Love to walk

Love to walk.

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MattGonz_ Chicago, IL NYC gays love to walk into you without saying excuse me.... you may think I’m as tall as the twin towers but collide into me and it’s you who is going down sis
AnthonyRutz @girlsinyogapant @stoolpresidente I'd love to walk a mile in her shoes. She was a bartender and then conned a bunch of idiots to contribute a ton of money to her just to be a complete fraud politician. What good has she done for her people??? Amazon?
goddammitsarah Portland, OR would love to walk into a restroom and not have to wonder if I'm going to see this digital sorceress | ig: sarahmarvelous
anicoleach Nashville, TN I would LOVE to walk into Whole Foods and see JT ratchet ahh 😂 I need that solidarity in that store hide da money y’all. there’s poor people round. hahahahaha witcha broke a**
deecashh_ yall love to walk around and rap off key💀 umes
katerichards09 This is the wilderness park five minutes from my home where I love to walk the's not as big as the other one going on in LA. I sure hope it's almost out. Thinking of everyone in Porter Ranch and the other areas whose homes are in danger! Kate is amulti-pubbed author and editor living in SoCal with her wonderful husband - who she really did meet on the internet long, long ago
byrninlove Charleston, SC People love to walk into the book store and just announce, "Children's books!" not as if it's a question--although it IS a question--as a means of finding where the children's books are, which is right next to where they're standing. Writes poems. Vintage slim fit.
Bern2020Bern on this mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam @ShaunasOpinions @DMAMA232323 @SwiftAct @Harmoneee_Us @BernieSanders Yes, I know it's beautiful down there. I think we'll plan a trip to Cumberland Falls because we love falls and we love to walk trails. 🙂 👻🎃💀🦇🕸️🕷️
RedSofaLiterary St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN @MCSnugz I found a ridiculously large spider and its web across from my bathroom three nights ago. I have not had time or the energy to get the vac out to remove my unwanted guest. All I know is it's huge, and I'd love to walk on the side of the hall where it has moved in. ;) Tweets by Dawn Frederick, Owner/Literary Agent by day, retired Roller Derby Ref. No queries via Twitter. CLOSED TO QUERIES
xomoonlitsoul New York, NY @witchdctralex And we love to walk by them 🇵🇷🇩🇴✝️🕉♌️ // user @realchalamet has my book in his possession cool cool cool
allen_tanya Whitminster,Glos. @WalesCoastPath I love to walk the coast path from New Quay to Cwmtydu. The view is incredible and the wildlife unbelievable. 👍💕💕🌅 🌊🐬 Stroud born.Lived in & Love West Wales,especially the Cardigan Bay Bottlenose Dolphins, but all Wildlife&animal crazy.
taylor_feniello New Jersey, USA boys love to walk right past you, not say a word and then message you talking about “swore i just saw you😌” NJ| university of alabama | ☄️ happiness comes from within
CrabbiesUK United Kingdom Hands up if you'd love to walk with our majestic elephants at the @mefsrilanka 🐘🇱🇰 The elephants get the opportunity to walk at a leisurely pace and forage, while you can get up close and personal with these wonderful giants 😍 Donate here: Welcome to Crabbie's on Twitter, where it's always #CrabbiesTime! 18+ only.
MichaelRNorris1 Des Plaines, IL Jesus! The bottom's popsicle is huge! I'd love to walk in on them and sit on that sweet thang! Just a single gay man looking for new friends and new things to do! I have a desire to be in some porn vids! I'd love to have a gang of youngsters bang me!
JuarezRamos11 Dublin City, Ireland @chripramsay @masi_asylum @LeoVaradkar YES! And love to walk around surrounded by them 🙄😒 Half of me is a crazy psychotic bitch @ramosjuareznt
aerobinson001 England, United Kingdom @SkyNews I would love to walk straight up to these reprobates and stroll straight on through shame I don’t work for the BBC bloody idiots retired firefighter, prostate cancer survivor
Maha39369330 Doha, Qatar Just keep holding on you even when I tell him I needed you always we’re more than lover and make your heart believe be always his comfort zone love to walk beside him 🌎 Love my life with you browny with beautiful smile وأنا أكثر ما يخيفني أن أحبك أكثر مما تفعل أنت، أن أكون ذلك الذي يكتُب الرسائل وأنت الذي تقرأها فقط.💌✨66686474
Larrybigcock10 Sherman texas @Kim53688025 Oh that's it baby who I'd love love to walk up start my dick in and slide it so deep in that little pussy I'll fork you like you can only dream about baby I'll put all these big popsicle so deep in you LOVE to eat pussy.I Got a big hard popsicle for all you sexy to make your dreams of a big popsicle cum true.shoot lots of private porn.
