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Love to walk.

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MrGeeHouse In the studio Just because something is unethical doesn't mean its unlawful and there's plenty of people who love to walk that line. Turning dreams into reality #Kattpack #Producer #Ustreamfam
davepet24739770 Would love to walk in a church with you and kneel at your feet and pray & kiss your heels goddess 👠 Would pay too if anyone interested #goddess #femdom #findom #heelsfetish #shoefetish #mistress #brattyteen #domgirl #domme #fetish #dommymommy #dom #heelsfetish #fetishprincess
b00b_eck God I forkin love to walk. Literally my favorite thing. Give me a destination less than two miles away and I will be getting there on my own two little feet you best believe. This crap is amazing. abolish the police. #RadicalHope #blacklivesmatter ♉️☀️♊️🌜♎️⬆️ (she/her/hers)
Park_People Canada Are you an Indigenous Elder or a senior (60+) who identifies as BIPOC based in #Vancouver? Do you love to walk in parks and connect with people? Apply to become a walk leader by June 6! Learn more: #WalkintheParkVancouver Park People helps make awesome things happen in city parks across Canada/Amis des parcs aide à organiser des choses formidables dans les parcs urbains au Canada
DAEGULINEL kang i would love to walk around and find my favs but bitchass LP's are expensive af in here 041022-052022 JENO YUTA SUPPORT ACCOUNT
Jenoco1 Vancouver, British Columbia @strategywoman What a lovely park. I love to walk among the trees, although today I'm off to meet a friend soon and walk by the sea. I hope you have a peaceful night with no alerts.
mchkzn Gatineau, QC Pleasant Park Road at Fairbanks, a block east of Alta Vista. This is a street that I’d love to walk. Some very cool houses. Mostly this part and less the part closer to St Laurent and Elmvale. Low-profile kind of walking guy. Coming soon to walk a neighborhood near you. In between, I watch Y&R and mostly “classic” television.
JosieJaxxon North Carolina, USA It’s been a while since I took my tits out at work. Retweet if you’d love to walk by my desk and see me shaking them at you 😈 #tittytuesday #workflash #publicnudity #officeslut #nsfwtwt ✨💍Newlywed in a newly non-monogamous marriage. Come along for the ride and watch this nice girl turn naughty 😈✨🔞 OF adult content creator top 1%
CryptoDynoZ $SOS When it comes to making decisions,the people around me always give me a hint. I love to walk through all the ups and downs of my life, and I pursue fairness and justice in my work. The docile and small zodiac rabbit is my close sidekick, and we fight for the rosy future together. Decentralisation Maxis @lunarprojectnft @The_OpenDAO Join us: Dyno#3333 #sos1usd #BAYC
bestfilmeverpod England, United Kingdom @chbnr12 @clanlands We'd love to walk along with you. If you're into films at all, I'm gonna call my shot and say that we are excellent. We do deep dives on films with tons of analysis & humour. Give us 5 mins and I bet you become a fan. Apple, Spotify, and more at Your new fave TransAtlantic film review podcast. Scouring blockbusters & critical hits alike for the Best Film Ever.
Tython88 @keekihimedesu I always love to walk on paths like this, it’s oddly chill feeling to just have trees over you and wind blowing through them. Also, still looking good without makeup but I cannot lie, looking at your legs makes mine hurt…just, god I hate sunburn pain. Hope it’s healing.
pdriscolleats Chicago, IL @Lawson_chef @nickkokonas @tock @AlistairMyers Hey Chef, I'd love to walk you through some of the aspects of the platform and show why so many Michelin restaurants around the globe have chosen to partner with us. Shoot me a DM and we can coordinate time at your convenience. Chicago. Restaurant Tech. Lover of music, dogs, and happy things. Forever learning and growing-- the obstacle is the way
alec71tx The Woodlands, TX @largewhitequeso I would love to walk in and find you like that Just for fun . Love daddies , cubs , bears NSFW
Goofyman2020 @czWjBIdvUcbb4ld This is so daring and extremely erotic and HOT. I would love to walk with you and take you into my hand when others watch...
PathsforAll Scotland It's not too late to share why you love walking. Post a few words and a photo of the place you love to walk to and you could win £500 to spend at Cotswold Outdoor. Just use #ILoveWalking and tag us too! We're the Scottish charity promoting walking for everyone, everyday and everywhere. Retweets are not endorsements.
