Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

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amandaecollins small town, RI @the_endverse I’m ok. Dave’s walking sucks and I’m anxious but I’m ok. I’ll send you two masks when she makes them (soon). She uses cotton and flannel. And you put a vacuum filter in there. And you can wear it over your regular masks to preserve them. I’ll be in touch. Frequent concert go-er. Nurse. Cat wrangler. Murderino. #forkALS
amorningsting texas Wednesday I had my foot ran over with an electric pallet jack. It broke half of my pinky toenail off and my pinky toe is bruised to crap and if I’m gonna be honest walking sucks 😭 23 • annoyed • the devil on your shoulder
stelcoco 5hinee/loona mwah @potterbeast yess she's walking around and everything so looks like she'll recover fast, thank u for asking!!! and baby is healthy too 😍❤️❤️ sucks that i wont see them until summer but i love the baby already 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 #gowon: assa! no competition 😌 / she/her, 23, pan, 天天非常累. wabbits.. reading 天官赐福+杀破狼/watching sci
darhkz courtney ford defense squad haha. yea. was supposed to be walking in the zoo and holding her hand right now. this virus sucks ass. i’ll bet mine was dirtier @uwurong
callmesokrates Los Angeles I was planning to stay sane through all this by walking and biking by the beach—pretty much my go-to stress reliever. Well, now that area's off-limits. I can go elsewhere, of course, but it's not the same. My world just got even smaller, and it sucks. Actor on the screen and stage.
felicityis_ Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa I know that the dissolving of conferences and global gatherings sucks, particularly for vendors etc. But one thought I've had is about the phenomenon of the Event Junkie. People whose perceived social value is hinged on their ability to talk a good game, without walking an inch. Kaiako, Ako Mātātupu C19. Dismantling traditional education, one algorithm at a time. Preparing for the new normal. (It's already here) she/her
1776Patroit United States @BartmcCalliste1 Yeah, it sucks he's walking free back in California but we gotta keep eyes wide open and hope for the best. I hope he sang like a canary. We may never know. 🤔🤷‍♂️
Melody30019183 Devil’s Backbone Road @WriterBlackInk1 @UpDaButtClown G: and?~ P: I hadn't even woken him up yet and this purple eyed succubus come walking out of nowhere while loading a shot gun G: wow . . . That sucks dude . . . I'm one of Azazel's daughter's I may look calm but I'm a ball of trouble I'll always be there for my dad //RP ACCOUNT// (N)SFW
mamagemini Victorville, CA @JamesKyson I'm home hoping I don't get it. I feel like we are already in the walking dead. Just waiting for the dead to rise. My daughter left me flowers outside today. With a card with hugs on it. It's surreal. I'm a caged tiger. I do dialysis every night and have high BP&asthma. Sucks😷 Mom/grandmother needs kidney! it's that simple.
tonegodspeed Hampton, VA @GdGrlGone_BaDD Yeah, it sucks I be walking in the door and you not peeking your head over you desk lol Producer•DJ•Artist•Event Hosting PSN: ToneGodspeed Live - God said Do You- Dilla said
boy_chimney 2814 rewatching the walking dead and my current conclusion is that it sucks you see that juice box? don’t be so sure. @elcaminokc he to the him
sdequus Greater Vancouver, British Col @knifegurlllll @anotherequestr1 @rednickcarl Mine turns out al of hers in the off season and then in paddocks during season when they’re at home but it sucks bc there’s no way to get horses out at the public track other than riding/ hand walking giving you my unfiltered thoughts and opinions and luckily no one is forcing you to read them
ivan_2_r Colorado, USA @thekidmcmanus I remember walking out of this game screaming “McManus the GOAT” and another fan went off that McManus sucks. 🐐🐐 Loading...
