Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

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Kitsune86 Calgary, AB Pain is a lot less from yesterday but still present and walking sucks. Also upset belly from the painkillers B.A Psych l Trans | MCH FFXIV 24/7 | #EorzeaLate Co-Creator | #GameDev | Antifa | BLM | #ASD #ADHD | #EDS | Married to @kelesti_
handlesscombos satisfaction town i was gonna do laundry today but its only open til 930 :') and walking is abt a 25min trip washing a half hour drying an hour.. i meam if i get in there physically before 930 i can just stay til its done. they just lock tbe door but the thought of walking sucks fish/🐟. 25. you ever think about "kiryu's satisfaction pasta" from the ygo cafe? how it adds a whole new meaning to "spaghetti western"?
goldengirlsluv @GolfDigest @MikeStachura Walking sucks and slows the course down. I’m buddy and I say #legalizeranch
Sensible1Sarah @therealarmyvet I like my job and they require it when I'm with a member or walking around in a common area. It sucks but not working would be worse. Freedom Liberty Patriotism πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ™₯οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ No DMs Please.
BlazeXVGaming Bury, England Went to go walk a dog today and some random dog that’s been loose for a while came and annoyed the dog I was walking for about 20-30 minutes. Which sucks as I was only meant to walk it for half an hour. Your average person
dumbasschurro hell, probably @HeffleyEmo Make sure its safe to do it first. Dysphoria sucks but you need to make sure you're walking in stable ground. Maybe try to bring gender and etc up causally in some conversations and see how it goes and if you can get to change their mind at least a little C.E.O of jreg's patreon discord server || not even a person || I hate it here || 19 || he/him
Jarrodkurpiel Melbourne, Australia @hollie_lfc That’s the plan back to walking/running and backyard workouts when lockdown is back on, sucks so bad though. Work hard, dream big and never give up. Mainly tweeting about sports and whatever else makes me happy or what I get up to!
DiarrhoeaTeeth Donald trump x peaches yoai I'm going to school for a bit today and i want to cry, what am I supposed to do, ugh i hate ugh my school sucks, i can already feel that anxiety of walking to school Attached to peaches and tweeting directly from the mind , yes im 100% telepathic
astridsyifa ꦏꦸꦛ​ꦱꦼꦩꦫꦁ You know, crying alone while walking in a hot sunny day sucks. I don't want to take a pity on myself. So I ended up doing what I like and gave a piece of cake to myself for being this strong. πŸ™‚ Bed gurl.
ricchfever mentally in dallas @nyasibitk it sucks ngl it’s hard walking sometimes but i’m terrified to get surgery but i need to bc my crap be buckling up and i be feeling like i’m dying 😭 20. PRO BLACK. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. ACAB. BLACK LEADERS MOVEMENT.
yaygeorgette @MosesNYC You’re all wrong. It’s going up the subway stairs behind someone on their phone, walking slowly, when it’s summer and the subways are ovens. That specific place sucks. Writer β€’ Community builder β€’ Romance reader β€’ Breakfast Cereal Fiend β€’ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
gaylettece UpthereBro Me β€œyo walking high sucks” Amdanda *grabs my hand and starts running* β€œI thought it would be better” I spelt lettuce wrong; I do NOT smoke weed.
dolmanlo @AmandaBelleLee @GuardinBabe87 i imagine so. maybe you could try a treadmill or something. i started walking because i'm out of shape and i have a condition too. it sucks. i read a lot. also scrapbook, crochet. band mom, lucifan. also like harry potter, hunger games.
purplebaddie25 One time I was jammin this on my porch and someone walking by was like this song sucks so in a sulk I turned it down professional baddie and twitter troll πŸ’«πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€ͺ Snapchat runaway18 stay woke✌🏻 #blacklivesmatter #SaveTheChildren #PEDOGATEISREAL #ACAB #AbolishIce
Kofimagne Kofstantinople @chidimma_rita That sucks. πŸ˜• Hopefully you walking in freedom will inspire them to do so. It’s hard for people to unlearn things and old ways. Christian Thinker | Blogger | Youtuber | Writer & Filmmaker | I tweet about Jesus & make jokes. Visit my website to read my blogs!
dambaIIy east coast nothing sucks more than walking outside without knowing the temp, and being met with 99Β° dry bottom air 19. twitch affiliate. i suck at games lol.
