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Love to walk.

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VetPawsitive Warwick, England Walking with your dog has many benefits for you and your pooch, reducing depression, memory loss, and the risk of a heart attack for you and reducing boredom for your dog. Get out and about with your dog this #TakeAWalkOutdoorsDay! Where do you love to walk? @TheGoodDogGuide Now open! Providing personalised veterinary visits in the comfort of your own home. Serving Mid and South Warwickshire.
pyburner Canada 🇨🇦 @JAYTEEAU Ok ... Admittedly an animal lover. I would love to walk into my office and find that little fella. ❤️❤️ #Maker #3Dprinting #FDM #SLA #Resin #CNC #YoungAtHeart Youtube coming soon ... My opinions are my own.
Veridizziy @Valentine_OW Your energy is so positive to be around, I'm sure others would love to walk around and be lead by a positive person like yourself! APEX D4 Peak, Overwatch 4453 Peak Flex DPS | Wannabe Top-Tier Player | Current Hyperfixation: Daft Punk, Hollow Knight, Philosophy | Streaming Variety for now *
smallanimalmgmt Rabbit Hill also love to walk on compacted snow that has now become very slick treacherous ice while imagining falling and cracking my head open i know what you did it makes me sick im going to tell
trippingpossum Ontairio Canada | He/Him @sofftestpunk I really enjoy going up to Algonquin Park. It's just so beautiful and I love to walk the trails there. I think I really want to go to Scotland 'cause that's where my family is from. Also Japan as I think it would be a great experience. Host of @surlybugbear Avid game collector & enthusiast. Constant reader, and seeker of new stories. Unfortunately accident prone... art by @LindseyVi__
2ndbottommanjoe USA @ffffme1 @justlikedaddy7 Love to walk by and see THAT bulge! 🤤 😋 masculine bottom/57/6/190 Into MEN gay/bi/DL all colors -Lust for BBC. love getting my bottom Eaten&forked by a masculine MAN that enjoys what He's doing
_bigtime25 @JRod__22 I would love to walk into that lol they had the most cap space and tanked for a few years. And here they are. Happy dad, Iraq veteran 🇺🇸, Obnoxious ATL Falcons fan... I'm only here for sports 🤷‍♂️ #NFLtwitter #NBAtwitter
SofiaESilva Portugal I would love to walk on the beach again without the constant fear of finding another #stranded and amputated #dolphin Those were wonderful times. 💔🐬 PhD student at @durham_uni and @Lemos_lab. Marine mammals, genomics and toxicology. Marine biologist & Divemaster.
ts_jammy sydney australia Lanky skaters love to walk around in baggy jeans and no shirt... and they should keep doing it dumb slut — aka @drainbitch & @postjammy
timhodgson Chicago, Illinois we love to walk in the street because businesses haven't cleared their sidewalks and it's just a big sheet of frozen solid ice and ice chunks, don't we folks Writer, editor, hack guitarist, Michigan transplant.
WrathChaos @moggiye20 Oh I'd love to walk to work but it's 11 miles one way (according to gmaps it'd take well over 3 hours) lololololol. I'm hoping to maybe get trains come summer, and walk to/from the stations. Wrath | mutli-fandom fic writer & lurker
RunWithComics MI @DrMonkeybot Oh my gods, I'd LOVE to walk into a shop...any shop and smell fresh baked bread. I'm just a comic book fan, keeping in touch with all my geeky compadres!
SethRolland1 @VeronicaChaos I’d love to walk into the gym and see that! You’d have to give a solid nod of respect for that! Embrace your malcontent of safe and obvious fantasy football takes. Strike down your opponents, join us in the dark side.