OG_Daynjah Honolulu, HI as much as this quarantine thing sucks, i’m glad to see that it helped a lot of families and kids to get outside & play/exercise. as i was driving i’ve seen at least 5 families walking with their kids & kids playing outside. it’s like i’m back in the old days before technology. Colorado Mesa University 📚 | Nursing 💉| Rayevan ♥️
amandaecollins small town, RI @the_endverse I’m ok. Dave’s walking sucks and I’m anxious but I’m ok. I’ll send you two masks when she makes them (soon). She uses cotton and flannel. And you put a vacuum filter in there. And you can wear it over your regular masks to preserve them. I’ll be in touch. Frequent concert go-er. Nurse. Cat wrangler. Murderino. #forkALS
sickening_ly he/him @caIImejae nah friend, and this is coming from a minnesotan, rain melts snow but the continued cold weather freezes the residual rainwater on the sidewalks and streets, making for driving conditions ten times as bad as if there were still snow. walking around after a winter shower SUCKS. rip to your skewed image of socialists but i’m different • 17 • nü metal and bluegrass • 9/1/18 • not afraid of the report button • all my homies hate racists
JoeMundt13 Minnesota, USA Bad enough with the virus, shelter in place, social distancing and then to have to put my 2 year, 9 month old kitty down. 😞 Very sad, just walking around the house sucks. #missyouIzzy
Malome_Eve South Africa It’s sucks to be a walking contradiction. And wow when am I going to grow up😂 I’ve literally had the mindset of a 12 year old for the longest time. Tjo haii the ghetteux💀 Yhusithi🏛
ewalus Burbank, CA Everyone needs to assess the necessity of their non-essential outings right now: I see a staggering amount of people in groups, walking with coffees, mingling outside my window, and along my drive when I pick up groceries. Yes, it sucks, but we have to be selfless right now. Hello, cześć, I'm a designer in animation! Executive Board member at the Animation Guild Local 839. She/Her. Located in LA. Contact:
MariaJoaoCunha Lisbon, Portugal @kelios @SamIsItForJason @ESwallowBrasil @horrorcas It sucks to be brainless 😂😂poor deastiellers the show is going to end and that crap will never be Canon. They are just attention seekers like the walking corpse🤣🤣🤣🤣 SPN fan. J2 .Allergic to feathers , Destiel and popsicleles crap. Don't want Mushy's mug in my TL.
CaCaityFoxx Canada Well.. Grayson is 7 months tomorrow! Two teeth are finally coming in and he's walking around our living room table like a champ. Time is flying. He's also severely allergic to peanuts like me, so that sucks! Rants + The Witcher + Batman/DC + Beauty + GoT + SSDGM + Video Games + Psychology + True Crime
FairbankOtts Brisbane, Australia Walking up a cliff and almost face plant this guy, RL animal crossing sucks 40 something living in Brisbane, Australia. Geologist, runner, magpie cuddler, bucket chemist and some Dota 2. I smash rocks on my tummy. Cis, He/Him.
