Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

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GamerBabeTravel Santa Rosa, CA Thought I heard a random guy walking by say “Milwaukee sucks” and I was like “WHATD YOU JUST SAY??” And he was like “.....!! This walking sucks..?? 😨” and I was like “oh.. ok.. carry on..” 😂 now I’m just fired up 🤣 COME AT ME DC!! 🥊 🧡🖤➡️💙💛 | #CaliforniaStrong 🐻💪 |sierramist0309 👻 | ✏️
whyrntulaughing none gender with left boy When I was a kid I wanted to be Johnny Appleseed, walking across America, planting trees, and telling stories that would earn me food and place to sleep. Now that I’m an adult, I know that walking sucks. But I’d still like to earn my living from storytelling. Just a bunch of rats taped under a frisbee, pretending to be a roomba.
Vexinal shoes gave me big blisters so walking sucks and my bag is heavier than when i CAME HERE OOF becky || they/them || rly like animal crossing 🌿 || 20 || 🦀🦀 aaron is the gay 🦀🦀 @BiggestChef
alexwriter61 my mother is the most frustrating person. every time i do something nice for someone else, she acts like im in the wrong. recently ive been driving my boyfriend to work (parking/uber is $ and walking sucks) and she started in about how i cant drive him all the time Reader, writer, and booktuber
Purple_Jayde Chicago, IL walking sucks, standing sucks. i guarantee sitting on the ground in between bands i want to see will absolutely suck. definitely no moshing. will prolly drive around and do touristy stuff like go to the rock n roll hall of fame on sunday. what unfortunate forking timing. 24👁Klaus🐾Weiner Dog👁The Used👁Rooster Teeth👁YouTube👁Conventions👁Piercings👁Dyed Hair👁Tattoos👁Occasional Artist👁FAKE👁Lamest Person You’ve Ever Met
saramblings IL, USA Update: running and walking sucks more the second day than the first. EPC, police wife, mom. I like art and make up and guns. Cubs fan. I love a good card trick.
YSlaughter_ @Javier_ernesto1 It really is, i got one dude i walk to work with and that’s it, we talk about how walking sucks and that’s all IG:yslaughter_ amos: mrmark3
J_D_Sisson UK @Obscurus_Lupa By "least horny" do you mean there's none of the seemingly obligatory and weidly prolonged steadicam shots of the male cast walking the corridors in their underwear with a rolled up pair of sucks shoved down their y-fronts? Sometimes points a camera at things. 'Mysticism in Film' and 'Cinema at 3 A.M.' columnist for @wearecultonline
alpha_emo420 Cleveland, OH (they/them) actually it sucks to see people pretending to be great friends with people in bands they dont really know BeCause a lot of times theyre people I do not like and u dont want people walking around being horrible ppl u wouldnt approve of and then they think “oh u fw that huh?” this is emo time here. 19 autistic bi polyam💖💜💙🛡
jeffmcnamee @MattWalshBlog Yes, having things within walking distance is AWESOME. Super easy to drink heartily and not get a DUI. And taking care of yards and lands really sucks. I went from 10K to 3.5K sq ft and happy about it.
PlagueOfGripes The Whinery I watched the first 5 or 6 seasons of Game of Thrones at some point. I don't remember much about it. I remember some lady walking around naked and then a kid threw himself off a thing because he's an idiot. I guess it ended badly or whatever. Sucks, huh? Anyway. I make cartoons and stuff. Patreon keeps me alive: But T-Shirts too!
briarhaint the old well @Caatgaang @PJAxemurderer Walking through the woods with a pack of cats is something I wish I could still do, living in a city sucks And cats are v good at keeping away spoops just waiting to become a skeleton. she/her, cis
DiegoATLaw Auckland NZ & Tacoma, WA, USA Walking past that, the movie is beautiful because it otherwise centers people of color. The good guys are (diasporic? SG,US,&c.) Chinese. So are the bad guys. So are the rich, so are the poor. (Non-Chinese Singaporeans are mostly invisible and marginalized tho which sucks) #immigration lawyer, NY bar in Tacoma. NY reminds me this is prob attorney advertising. 'not even a decent Twitter lawyer' he/him
williamzabka42 @JTBJJ13 @Your_Pal_Billy @TacoAffcionado @ChrisTweetLLC I teach kids with disabilities. Arnold sucks and he’s a murderer. We don’t call them “special needs kids” you forking walking gonorrhea stain. Official @TacoAffcionado fan club president. Wake Forest, Cubs fan.
