBrad Waterloo, Ontario @TiffanyBellsTS Mmmm i’d love to walk into the room and find you waiting like this. I’d be naked and arms around you SO FAST! ❤️💛💚💙💜 I know you have a penis, I have one too; I’ll ask to see yours, if I want to see it. Background is courtesy of @daboo881
fairleft Chicago @eliza_crispin @xJUSTBELIEVE Dogs are not considered filthy in #Islam. Perhaps in some hopelessly no-fun, conservative Muslim sects. But many #Muslims have dogs, love them, and love to walk them and show them off when they're beautiful or cute. That said, dogs should be on a leash. 🙁rich people🙁empire🙁identity politics 🙂reality🙂higher wages🙂fairness
OE_OEC Malvern, Worcestershire May is #NationalWalkingMonth and our groups love to walk the local hills to practice their navigation skills using a map and compass over the #MalvernHills and #ClentHills Where's your favourite place to walk? Outdoor Elements now has two centres in Malvern and Bell Heath, Belbroughton providing high quality #OutdoorEducation across the county of #Worcestershire.
niueda94 Getúlio Vargas - RS/Brasil But, since I live in a relative more colder city (for a brazilian standard) right now, love to walk in my socks, and I find it so comfortable, I really miss this thing... 🇧🇷 | 25 | PT/ENG | Brazilian asian, artist/animator/storyteller, cat maniac and social phobic lord
macachewmelu @imteddybless I would love to walk over there and cut the murders Ducks head off That Bullying bastard
TMobileHelp Bellevue, WA @PubliclyPetty Do you have T-Mobile? I'd love to walk you through managing and deleting your voicemail and other features! Send us a DM with more details so we can help. ^CarmenSipes T-Force: noun \Tee-For-s\: (1) Customer service gurus: billing trailblazers: tech scholars: Un-carrier fanatics: wireless aficionados. (2) Team Magenta 24/7
danidothedishes Phoenix, AZ @ULTRASLUT i would love to walk into that establishment and have logan call me princess don’t be such a vagine man i gotta get a red bull before class
dazM33 Trafford @hpeckitt Yea the Cheshire Lines train line last used in 1974 would love to walk down it should get some great wildlife pics and some of the train line, maybe some signals can be seen along the way, Messenger is embarrassing now I throw it away without reading it just so boring 🐝 More than just a photographer🐝
Kevin51086553 @Hidori_Rose Would love to walk in and see you like this ❤❤❤
NickMaffei2 Manhattan, NY @roshanpateI @niraj @AskWonder Thanks for the shoutout, Roshan 🙂 @niraj would love to walk you through how we bounty hunt data and deliver it in 24-48 hours. I’ll send you a DM! New Biz @ Wonder.
nationaltrust UK @karamccabe The great outdoors is such an uplifting place to be. Is there a place you love to walk again and again? National Trust - a charity looking after special places, for ever, for everyone. #PlacesMatter #NationalTrust
biobabbler Sierra Nevada near Yosemite NP @artologica Hello, I’m Samantha, and I suck at parking. Happily, I married into a family with a legacy of professional parking, so I happily watch from the passenger seat. Also, I love to walk, so will cheerfully walk BLOCKS to not parallel park. 😊 Unbridled enthusiast of that nature thing, card-carrying conservation biologist, photography phan & word nerd. Have swiffer, will fend off mountain lion.
daveirl @aaronmckenna I’d love to walk up to the cops and ask them why are they filming my children? What are they planning to do with the footage etc? Are all the IT staff involved Garda vetted for dealing with children, etc, etc. Will definitely get myself in trouble if I encounter this.
tatt3dc0uple @Lovense Going to Vegas and would love to walk the street while my man controls it! 18+ NSFW Just a couple trying to make the a world better place!
abbygaylemay @POY_UK I love to walk into my house and for it to smell clean so am I pur #win
bart_rich TRAPPIST-1 love to walk into a bar in Taipei and hear @clairo in my ears, global domination in full effect you do what you want when you're poppin
travelweekly Victoria, London We're celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, so don't forget to read our 'This week in...' page. It's @mikejwalsh's favourite in our new-look magazine: “I love to walk back through travel trade history! You see that some things have changed and some remain the same.” #YourTW Leading UK trade magazine. Our people on Twitter: @Lucy_Huxley; @LeeHayhurst; @amiekeeley; @ben_ireland_11; @HarryKemble; @taylorontravel; @katie_mcgonagle.

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