FloChan16 But it sucks cuz it could result in more infections cuz everyone is outside walking AND THERE CLOSER THAN 6 FEET >:( dont fork with me I'm god
ShaButton Michigan I’m 4 months in and I can walk without a cane. But, I still struggle every single day with task I never thought in a million years would effect me @ 32. I sometimes need help walking my two dogs. Which sucks. I never wanted to apply for disability. Wildflowers, iced lattes & ghostly vibes. Please check out; Studio Bee Boutique, link below. Cashapp- $bohoshawnie
electrotriple Flower City I can’t think one of black video game character that isn’t CJ San Andreas and some guy from that walking dead telltale game like that legitimately sucks but y’all wanna keep making racist jokes samantha/sammy/sam morgan \ 16 \ she/her \ bi trans girl \ poly \ single\ pfp: @GHOST_TRlCK \ discord: electrotriple#7490
JPWillsie42 Fredericksburg, VA I've started binge watching The Walking Dead since I'm stuck at home and I can tell y'all that Andrea sucks and is my least favorite. | Joshua 1:9 | LU'21ish |
sparkleglamgrl Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA I miss getting drenched in sweat, anyone on CA have an elliptical they aren't using??? I wish I can run, but it gives "the girls" stretch marks, even with like 3 sports bras on, and walking kinda sucks.... UCLA Alum, M.A. in Psych, AllNatural,old school values, fam oriented/❤ my grandma/healthy cooking/goal driven/God/Dogs/Animals/GymFit/Helping ppl/Travel👙🐩🐾🌺
Pystimm Shreveport, LA I am done wasting more time than I need too with this game and community, it’s just destined for failure and 90% of us know that, it sucks walking away, but I have a legit opportunity to step back and better myself as a person, and maybe something else in the near future Brother:@EloTheHero,
Bratty_Cat United States @MsDenverMax I’ve been going on walks and hikes. It sucks not being able to do my usual workout routine, but it helps a bit to get up and do small stuff like walking • Kitten/Switch • Snarky bitch • Feminist ✊• Hoarder of cute things 🎀 • Totally not a crazy cat lady~~NSFW/business acc. @sofft_neko ~~
LehkonenN1Fan @Elblond23 @TheEagleDares I live next to a boulevard. From my window, I see at least 100 persons going about their days, often families and couples walking all close together with other people around. I get that being inside all the time sucks, but don't put your entire family at risk ffs. Hockey Fan, film student, Terrible at making jokes. Ben Chiarot for Norris, Artturi Lehkonen for Hart. Hockey Philosopher.
Seth_Maki I hate Carl from the walking dead so much I’m on season 4 and he just sucks and always has sucked
SabrinaAria_ Sacramento, CA Not being able to pay rent is honestly terrifying. I feel like I'm walking on egg shells and could be told to leave at any moment... Ugh. This sucks. 25|Slow Road To Twitch Affiliate| |Chronic Illness Survivor| |Digital Artist/Illustrator| Come stay awhile ☂️
traceyssimmons @DaniRabaiotti Maybe slow to a walk and then go around? I understand it sucks to break stride, but walking around is safer than running, and we can only control our own actions. I twist my ankle often due to an old injury, but you’d never know it until I try to step aside and topple over 😅 Ecology, SciComm, and Wildlife Rehab. Married to @KennethCoane. Transmasculine: they/he 🏳️‍🌈
danielahowells Leesburg, FL @MollyJongFast @PamKeithFL @RudyGiuliani fork Rudy and fork the walking septic tank in WH he sucks toxic waste from daily!!! Let the boss win ... WHAT A PUSSY!!! #DumpTrump #dumpgop #COVID19 #coronavirus Retired and living the good life in central Florida. Traveling as often as possible. Can't wait for another long visit in Spain!
IamCalvinKing New York, USA .@CavemanSyndrome are you okay!? Hope you’re alright and you’re safe. I’m fine, quarantine sucks. It’s like walking dead downtown and the subways are getting worse. If you’re still in the city please you and your folks be careful #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe 🙏🏾 “I'm not rich, nor am i famous, I’m just an observer....” #IamCalvinKing #VerifiytheKing
shaaarma_ rexdale all over tiktok it’s just videos of girls walking in on their mans naked and recording their reactions... like i want to too... but a) my body sucks b) i have no man 🙂 21 • york university
ukkahamty It's an irony, I has to wearing tears and sickness to get my mood into writing. I was walking under the rain mean to be happy but now I'm feeling sucks to feel it and ended up writing about sadness and dissappointment.
