Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

The things some people say about Walking sucks.

BeverlySwartz2 @DanRather My feet are destroyed so walking sucks. But, when I heard this news I stood and danced. Scared my two cats with my clapping & hoot hooting.
Nuclearpast @PewGoon We still have it at the little gas station down the road. I haven’t been to town lately. I’m considering making a mini gasifier for my lawnmower now though. And that seems like a really dumb waste of energy but also walking sucks lol
asprovirtue an up and coming forest grove @AshelynnRowan It wasn't too hard, since I came out here at a young age!! My wings disappeared and I haven't found them yet though (´;ω;`) walking sucks!! The only theme in my cafe is plants and comfy 🌱🌿🪴 maybe I'll recreate my forest home though?! Soon to be an #ENVtuver / #ESVtuber ... I'd appreciate a follow~💚💛🤍
NutshellVersion San Diego, CA back in 2019, Past Me wrote a blog post about how dating sucks. today, a guy is asking Present Me out using lines from that blog post. the line between irony and mortification is a fine one & boy are we walking it hard I write. also I tell dad jokes. sometimes he laughs. ♥ top tweets: ♥ buy me a coffee: ♥ (she/her)
Jashue_ Damn it really sucks to have sweatpants on when I just saw some chick with huge tits and is walking around like she owns everything. Neuron activation Fallen Brazilian Meme merchant got my own opinions will make mistakes lol
Princecid2 Litetally all day I’ve been tired and I’m walking around doing my job and have to put on a work persona and that sort of eats me up and sometimes I’m not sure who I am anymore but then I come home and everything is clear. 💖🏳️‍⚧️💖 But it sucks I can’t be myself at work at all! 😢 Hobbydubbare, sångare, pegasis, älv-fantast, översättare av sånger o fandubbningar. Lesbisk/Bi-isk? Transtjej. Är en SUPER vacker Prinsessa också! Hon/henne
choobiez and if saturday sucks i’m walking into that concert with a blindfold AND HEADPHONES This is a line And this Line is Mine 😩
carlmyhill West London @H0raceWimp @KarlOnSea @531forever @707SharpLol @LlamaLout @Wheels4Well that really sucks. Some bikes are designed to be stored outside - i have one such which is a KR8. I'd chat to them if you fancy it, good people and they might have storage ideas. Some people find cycling easier than walking. Eco. Equality. #accessibility. Cycling. Quaxing. "Hiker Trash" (Litsl). Born at 323ppm.
MRC_SLC Salt Lake City, Utah Although many of us agree that walkability makes sense for countless reasons, few of us actually ... via @StrongTowns and @CitiesDecoded Executive Director of home of @LinkUtah. 2018 @UUtah alumnus. Based at @HUBSaltLake. Member of @NewUrbanism, @StrongTowns, and @RailPassengers.
BigNasty_75 Arkansas👨🏾‍🎓🐯🔬✈️Bay Area This NBA Season sucks for 1 Team, and that’s the Denver Nuggets. Aaron Gordon was a great fit, but the Jamal Murray injury killed it. Jokic and those guys still played hard, but you’ll NEED Murray, he’s a walking Bucket and Clutch AF. *Realistic Optimist* *Analytical Scientist * *Tuskegee University Alumnus* TU16🐯 Reese ❤️ Rylee J 🐻 Isaiah 41:10 #LakerNation
jkflowerboy in a pocket @masTEARpiece She has no idea what an amazingly dedicated employee and manager you are for you not be walking out on her bs, honestly. I know this fvcking sucks though of course! Karma is gonna get her. It will. 27 y/o | she/her | 💛 그 누가 이 세곌 흔들어도/ 잡은 손 절대 놓지 말아줘 💛
Kimberl89914750 @Laugh4APurpose @theaustingunn Let her know that yes it does suck. But she is the greatest gift that God sent her to you. Yes I sucks missing ur prom and walking across the stage but I say this put ur prom dress on and if u have it already ur diploma. Dad this is where u come in decorate
brodyhickson Calgary, AB Honestly, and with all offence, the Superstore walk-in clinic sucks. Not talking walking, appointment only, but you can only make an appointment if you’re an existing patient. Pretty cool I can’t see my dr of 12 years The King of Holland | I say horribly offensive things with little regard for the consequences. Follow at your own risk.