_adonese Sudan @malazYag @caffeinated0 hey, i'm building this thing and i'd love to walk you through using it. essentially, it is a place where you can post fraud complaints --which later can be used by government for regulations, etc CTO and founder at Solus. Go and Python developer. I write technical stuffs on
ashe_shuu @viii_xiiu96 I break the rules. I'm a bottom and I love to walk! hai m Ashe~ I'm an aspiring artist | 17 | bi |🐯spirit animal |
jaydesins |MULTI|20|E|N|N|S|J|F|B @babyminoxxx First impression: oof he’s so hot Your nickname: I call you baby a lot Closeness rating (1-10): 10 Where would I take you on a date: I’d love to walk around holding hands Where would I kiss you: Cheeks, forehead and nose! 𝘐’𝘮 𝘶𝘴𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘭𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵𝘴 Backup: @jaydesins2 |J|E|
Dashing4L @korradelrio Would love to walk down the beach with you and grab dinner after
Cosmorra Multi•Ace•Iz ok to unfollow me @viii_xiiu96 I'm ace and I love to walk Just a boy in love with too many things 🌚
Ellartist_ París, Francia @Bryan15106503 What a beautiful place where you live, I love to walk and more on the beach after the sun goes down and watch the sunset there! That is magic. Or wait for the night and see the moon. ~ Bryan. I wish you a great walk, full of reflection and harmony~🙏🌸🌻🌹😘☕🌅🎶💙😽😸 Artiste en poésie! 💕🌷☕💌🖋️📜 Single!🍎 Music, Poetry, Art, Books and Coffee is life! 🛡️ Technologie Geek💻Internet🌐
SongSix3 Northern Virginia - USA @LindaKind5 Linda, we would love to walk beside you in this. Email and we can discuss a little easier. I'm Jason. I lead worship @CCManassas, and I have a heart for hurting & broken marriages. It’s really that simple.
LandLibrary Colorado, USA @TippetRise And would love to walk (slowly) across Tippet Rise someday. Plus read the reflections of other ranch walkers over the years! Thanks friends! The Rocky Mountain Land Library's mission: To encourage a greater awareness of the land.
IngoJD the Netherlands Did you ever used mainstreet transportation or do you love to walk over mainstreet enjoying the music and atmosphere of it!? #disneylandresortparis #mainstreetusa #mainstreet #disneytransportation #disneyhorse #versace #dlp #dlrp #disneyland Ingeborg donk, live in the Netherlands and love everything disney, teaching figure skating and have fun in life! Follow me on facebook for more adventures.
PizzaSlut4000 @DilfandRoyalty ((I'd love to walk in and find him jerking off, wouldn't know whether to leave or watch~)) a sexy THICC hung boy~ looking for some lewd fun and to make people happy~ nasty big kitty roommate:@LeoTorracat (DMs are open please be literate)
HothandsDJ @mysteriadc Omg Id Love to walk into the hallway and see a sight like that.❤🔥
LukaszBober Gatineau, Québec I love to walk around the city at night and take some photos. Fascinated by human behavior. Posting random observations and formulations.
AlanBlaikie @tomcliffordcfc I don’t think we have an option there due to the price paid for the lad unless the boy is suffering from being away from home and we could swap plus money because it would need to be that.....I’d love to walk out the stadium one day saying ”Thank God for Kepa today” Penalties???
feral_creachre Greenville, SC just remembering the time i watched "we need to talk about kevin" freshman year with a few friends and while i was thinking about the symbolism of the intro everyone around me was like "okay but kevin is hot. i would love to walk in on him jerking off." like bro what 18 || they/them || aspiring film student (meaning idk what the fork is going on) || yes i do complain a lot
ChrisTheAngler United States @LisaMei62 I always love to walk by the WH and watch the crazies protest at the WH. #USMC #DOD #CIA “I Am MacGuyver” “The truth will set you free” “Judgment is between them & God. I arrange the meeting” #KAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump2020
pclfc8 Liverpool Still looking for one spare for tomorrow. Not a sob story, haven't been let down by anyone but it is my arl fellas birthday and I'd love to walk up the match with him. Let me know if you know of any please #LFC #lfcspares @TheKopHQ Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the former.
malkatz probably in bed baby boomers love to walk up to you while you're watching tv and go "what show is this" Amateur funny person, professional nobody. / Jersey girl. Intersectional feminist. Binge eater. Let's be friends.
gopcolton Arkansas, USA @ShutUpSherri @2Amatters @JonathanWiskee @MarkDice @realDonaldTrump Honestly, I wish I could be you. I would love to walk around and lose arguments so I could call people racist. Please “resist” somewhere else please.