__DURTCOBAIN the chrome zone @anon78909 i just love to walk and for exercise hot mommy
CANTquitMUSIC Midwest @thedopebohemian 100%!!!!!!! I love to walk the dogs and do a 30-60 min cycle. threading & weaving, productive we go … I still can’t quit music.
chetchavat austin, tx @Randy_Au If you ever have 45 minutes to an hour I would love to walk you through one of my favorite "SQL interviews" that is a combination of data modeling and working with relational data i like basketball, tennis, fried foods, and data. analytics @ritual he/him
Sajie_LovesPink Miami, FL I just love to walk in a room and make my presence be felt 🥰 I get it now 😭 Personal Trainer 💕💪🏽 IG: @sajiejayfitness | Florida Realtor 🏡🔑
Taogotaz Denver, CO @romyreiner I focus on anything other then the impending doom. My health depends on my ability to connect with the outdoors. I love to walk and hike because it heals me.
Tuyi_lope Nigeria Hi 👋 #NFTCommunity I'm Tuyi Lope 😍 Artist || 🤳 Photographer I have two collections on Opensea and One on Foundation In 🧵 I'd love to walk you through all my creations she 📌 #NFTartist & Microbiologist ○ Mobile 📷 🎨 ○ Creativity is a drug I can't live without
KolnerCVS Washington, DC She used an example. Imagine traveling to other parts of the world (in the Metaverse) and seeing the real effects of global warming. OR actually seeing how migrants are living who are forced to leave their homeland. I would love to walk in the camps of the Rohingya refugees 🙏. Catholic, attorney, Army vet, Buckeye, lover of the great outdoors & kitten pups. Stargazer... Native of Köln... no followers please & thank you
davepet24739770 Would love to walk in a church with you and kneel at your feet and pray & kiss your heels goddess 👠 Would pay too if anyone interested #goddess #femdom #findom #heelsfetish #shoefetish #mistress #brattyteen #domgirl #domme #fetish #dommymommy #dom #heelsfetish #fetishprincess
SanchezDaveid34 @ChubbiCub I would love to walk in the room and be see you like this 26. male not completely fake just low-key. made to follow some fav adult entertainers on here tbh possibly chat with them can't follow on other w/o getting "?s"
2022Jaybean @TrevDon And being with a friend in Vegas and she never complained averaging 30thousand steps a day, blisters and all. My friend knew I needed a break and I love to walk! Just grab the bandaids and walk.
JennyKastner Massachusetts, USA @Leakydrum I first got Covid in March of 2020. It lasted for a few weeks and left me dizzy, fainting at times, great pain in my legs when walking (and I love to walk!), hardly any appetite and difficulty sleeping. I still have that set of symptoms. Doctors know very little about it. Hard left. Fighting optimist. Campaign Mgr, Community organizer. Fred Hampton, not Saul Alinsky. #BLM #AntiFascist #NationalStrike Not looking for dates. No DMs
suelarsh71 On the move. @purehappymess I love to walk in the rain. My poor Molly is terrified of them. I play music and rub her belly, maybe that would work for you!😂🤣😂 Kenkamken
BiLittlekatie @KalvinHobbs22 Mmm I’d love to walk in and catch you like that Bi girl from Redding, California. Very open minded!
MadMemaw61 @kimberlyrich32 Grateful you are in the life of your friend. They will need your friendship, and God's love, to walk this difficult path. Will keep all of you in our prayers. Wife of the best husband ever for 43 years. Mother of 3. Memaw of 6. Sinner saved by grace, supporter of #45 and HUGE Razorback baseball fan!