cranky__stars he/they/ze new york traffic sucks. and oh boy do new york drivers suck. but this is faster then walking still 15+ only pls | harlan leaf | 18 | white | trans nonbinary boy and queer | he/they/ze
catboyrusty_ he/they- 15 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 adhd @Tisu_Megik yeah... also try getting up and walking around, sitting down for seven hours is not good (trust me i’ve done it too, it sucks ) before you leave the house, remember the acronym wowee ! wallet, phOne, wkeys , egg, egg ( backup ) yeehaw 🤠🍓🥛married to @crankycrew6
inaeterna sophia she/her 🐹🐻🐶 all things considered, the US sucks in so many ways, esp regarding safety walking around as a woman @ night, gun control, ugly inefficient and unsanitary public transit, nonexistent convenience, need car to go anywhere, shipping/delivery is slow & dumb self care services & much 🇰🇷🇺🇸 | 소소하게 아름답게 살고싶어 #기현❤️
mirahwaa she/her, 20 this day sucks so bad. I've done very bad with my exam, while driving home it rained so much that I was completely wet and I bet I get sick and while I was walking into my room to change I closed the door while my finger was still insede of it.. I should probably just go to sleep 성화: let's hold hands till the sun falls down
rinamnja Sucks how classes can't enjoy the real Hawaii graduation experience, stepping out and seeing your family waiting for you & walking around the school looking to lei your friends 😢 don't get caught up in the mixx ♋️
qa21344858 @Roblox_RTC It really sucks, and it's low quality. It's literally a walking billboard. Roblox made the dough for this one trying to pass it off as a "game" to put more content. because yes
quinesia_AYERs 901 | 585 📍 not having an arch truly sucks. went to lilac fest yesterday and the balls of my feet and knees are pissed from all the walking i did. & i wore tennis shoes 😭 1 corinthians 13:4-8 💕| xula alumna | university of rochester smd alumna | future doctor bae 🥼| i love the Lord but I will still cuss you out 🤗
allen_mac86 Tennessee, USA @LennonHenaff @IAmKJ_S @BIDENSAVEDUS @TheRightMelissa Biden is, has and always will be a low IQ useful idiot. He is openly racist and sucks at everything he does ... including walking up stairs. God, family, guns. Trump won in a landslide!! #BidenCheated. 2 time Twittmo detainee. Pronouns: Canis genius
AmandaWolfChil1 @HireVesuvius That sucks balls. So just make an instagram of you walking dogs and post your general area, email, and rates on there. Holy crap it seems I am allowed again lol
Roxaronie he/they 24 @NoctisBathBeer This is so important. I see so many artist and people leaving clown town because of this and it sucks because they have been very open about how much it means to them and it hurts to see so many people walking away because one of the actors is being crapty. #blacklivesmatter 💙6-4-20💚 🌟 weeb supreme 🌟 🎈In love with Eddie Kaspbrak🎈 🍵 all I am is soft, horny and emo 😎 🐶 icon by @/ golddteethh_art
lilysize0 anachan supreme | not pro working kind of sucks but walking home is amazing. i get to walk home alone, in my own world, blasting music and for this short bit nobody’s bothering me and i forget about everything. it’s amazing today i walked home while i was singing the smiths ⚠️tw: ed vent, SH, addiction | lily | 21 | she / her | 5’8” cw 53kg ugw 43kg | recovering alcoholic | diagnosed ed since 2013 (。・‧̫・。).**♡ i interact w fatspo
BasedClapp S. California Losing your ID sucks I’m walking around buying 4-lokos and medical marijuana with my passport smh.. 🤦‍♂️ For motivational purposes only 🌎/ M.A. PSYCH/ Stocks and Uncut Gem betting 💰
tthat_guyty Austin, TX @walking_fame Yes! I used to hate doing it before surgery, I mean cardio still sucks haha but it’s a lot more freeing and less dysphoria inducing now. Tyler James. 24. he/him. trans & pansexual.