MariahNajmuddin Houston, TX Call them for positive reasons... on test days. I love to walk around the room while proctoring and randomly call parents to tell them their kid is awesome or growing or making better choices. It will fill your bucket. MPP from @UHouston. Classical economist with a conscience. Teacher. @UofOklahoma alum. Event Planner. @AFTUnion member. Houstonian. Latina-Desi. She/her/ella
Damnathaneal Flewed Out Airlines @PanopticJoon @playlik @niqquerr @itshibajilal @P1gmented @Simply_Ant @CousinKammy @stillhereluv Someone people love to walk around carrying hate and anger for no reason. Imagine living your life closed off from broadening your horizons. Can't relate. Got more "YAAASS GAAWDS" than the Vatican.
KARL94551 Lombard, IL @tommydidario I love to walk. There is where I find my mind, body and soul Husband, gay USAF veteran, Catholic school survivor. FSU. I have a passion for politics, LGBT and immigration rights. LA VIDA ES BUENA!
BearAll67 Australia @alicia_slut_0 @Amy_shaha Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm I'd love to walk into one of these.... just like at a real all-you-can-eat smorgasbord I'd be sampling every hole on offer! 😈😈😈😈🍆💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 and there is no way I'd leave a chump like that unfilled for that long! 😈😈😈 I'm 52 my, Fiancee is 30... I'm straight and she is hot and Bi! So yes guys and girls I am living the dream!
nenyenwa_ Lagos, Nigeria @AsiwajuLerry Definitely not me. I actually love to walk past a group of guys cos they always STARE and I LOVE it 🤣🤣 If you take my tweet personal, OYO is your case 🤷🌝•• . . . . . . NOT on Facebook
TaylorBeeghly Las Vegas, Nevada THE FACTS. I have never been whistled at but lord help, the amount of people that love to walk up and stand behind me like I can see them and then get an attitude when I finally do see them and ask if they need help. Why I hate retail. Single🌺 Aquarius ♒️ SRHS Graduate c/o '17💙💛🎓 CSN Life 👩🏻‍🍳 ✝June 20th, 2015✝ Retinoblastoma Survivor✨🎗 sc: taylor.beeghly 👻
Licensed2Bill I would love to walk into my local @dunkindonuts and see @SnoopDogg behind the counter bc he would sound way cooler than me saying "Frozen Chocolate, no whizzle, no drizzle my nizzle" ✌✌ #BravesFam. Falcons. Dawgs. Hawks. Pearl Jam. Golf. Always on time. I never hit the snooze button. My opinions do not represent my employer.
RealCatholic17 United States Mark 12:38 And he said to them in his doctrine: Beware of the scribes, who love to walk in long robes, and to be saluted in the marketplace A Devout Catholic who tweets verses,prayers,readings, quotes,pictures&videos. #Catholic #Rosary
Imcumming81 @Nsfw_gifs_pics Hell yeah I'd love to walk in on or walk past a slightly open bedroom door and see a girl fingering or toying the fork out of her pussy. I'd silently watch as I attempt to silently stroke my throbbing popsicle. Looking for a good Bate Buddy. Love sharing My bate videos and pics with other lovers of Masturbation. DM me anything, any time.