SabySalabi Montréal, Québec what sucks the most about graduating while in quarantine is missing out on the feeling of walking out of your last final or handing in your last report and celebrating it with your friends🥺
vi_sabrewing Duckberg!!! You’re me, you’re walking through work, doing your job, bored af. It sucks. You wanna go back to bed. And then, in a burst of realization so sudden you stop moving entirely, you realize Ducktales is in SEVEN DAYS. I’m gonna cry. I’ve waited so long. How is this real. Jay, they/them 💜 icon by @puzzleducks 💜 My priv is @sabre_wingingit 💜 My job is to love my friends & the ducks 💜 Also visit my tumblr, nbgosalynmallard.
rabipeIao Romania And then said "it's not walking that's got me sore, it's sleeping on the couch!" and i said "you can sleep on my bed, i have no issue sleeping on the couch" and then she got angry again and said "no, your bed sucks" Félix🌹 | He/They/El Agender | 23yrs | 🇻🇪🇷🇴 | ESP/ENG | ig: maken0iz | A miserable spectacle of wrecked humanity
OhTeri_ Delhi 💵 • Calcutta ❤️ @lambaladaka You know, I hope people are happy and enjoy their days and be warm and nostalgic about these shows. But I also want people not dying of hunger while walking for miles back home. They also want to be safe. They also want to live. This is so hard. 😔 This government sucks. Oblivious Dragon • Content • Storyteller • 30yo Sleep-deprived Corporate Slave • Words • Poetry • #Advertising • Dreamer •
maevemagdalena Salt Lake City, UT Someone asked me what a perfect day would look like for me and I ended up just talking about petting dogs and walking dogs and watching movies while cuddling with dogs.... sucks that I’m too scared of commitment to actually get a dog I once described myself to a coworker as “restless and affectionate” so I’ll stick with that for now
jhoeseokmilky het.dom.nsa @bsuzymilky And what sucks is after this is over, it's gonna get worse again. he sighs softly, walking over to one of the air conditioning units on the roof they were on and sat on it.
lydialasagna Mesa, AZ I was walking my dog and I walked past an apartment where there were people talking and eating and having fun and I really missed my friends for a moment wow this sucks I’m kind of a dumbass
rhyanad_16 This covid restrictions really sucks... i saw this man walking to his car with a cart filled with groceries (mountains of groceries) and in his groceries fell in the middle of the road. I reallyed wanted to help but social distance ruins everything nimij gnuyheat kookgnuj
TiffPickard Dalton, GA Hate hearing my husband/best friend get out of breath walking from the bedroom to the bathroom, 5 feet away from each other. This crap is serious. It sucks to see the people you care about in pain and not feeling good. It sucks knowing you could be anywhere from a day to 2 weeks Wife of J. Mom of 12 feet. This is 30.
fenrir1st I’m upset xenoblade 3D has a glitch where sound just stops except like the sound effects of walking ect and soft locks your game if you try chain attack which, I forgot it does. FORTUNATELY I saved like half an hour ago but that sucks Name’s Keaton!✧He/Him✧☆I love FFVII !✧You rock n you rule!
tammymontana711 Upstate NY Watching The Walking Dead 48hours on the AMC Premiere App kinda sucks for me now lol I want to tweet about the new episode so bad but I'm going to be a good fan and wait until Sunday lol ughhhh hurry up and watch it TWD Family it's soooooo good #TWDFamily #TWD10 #TheWalkingDead Founder- Visionary Minds PR&Media /Editor-Central NY Woman Online Magazine / Director / Journalist/ Actress/ Publicist / 40UnderForty🏆
LaBreska333 UPDATE: finally found my idiot dog and walking back towards my house one of my neighbors was outside with a police grade flash light shinning in my face and what sucks is i have night blindness so i was literally blind for like 3 whole mins and my dog had to lead me home Here to meet new people!!! Im artsy, outgoing, I like to play video games, and Im addicted to youtube
akallapure Detroit, MI This lockdown sucks but I went for a drive today and seeing everybody out walking/playing with the kids or walking the dog, just enjoying the outside really made me happy 💛🌳🌎 @bigbrorobk’s wife • 7-26-2018 👰🏼💍 mommy to the most beautiful babygirl 💗 • rip grandma - rip jimmy - rip aliyah - rip adas - rip sierra - rip nekko 👼🏻

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