alesiavsworld @nidoqueeen Oh for sure. I love the powerful feeling I get from walking with him at night or around groups of creepy men. But the kid thing sucks because he really minds his black bottom business and here comes a sticky iPad baby running towards him 😭💕 🌱 graphic designer. 29. gay. always in the gym..
sixdragonflies6 San Antonio, TX @aemcburney Nod and keep walking but go different directions to my destination just so I know if he’s following me because I didn’t say hi :/ it sucks being a girl sometimes bc of creepy guys 🌵Hi my name is Bianca and I occasionally eat too much fast food and bloat three days in a row bc of it🌵GCU ‘23 B.S. in Behavioral Health Science 🌵she/they
petiteocs muri, 26, she/her, white The fact that there were BDSM booths open when children were walking around, and this same pride park didn’t even have a lesbian flag alongside their other flags...... haha.... sucks dude!!! muri's monkey pit!!!!!!! icon by @apk17_20 ❤ Melostra, Temperance and Solaria @ WRA, US. occasionally NSFW, 18+ only. DEMITRI STAN ACCOUNT
UNeedlework Joe Biden’s Basement (NC) @kchernecky @eloiseewall @QuantumHumanity @dcbgolfer @OhNoSheTwitnt @DebiJackson50 Right. And there are a million of other reasons that he completely sucks. But none of those reasons have anything to do with 1. Having difficulty drinking water 2. Having difficulty walking 3. Adderall etc. etc. Because if he’s a pos for those things, then so am I ♿️ Soooo...🤷‍♀️ Aggressively Optimistic | Violently Supportive | Craftivist sowing resistance since Nov. 8 2016 | ✊Anti-racist Accomplice✊ | she/her/Auntie♿️
GameBuddy Somewhere very hot. Not there. @titathetitanium A statement walking back just about everything they originally said saying it’s important not to ‘take a side’. It’s pretty obvious it’s a from the top bosses order and not something organic. It sucks imo Pretty good at talking loud. Voice actor for stuff. He/Him. 両刀使い. James 5:1-6. occasionally NSFW. Avatar by @batshaped and banner by @MonsterjuiceArt.
PXG4Life @JoeVigil How will they or any other state/business prove that? Will the "new normal" be walking around and showing random people and strangers our VAX cards? This country sucks more and more each passing day. It really is sad.
ViibrateO @GirlsWhoGrow420 If your circle sucks and doesn't add the same amount of value you bring to them. Then your already walking alone through the struggle. Organic Cultivator and Grower.
Dirtyirish Phoenix, AZ @KEEMSTAR The job you are referring to is the pickers, and that crap forking sucks. 12-16 hours a day walking like a mother forker back and forth. No music, no chat, no fun at all man. Enjoy that drama thing you got going while you still got it kid Artist/Streamer and lover of comics/movies/games/tv/Books
peachy_snugs she/her // 18+ pls @OwStans Yeah it's bad 🥲 I realized that if I'm walking somewhere and I'm on a phone call or just chatting with the person I'm walking with then I'll be out of breath within 1/4 of a mile 😥 It sucks so damn much omfg. hiii! i'm peachy and i'm smol and have two brain cells! 💖 | esfp & very spicy virgo ☀️ | i love my friends, enjoy waifus, and have a passion for traveling 🌈
TailgaterDee Yay Area @AdamSinger Yeah and that value of you walking outside is 0 while for the people in the bay its 80. That's because Texas weather in average sucks Crypto content, hive thriver
dragonhuggers menko: Walking After Dying(/Almost Dying) sucks. menko turns to friend and lifts their arms cecil: FRIEND ALSO ALMOST DIED updates from the group of friends that are going to save the world (DRAGONHUGGERS BOT MADE BY POLLY, FEAT. QUOTES FROM CECIL, BRAD, OSA, AND LUNE)
SamMuffly Astoria, Queens Dear. @JetBlue, I love the new terminal 5 at JFK. However, please PLEASE put up some signage at baggage claim saying that Uber and Lyft pickups are at arrivals/baggage claim area. Walking several min to find a long taxi line Sunday night to then go back to the start SUCKS. Investing in stocks means becoming part owner. Choose wisely, and plan for the long term. All thoughts/tweets are my own.