thedoncast Giles County, VA @PW_Fandom Seriously, that kinda crap craps on those other women that have put their time in week after week. And it sucks, because I'm sure Lacey is great and all, but that ramp-walking gimmick? That was just forking dumb. All of them deserve better than that. Wasting your time so you don't have to every Weds 9pm-Mid. EST on @WUVTFM 90.7, Blacksburg, VA. In the BIRD BOX most LATE NITES @
bloodybadass_ Sanctuary III @AwokenHeroo Because it sucks? And-- it's a king size so there's a lot of room for two people. [ She wants to monitor him to be honest. Just... can't say that out loud. Walking out of the room she grabs the water, grabs an extra blanket and pair of sweatpants she figured would fit. ] I’m feeling right ragged and when a commander makes mistakes people d i e. [ icon by semaflech. ]
therealsacil This sucks so far. All this walking with a straight face is a dumb ending. I'm waiting for some action. And Jon is stupid. #GameOfThronesFinale Intuitive Coach | Social Justice | Facilitator | #love, #honesty, and #TakingNocrap🔥 #inclusivity #equity
_toniwilliams Ya Daenerys sucks and all but her walking forward and Drogon’s wings extending behind her was so sick. Rutgers gymnast 21'⚔
SmoothOper88or Ontario, Canada @TimSouthers @mom22lappys @22RacingTeam @CTMPOfficial @CastrolCanada @RaceCanada_ca @ErbTransport @NASCARonTSN @MACamirand22 @NASCARPintys @ClaringtonON The Bunn Family ain't among those people, I promise you that. There were people yapping & walking around during the anthems and invocation where we were sitting too. Sucks, but it happens. Familyman | Landscape Designer ➡ Heavy Equipment Operator | Loud & Proud Race Fan | #NASCAR #NASCARPintys | Country 🎶 | Travel | Beachin'
FlyntofRWBY Was walking through Nordstrom and using their WiFi because cellular sucks in there, and apparently #RoosterTeeth’s website is forbidden there? The most reliable source for #RWBY and #genLOCK lyrics. I get all lyrics for the OST’s of both shows from the music artists themselves. Channel art by @yoyoleif
madcam244 Co-Founder of Anal clan @SenpaiRicebun I spent a unhealthy amount of time gaming today on siege and overwatch. Shouted so loud people walking past my house heard me.. all in all a good day. Sucks I have college tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the rest of your night ❤ Your average weeb. | male | 16 | Dm's open if ya'll wanna talk.
GilaniMuzna bed @CHlCKENMCSARAH that really forking sucks and when the girl in the background said "oh now you guys want to go home" like gurl if you were walking in the mall and a bunch of girls started running after you where would you want to go Ethan lane
SassyNate_ Hopefully Canada someday @rottedgoth @koukogami I spent days just folding shirts. I remember the worst was graphic tees. Folding was okay. The real pain was having to stand on concrete for hours and bending over to pick up clothes strewn about. I averaged about 15-20 miles of walking on concrete each shift. Being 6'2 sucks. I'm a jerk that happens to stream sometimes. Taken by a cutie that is still locked out of Twitter. @SlurpeeCapital 9/28/17 💜
VittitoeBrian California, USA @KetoDad1 Weight has been a life long battle for me. Some of us just have to work at it but at 49 it doesn’t get easier. If I get lazy I bounce from 215 where I’m happy to 245 easy and fast. Sucks! But I have great luck with keto and walking 5 days a week. Just now adding IF into it. Proud parent , Husband and Friend. Living the Keto/Carnivore lifestyle. Big fan of MMA -NFL- DFS. Enjoy every minute in every day ! Be a good human
JDRDelRosario San Francisco, CA I’m waking up early and walking for now, taking Uber while waiting for 20 minutes when you know you’re going to be late to work. Sucks man. NorCal FGC Player: DBFZ, VSav, UNIST & KOF XIV | Majoring in Cinema at SFSU | Player for @kickpunchblock | Business inquiries:
CityMelancholy United States @RABSlut @LePuppy @Ambeer_N You’re entitled to support whoever you want to support and I respect that. But if I was held accountable for every dumb thing I’ve ever said at that age it would be messy. It sucks to have to live your entire life walking on eggshells and also be that young doing it. I love people who put out love. I also love makeup so this is gonna be my account expressing that 💕
xkaella salt lake city I don’t know if the Walking Dead sucks or if it’s just not comparable to GOT and I am trying to fill that void lol
WeknowAnthony Walking in this rain sucks and I’m cold as fork What matters most is how well you walk through the fire
pwaldkirch Vancouver, British Columbia It's car free! It was great to walk around a family and arts area without feeling like I was walking in the middle of a busy road! A place that puts people ahead of cars! In other words, the opposite of Granville Island. Like, seriously, we all know it kinda sucks, right?! Research lawyer in Vancouver, BC. Law, politics, and nerdery. Squeezebox disbursements included.