rebeccagull The Moon I love to walk around my city and make everyone think “who is she” she/her 👽 IG: babybeckzz
Habsgirl46 Ottawa, Ontario @Dan_Can224 Love it!! Me I love to walk and excercises in the morning Bonjour!! Danielle that why it's SweetD ... Polls to My D tweet. Every opinions my own. You will learn nothing. Hockey, excercises and suis franglais
AskeBay San Jose, CA @RoxxieDafeesh Hi, we can only imagine how devastating it is to receive an item like this that you have been eagerly awaiting. Please don’t worry. We’re here to help and would love to walk you through your next steps to get a refund. Send us a DM and we’ll get started. ~Beca @AskeBay support hours are from 6AM to 6PM PT - 7 days a week! For help outside of these hours contact eBay Customer Service at
Demicha58863887 @Veiny_Boobs @DemoraAvarice I would love to walk in a room and see this
moscowgoblin Moscow, ID love to walk downtown and run into amanda harlow hauling around a giant painting of my face theatre maker & intimacy director in idaho. chronic anxious peeler of labels off beer bottles. trying very hard!!
m1ss1ngcat The broke “fashion” gays love to walk around a bunch and ruin a pair of shoes from like Aldo.
PHUCKlTOL 20 🇵🇭 but if given a chance, i'd love to walk you through how my heart skipped a beat when i saw you smile. and how the world seemingly paused for me to appreciate your laugh. it was surreal, it's as if the universe was telling me that you're the main character in the story called me. hanji's jagi (real)
Livingstone_UK Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Flippin' heck that's horrid! I love it ♥️ I'd love to walk up those vile staircases. I bet it has those industrial stairwells with metal bannisters, coated with cracked, discoloured, pale green plastic. And pale blue emulsion, blistered near the ceiling. Salesman, Seamstress, Startup Junkie, Gym Fan. Loves design, business, Zumba, sewing, art, F1, Korea, 007, Heathrow Airport & "Friends". #DANIELCRAIGWILLRETURN
mimi_mycatalyst real life @highbury112 The perfect part of the day, I love to walk at that time while look around and everything turn darker with every step, magical. Be nice and think twice. 🕸 Abandoned account most of the time🕸
zenbasswitch Kul Tiras (Philippines irl) @creatingquietly @Astralegend I'd love to walk around in a Zhaitan armor and weapon set. That would look so cool!! WoW and MMA are my life! Also teaching from Mondays to Fridays! Tony Ferguson fan 'til the end because I ain't no rat... I'm a turtle, ninja turtle!
_jordynwood New Mexico, USA @torii_brennan Can we though like really because I would love to walk outside and see my favorite people everyday 😍
Jamesmokerss Waste of time mag pranka og mga tao, I always love to walk away from them and enjoy the peace I have with that decision. the ignorance of the law? EXCUSE ME
CamdenClarkMC Parkersburg WV 👟 🏃‍♀️ Do you love to walk or run? Join us for #100Miles100Days from Monday, May 23, 2022 through August 30, 2022 with a pledge to get in one mile each day! 🏃‍♂️ ❗The registration deadline is Tuesday, May 31. ✅ Register online and get more info @ Camden Clark Medical Center: Meeting the health care needs of our community for a lifetime. Member of @WVUMedicine
hd_guild @CryptoKing_NFT Me Sir, i love to walk and jogging everyday Axie Infinity SLP Spot Only
BRETTRO68672648 @feet_scarletts @FootMommy97 @marniii02 @cocohoney0249 Oh I'd love to walk up right behind you and start kissing and massaging and sucking on your toes sliding my tongue deep between your toes and hailing your sweet sweaty feet cleaning them up for you kissing all over your toes sucking on them individually
halvinoctriadi Cilacap, Jawa Tengah I would love to walk and use public transport, if only I don't need to take crap every bloody time. Mlaku sitik mules, mlaku sitik mules. Ngisingan banget ki asu.
fredwine8 @vegasalphamale Would love to walk into the toilet and see him standing at the toilet Older completely incontinent male who needs diapers 24/7 for over 12 years. I also enjoy receiving spankings from both men and women. I am a total bottom
davepet24739770 @PrincessNina1x1 Would love to walk in a church with you and kneel at your feet and pray and kiss your heels goddess 👠
suzie_sze New Jersey, USA @geno_kusa Would love to walk out but I walked out at age 12 and never came back. Director & producer, fmr journalist, mother, finder of all lost things.
noisyantelope Male Birmingham UK @AnnieTrannie Love to walk in and suck both of those girly popsicles x
Psych_Studios @elonmusk - I was re-watching "Transcendence," and saw you hiding in the crowd during the opening presentation scene. When you get neuro-link rolling, let me know. I'd love to walk again. Freedom Forever!

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