soulrin13 @haylie_baby56 Would love to walk into my laundry room and find this waiting for me I am me 25
davecraige @toxictreats do you have a gallery of your work up on @ByHubs by chance? Would love to walk around it in 3D and check it out! Helping people, #DeFi & crypto companies and startups. Non profit @TheStudio_io. DM's open. 🏎 🔨 ❤️ Vids: DeFi:
Cnoland8 Maryland @gloscouple Would love to walk in and see her like that 54 Male,
wpgpoundpups Winnipeg Canada #pawsatwork #adoptme Dune has great leash manners. All in all I give him a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating. He is a very sweet, gentle and adorable dog! I would love to walk and cuddle him again! - promoting responsible pet ownership through public education, dog licensing and dog adoption. This site is maintained by volunteers.
spoooookk North Vancouver, British Columbia @cameronmaltby @CityOfNorthVan @NVanDistrict agreed. i love to walk but walking on the cardominated streets of north vancouver is oftentimes humiliating. no automatic pedestrian walk signs and sidewalks appear to have been built only as an afterthought, usually too narrow for two people to walk comfortably abreast which one of you jerks drank my arnold palmer
manateesmile the heart Shiiiiiiit he ate alllll of those pussy punches fork em. And this the type of crap I’d love to walk in on fr crap try out my swinging windmill fist I’ve been working on. 🎋N🧠W🧞‍♂️E🐉G🌜🥀O🔱E🦉
RMiles96532339 Suffolk County LI Love to walk in and see that nice and ready to fork 40 blk male from long island suffolk county also have (Kik) blkdaddyLi
MidSouthPres_ Mississippi, USA I’d love to walk in the middle of this crap and just start putting crap to sleep. These young African-Americans out of line. V Playa Into Making Progress #Eagles #76ers #TheU #Mets
daniwil3 Dallas, TX I'd love to walk to Starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte but, my allergies make it impossible to step outside smh UT Alum. News Junkie. Jumpsuit Lover. Sports Enthusiast.
LindasOfKinsale Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland @poloconghaile I need a good moan. Too few greenways and cycle routes. We need more. We pride ourselves on our beautiful landscape but it can be quite difficult to enjoy it. Cars are fast on narrow roads. I love to walk and so am reading the post avidly. Specialists in platinum, graded certified diamonds and rare coloured stones. Also stock unusual collections of Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian jewellery.
ClearCamps Shreveport, LA "I love to walk through life with people and help them become the best version of themselves. God has blessed me with a passion to disciple and invest in people. My greatest passion and joy comes from seeing people be their best for God and themselves." FUELFORCHANGE
FUSEingFamilies Glenwood, Alberta love love love this !!!! I love to walk into the wind and feel its power against me... it is refreshing and cleansing !! Phenomenal Family Awareness. Parent/Family Coaches & Authors who help Parents to be the Heroes for their children.
marisarose1212 Washington, USA @MaxBoot @amazon Ditto. Even items I used to buy aren’t carried in my local stores anymore. I’d love to walk into Target, get what I need and go home but they’re selection is growing smaller by the day. Wife, mother, grandmother. Trying to make the world a better place. Vote Blue!
kalyanrc2009 Calcutta sure darling love to walk behind u and lick suck and fork u hard erotic chat with like minded people for mutual fun n pleasure. All pictures are not mine.
REALlilDebbie HailState 🐾🐶 I love to walk in public bathrooms and see feminine items for the free. It’s such a compassionate gesture to me. But I’ve only seen it twice built to weather any storm. i think “pimp” therefore i am. 🤪 1913.
BitcoinBarons @inversebrah Idk maybe my English fails me (smol thing likes to use words which are complicated/confusing for non-native speaker), but I don't understand what's dangerous about it. I absolutely love to walk everywhere in my city and in every city I visit. Long term #bitcoin dreamer. I was homeless in 2016, I was rich in 2017, I have no idea what's next, but it's oke either way.
javyisking09 Love to walk into work and just get beat down non-stop. Today is fun! Bears and Cubs and other stuff but mostly this is a Sloan stan account. If you don’t know Sloan, take one look at my TL and you soon will.