ooohlalakarina Salinas, CA that he’s walking home and that he’s fine but how it sucks his friends left him to walk home in the rain. But he got home and went in his truck and decided to sleep there. I’m just glad this dude it’s okay Bc damn not even this crap happens to me. I’m such a mom LMAO😂😩
squishyjelly_ 필리핀 U know what sucks being skirt enthusiast here in PH? Everyone will literally stare at you especially the "catcallers" while you are walking. They will stare at your legs and worst do dirty gestures in front of you bcs they believe that "you are actually inviting them to do it". fan & personal account | 방탄 | 엑소 | 엔시티 | 레드벨벳
MySweetAngel14 This has affected my health and I don't want to get sick. My anxiety goes crazy around my family. The feeling of walking on eggshell sucks. Welcome :) My name is Angel, I do Creepy Pastas and other stories on youtube. Check them out if you like. I love make video for you guys.
justvalkav @HailstormDavid @ZERO_YON lol, I think that's why it bores me. WAR and SCH are both fairly active jobs, so WHM just feels like walking through mud. AST is decent, but it sucks when RNG isn't in your favor for long periods. DRK is at 67, but it's kinda meh. PLD is at 52. Absurdly passionate about video games, but otherwise wholly unremarkable.
Ayebradley23 @FortniteGame fix your game. This season is trash! The game sucks with all your bullcrap 28 headshot shotgun shots and people walking through every forking wall. NS💖 SDSU 21'
HyphenatedZuma @SelloSamuel14 @JanBran06127566 @JWilleAndrew @llpot @LanceKay1 @IRBOT47230 @whatonearthSA @Kojakslolly @TonySantanaZA @dyl30g @MlunguMitch @francofrancose @lamavuca @DecolonisedB0er @good_heavens00 @AlfredENewmanOO @Nikki87291180 @LesleyAkalesza @LizahnDe @stumbue @Notsoignorant1 @ingesoc @TheBitchCoven @ShaunMa70783067 @gumede783 @Alwyndeb @sramphaul @schana29 @RMathebulo @IngWildWoman @GailVuuren @mike_weib @CruzfromChurch @bynaturenawty @MagicSausage @j9wasp @Copperflowers @sascru @JackAnd01028308 @nkosimngadi07 @How2bNamed @eldredt3 @Samukel53990727 @SA_Verlange @frVonk @MpondoPrincesss @ClintonDillion1 @Nel29C @AgainstSage @TLegs2 So don’t vote EFF then dummy and don’t say “capitalism sucks” because then you just continue to make yourself a two-faced, thick skulled and double-standards walking/talking contradiction Economist and Investment Analyst/15 years in the Industry. Its all about the facts and stats.