sophieieo i dont wanna be here fork my english teacher. he is the walking, breathing, and unfortunately living example of incompetancy and impertinence that sucks the life out of this world. i truly hope he stubs his toe particularly hard today. in a constant state of pain but am now built like a stan account
ladyheatherlee Prince George @katgyrl @0xKruzr @Reavyn @RedactedSeaCow It is very unfortunate the wonderful dudes in my life. I’m sure many a woman has approached my husband walking down the street and felt nervous. He’s a big guy. They don’t know him. Sucks, but it’s kind of how it is. 😕 This is a pro-doughnut halibut stan account, Twinja *TERFs are my mortal enemies* she/her
thewrite_things @myfunwrites @writers_lifexo “Party sucks anyways,” Luke told them both and started walking back inside to find Kailee. He looked all over, then asked one of the girls she knew if they had seen her. “Thanks Kailee,” he said sarcastically when they told him she left a while ago. He looked around for his (cont Multi Character Writing | Jace Vallen 💙 | Ben Davis 💚| Violet Lamont 💜
behindbluefries Chicago, IL Walking home vs driving home with a frozen pizza from the grocery store sucks just an extra bit more because everyone can see the shape of a frozen pizza in your bag and they're thinking "look at this frozen pizza eating bitch" 26% of @gripkirby. 100% dummy
Dylan_Beri Christchurch City, New Zealand @DJHollywood711 @TWDWorldBeyond sucks for you, because the show has some of the best characters out of any of the shows, Silas, Elton were standout performances and the ending of season 1 was really good, as a walking dead fan who has watched the original show since season 1, read all the comics i loved it #Invincible #Skybound #TheWalkingDead #InvincibleFridays #InvincibleHQ
AllanKeiller Virginia, USA @DaxGigandet Please quit smoking. I smoked for 30+ years and now have Stage 2 emphysema. Being winded walking 30 feet sucks. Please quit. Retired 1/24/2020! Now the fun begins. if you see an old guy in the fast lane doing 35 mph with the turn signal on - that’s me!!! (evil laugh and grin)
quacktitytoo she/they - 15 it makes me so happy knowing ranboo feels comfortable going out in the city and walking around but it sucks that theres even a fear of his face being leaked, i wish people would just respect others privacy :/ dream apologist idc
Blind_Blossom day Dazai considers worth something. He’s not going to lie, walking in the crowded cafe sucks the air from his lungs and quickens his heartbeat and closes his throat, but then Chuuya beams like he’s /happy/ to see him and Dazai’s day gets a little less dark and cold. The Most Happy ~ sometimes NSFW ~ 25+ ~ QRTs and Comments ok 💕 ~ Pfp: @TaintedSolstice ~ Links:~ Carrd:
keepinitcourt I’m watching season 17 of greys and the scary thing about their covid portrayal is that it’s almost entirely accurate. I remember walking on the covid floor for the first time and thinking..this is like what greys is like on a normal sucks. Black Lives Matter, always. she/her. your friendly neighborhood liberalish mormon 😇 $CourtneyFries
illusorytactics NYC I’ve graduated to walking short distances with a cane, but I still will probably have to miss work tomorrow and that sucks. I know my days exist to take, but I was already out two days last week because the shot had me bedridden. I just gotta take it day by day 😞😞😞 32 • She/Her • Ace • Life + Fandom • Sheith owns my soul ❤️🖤
Infinity10901 bi he/him @MunchieWasTaken @bossofrandom @ConnerClassic @CozySmp @eg_smp Damn, that sucks, that reminds me of a time I was walking to elementary school and found a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh cards frozen in a chunk of ice (the snowbank melted then froze, making what I call "White Ice" which is ice that looks like snow) I'm just an idiot. Memento Mori. P.S. Neil you're cool as fork thanks for the pfp.
aIItimeIovato she/her - 19 being aware of all your trauma sucks bottom like before i was depressed and crap but i lived the way i knew and now i've realised i'm literally a walking trauma response ONCE IN A LIFETIME, NEVER THE RIGHT TIME ~