Karyundara Shadowlands I really hope the next WoW exp brings something like a Tinker class, would love to walk around in a mecha and trash some mobs with explosives, turrets and more. One of the three ancients of "Heroes of Piedra" along with @Nedvart and @SG_Zeev, mostly an RTS and ARPG gamer. Practically married to the prettiest @smolafro
sentimentalsare edmonton, canada You ever run halfway to your bus stop and then realize that you really don’t have it in you to run the rest of the way this morning. Love to walk, love to make myself late. blessed with crap luck.
Her_Lordship1 +256 What infidelity? She was never married to kenzo and furthermore that’s her daughter too every mother would love to walk down the aisle with their daughter. Law. G-Class Lover. I’ll travel the world. Godmother to Yasmin & Naya ♥️. I’m not here to make sense to anyone !
AJRyderXXX East Midlands, England @blondetwink97 Would love to walk in my room and see that 😍 18+ Content 🔞|UK Based 🇬🇧| Leo ♌️ |Bisexual 🏳️‍🌈|🔝|Entering the XXX world 😈 | DM’s Open
PeaceTimeless May we blessed with an increasing heart of love to walk others through the storm. Gently building trust in His presence, power, goodness and complete control over everything. #timelesspeace #miracleshappeneveryday Miracles happen everyday
Mimirk63 im fine, everything's fine @SebNeedsRest She is not even 50kg and looks pretty skinny I love to walk until im too tired even if I have school [18] | she/her | fr/eng (learn' spa) | bi | infp | artist | editor | writer | ⚖ | bnha | bsd | kny | ❣✒“it's halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare”👻
TheGoldenThirst I love to walk and buy stuff but why bother when u can use every discount code u can and have it delivered to your door 9. [+41,-0] If Kim Jae Wook doesn't do a romcom every year, he'd be sinning against many people.
SarahKindaSucks Some people LOVE to walk with you just to say they know you through and through 😂 Your bottom is grass and I’m the lawn mower
LaC_Noy Kissimmee Fl Love To Walk Round Ah Event And See Legend340 Walking Pass Me😂😂 The Support Is Real #YoDeaf #WeAreNotTheSame #Legend340 #Helllooo Music And Getting Money LongLiveLenn LongLiveTony
BoulayIoan Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, Québec @PwincessWalfy I’m glad you enjoyed your walk and that it relaxed you. It’s so beautiful I wish I had been there too. 😍❤️ That’s why I love to walk in the woods and near water sources, they’re just so beautiful and relaxing. UwU Je fais des vidéos sur YouTube et je sais faire quelques tricks avec des nunchucks
ZgrodekKaren New York, USA @Stana_Katic @KorakiaPensione @SquareNineHotel @vestibul_palace @PostRanchInn @cntravellerme Wow. Love the @vestibul_palace. Would love to walk those old streets and feel the salt sea spray. Count me in. Need to save up though! Retired T.A.,MARRIED, 2 CHILDREN, 2grandsons. Iwill love them until the twelfth of never. Fan of Stana Katic, Absentia, This is Us, Mom,
faerytells it's a shame I'm so tired honestly, I'm at grand central station and I'd love to walk around a bit or go to Bryant park just a hero in the works • ♀🇵🇭🇺🇸, ENG👌🏽/日本語多分OK • occasionally i write and it's embarrassing (aetherae @ ao3, ko-fi) • icon commissioned from @tenfiends
AlfieGameDev Portland, Or Oh crap Pokémon Go and Stardew Valley! I’d love to walk around and to take care of imaginary ducks and rabbits. pronouns: They/She 🥰 indie game lover, Overwatch enthusiast Social Media manager for Queer Quest all opinions expressed are my own
mishlaaaa Love to walk around at gym lmao. Like retweet and comment and ill give u my snap at 50 followers. #halle #theaddamsfamily #Boycottblizard -New to twitter - Follow for more - IG ?? at 500 ill tell you guys - Snap ??? at 1k
Tiger_Shashi I love to walk in the forests and mark my territory and drink water in the watering hole! #tiger #tigers #royalbengaltiger #waterislife #shacraphewildtiger I’m Shashi the wild Tiger. 🐯 Son of Bamera. I’m 3. @Tigers4Ever2010 is helping save me and my tiger friends in Bandhavgarh. Tiger tweets about a Tiger’s life.

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