LadyAg72 Texas @CContrarus @JSG_54 @ChronPainInAss @JL3TimeTitan @MrPetesonality @painadvocateAR @MichaelNey19 @urbanfatbiker @soofriends @AMERICANTRUMP2 @SpicyPurritos @Talkeetna101 @night_harbinger @Faithgirlee @Jdserrano1976 @eullrich11 @OUDcollective @JohnJew40051316 @Rosesdaughter61 @wilsanborn777 @Oaksgirl01 @JudyOsburn8 @LelenaPeacock @dirtydawgjp @Irishbrat1966 @shelley_bean60 @bonniez45 @Dsntslp @Angelsgal02 @DanitaJMD @Deeenst @CTSuboxone @SueBreen6 @StopBadDocs @jlrmackay @HeatherLinda11 @process_x @Bozo21inc @LizYoun58386941 @minxy99 @DawsonInga @ramseypeacock @Txsconstitution @keesaroo @mlvanbrit @DiaryGods @SparlingAngela @pechilvr @NitaGhei @RollinsLynda Now, my pelvis is unstable and the arthritis is so bad the only thing that helps is opiates. I’ve been in pain one or another my entire life. But I would love to walk to prevent osteoporosis & play with my grandbabies. Some things are just worth a chance. 70 yr old ret RN, good w/guns. Autodidact on many topics. Husband ret Navy CAPT w/36 yrs intel. Conservative Christians. Mayflower Society, DAR, DRT, UDC, MAGA
boopstawista New York, USA Bro and Sis love to walk in their flippers! What do you love to walk around in? Autistic people around the world deserve to be in a better world. We can't live in a world like this. We need to be accepted and treated fairly.
CKer521 @BSnapz2019 That's a requirement you have to hike I don't understand I'm confused mind you I love to walk and run but that's me and my choice! MOM of 5+4+🤰+3♊♒♋ Weather the Storm & make 🌈; CarpeDiem '3FX7BA' Wanless2Kawarthas🦋 🍀🧦#forkcancer 🙏🎶 #PTSD #LeafsForever #DogMOM #Music
xAtomicGoddessx Long Island , Ny I would love to walk around a town by the water..a boy on a leash...dressed equally as casually elegant...and coming to rest for a picnic..where he feeds me and does paints my toe nails in the sun... {• FemDom • FLR • BDSM •} Sensually Sadistic•Passionate Vortex of Financial and Sexual Slaughter.. Pro-Lifestyle Fem•FinDomme 💦SpitQueen 💋 Initial Tribute $40 💋
icecreamsmax France Date in a wood These teens love to walk in woods, as they love fresh air, picturesque views and to fork #anal (+18 only)The best of #porn sites by The French Touch. #Paradise for your #dick and #balls. Little #pussy and #lesbians welcome. Make #love ! #justpornit
Trupanion US & Canada (HQ in Seattle WA) @dogloverbea Hi there, We'd love to walk you through your claim breakdown and answer any questions you have. Please send us a private message or give us a call anytime at (855)210-8746. Thank you, The Trupanion Team We offer medical insurance for cats and dogs, to help your pet live a longer, healthier, and happier life. (Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company)
StephannyGome17 Long Beach, CA @kodakswisher @HussieModels @JerryKovak I'd absolutely love to walk up in front of you but tripped and fell face first into a beautiful HOT Love place I'm a mature Gurl who is trying to be me once again. Understand that my name is my writing name and what I now call myself.
redwellyfeats South Wales, UK @BarnacreAlpacas I would love to walk into the vet and see an alpaca in the waiting room! Lover of art, books, cats & cake. Adoptive single mum. Feminist, Remainer, obsessed with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. And cake. Did I mention cake?
MurderBryan Ohio Me and Bernie Sanders have some stuff in common. 60 degree hotel room Dislike rich people Love to walk Sovereign Citizen, Co-Host of Street Fight Radio, Shocktober, @thepod_kast Body Language Expert
ooochardonnay @OluwaSwizzhits @Fabsurprises I would love to walk into this coming home for my birthday 🥺 lol this is all I would need and a bottle 🥴 🌺Humble Yourself.| 🏳️‍🌈11•23•18💍| Model Worthy 😍✨| Tammy&Ace #lesbiancouple 💕