afflictionate Atlanta, GA having a kind of brutal round of seasonal depression (i’ll be fine, crap just sucks) and while walking to my car i sadly looked up at the night sky and saw a shooting star. ;~; okay universe i see you lookin out for me!! my skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel. xvx | critter | she/her. @critrolecloset instagram: spacecowgirlblues
OSUfreak82 Oklahoma City @WastedOptimism Being 100% honest..I saw both fields today and it’s clear as day that softball drains better. Baseball field looked like a swamp land in the outfield. it sucks so much, but definitely unplayable. Softball looked very close to calling it too when I saw the crew walking the field #GoPokes #DezCaughtIt
Roaether In my Jeep driving down Oh. 3 @CanineGuts @Small_And_Tired Oh... well that sucks... but if you ever get a chance you should really try walking on some moss.... it is soooooooooooooooooooooo soft <3<3<3 RoÆther is the name... call me Ro. mechanical engineer, conservative, aviation nut, and audiophile... that about sums it up
GamerBabeTravel Santa Rosa, CA Thought I heard a random guy walking by say “Milwaukee sucks” and I was like “WHATD YOU JUST SAY??” And he was like “.....!! This walking sucks..?? 😨” and I was like “oh.. ok.. carry on..” 😂 now I’m just fired up 🤣 COME AT ME DC!! 🥊 🧡🖤➡️💙💛 | #CaliforniaStrong 🐻💪 |sierramist0309 👻 | ✏️
AnnaMarie_Panda Detroit. Sucks you had to go and die on us just shy of a year ago. WANT MY WALKING AIMLESSLY PAL TO BE WALKING WITH ME RIGHT NOW. {Physically. Always in my heart, therefore always with me.} I miss you, I miss us making new dog friends every walk we took. My little-adopted-brother👁🖤👈🏼🌀 ‘Our body is light, we are immortal. Our body is love, we are eternal.' ***Embrace your weird.***
angiepoosays_ houston anxiety sucks bc its taking ever fiber in me to suck it up and just get out of my car bc i hate walking into social events by myself and have it feel like everyones staring at me ‘where my eggs or my ass?’ -jimmy fallon
itslyndaBITCH That sucks if you don’t think your partner the finest thing walking and that sucks even more if the energy not reciprocated Allen’s wife 👰🏽
snyde043 Northeast Minneapolis @ItsTheBrandi I’m walking home from the store and I’d go with two more than you think you’ll need. The wind sucks. Pollution prevention is my jam. Union rabble-rouser, curmudgeon-in-training, biking enthusiast, pro wrestling fan, crazy cat guy. He/him/his
dragonhuggers menko: Walking After Dying(/Almost Dying) sucks. menko turns to friend and lifts their arms cecil: FRIEND ALSO ALMOST DIED updates from the group of friends that are going to save the world (DRAGONHUGGERS BOT MADE BY POLLY, FEAT. QUOTES FROM CECIL, BRAD, OSA, AND LUNE)
tanz_rhayne14 kentucky A what I assume to be a 14 year old boy just came in here with about 5 other children ran around knocked stuff over and as they were walking out he made the point to turn around and scream in front of other customers “btw your store f****** sucks” 😊😊😊 I was born here in Kentucky, it’s where my soul will Rest In Peace
JoyceNana10 @AnnCoulter All they want is a bunch of walking zombies so they can take over and control everything the Democratic party sucks
cherrypickle2 @somayya95 @EnasZtweeting @Walkerclanfan We don't have shoes and we are walking bare footed. It sucks big time😂😂😂😂😂 🧜‍♀️ His name was Jean Pierre Dean. He was in the stories her father used to tell her.
samtheeruler ingleworld, ca @lilyintherye_ @1mercysarah That really sucks. I started to develop early. I started growing breasts at 8 and my period finally came at 11. I hated walking to the corner store because I knew those old bottom men would stop me and have something to say. 📷 || @sam.tha.rulr 👻 || @voteforsamigee
the_battlekat Somewhere in the Arctic @Lagud2 @Nameistaken2 Yeah crap sucks for Brits 😩 I feel for ya. And heck I'd personally feel a lot safer walking around on my own with more than just a dainty stun gun too... (seeing as we aren't allowed to 'carry' firearms here either) Nietzschean gaymur-e-girl and friendly neighborhood Fascista | DMs always open for nicefrens 🖤 | Pagan Gang Gang 🌲 | 🇺🇸🇩🇰
ASAPSHOT1 Zone 5 @BBendurs @Fhrozt @yApologize @Dare25k @LordLucity No I have the girl on the walking dead come over and she sucks the meat of my dick 18... grinding until I make it. R.I.P nelnel... a follower of Christ

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