RLehere Butler, PA @JLyn_Music This COVID thing sucks, but I am getting in a lot more workouts and walking!! #Blues lover!!
EricaFails Check out my Patreon: It sucks. Do I like walking through Harvard yard without 1000 people? Yes. Do I think its unsafe to crowd a bunch of people into buildings and hope they figure out how to not breathe the same air? Yes. Am I worried for Million Year Picnic, Bob Slate, etc without customers? Yes. Eisner winning comic artist She/Her ///CONTACT: ehendoart (at) gmail (dot) com ///STORE:
AManNamedAArJay @edgy_emilia @_oHara__ @stillgray Yes it does. 1: Don't go walking up to and giving random objects to the police. 2: I see 4 pictures with no idea of the timestamp - AGAIN giving me no context of the situation. They could have flat out told her NOT to come closer and I wouldn't know. Reddit sucks. Stop it I'm a Black conservative/libertarian Japanophile. There is no nuance on Twitter though so I'm a White supremacist, Neo-Nazi, Russian Bot to my Socialist foes.
batfan682 Burlington, Ontario @Mikemilli_MME @Patriot775 @RhysTingles @wjdunganjr @PjccramerPj @RealJamesWoods They are both thugs you forking idiot , anyone walking down the streets with an assault weapon is an asshole and a butt plug of a human being. fork off with your nonsense . Guess what all of America pretty much sucks and the rest of the world wished you all didn’t exist πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ cars and comics, maple leafs , pats, blue jays, reading people saying hilariously vile and stupid things to each other on here
CoderSlynk @MoonChildKat_ @muffinsplanned Why not use other language? Because it's like walking around with a star of David. Most trans folks I talk to don't want to be referred to as trans. They want to blend and be treated like others. Language that's a constant reminder that they are different sucks.
WLFManBill NOYB @FrancaRose33 We have indoor seating around here with spacing in between. Masks must be worn walking to and from the table. We've only been out twice in the past few months, which kinda sucks. We used to go out at least twice a week. More ordering out but that doesn't help the wait staff. Constitutional conservative. Don't follow or @ me if you're thin skinned. I don't care. Parler under same name
garnetiwasawa Nowhere Anxiety sucks, you just be walking and then you're like damn do I walk funny Can we forget about the places that we should be? Icon by γƒ’γƒˆη§‘ (@h1todenashi)
Coconotfound Fazbear’s Family Dinner & Co. whenever i’m walking the school hallways and i would see someone else walking down the isle, i’d quickly open my phone to twitter only to pretend that i was doing smth but nothing would load cuz wifi in school sucks He/Him πŸ‰ Watermelon Connoisseur πŸ‰ I’m trans? πŸ‰ L
CoachDornRogal I'm not trying to be cold here - people getting hurt and killed sucks. But you're literally walking into a minefield of problems and you want me to cry about it? Nope. No can do. 30yr Old Fist Enthusiast Coach Little League Post crap,Get Hit I dig giant robots avi by @Auri01927202 Banner by @duskdawngirl
JoeyMolina15 Rockwall, TX @Komal_Sonya You look perfect. πŸ’™. But tight tights with lots walking and biking. And losing weight is 70% calories.... Which SUCKS! πŸ˜‚ I’m with you. Going for losing 10 pounds... A little from everywhere. 😊 Keep us updated. Warrior. Proud resister. Lifelong tennis guy. The Warrior knows that there are no victories that are not first won within. Never forget who you are. πŸ’™
Paranoid_P_Dub Cleveland, OH Walking down the street and this large tree branch fell off. I can hear sad animal noises coming from the fallen part, this sucks.
Hopeful_Lars Tampa Bay Area Overheard this AM - two older gentlemen walking ahead of me and my dog: "In my day we had baseball and pre-season football starting right about this time. Now she's got me binge watching those phucking Property Brothers all day. #COVID sucks." My feeling exactly. Veteran, avid news reader, dog lover, bike rider, jazz devotee & red wine drinker. Will block without hesitancy. No lists please. #Resister
HybridMoonz β€œYou know what sucks....sadly walking into objects and getting hurt...” ”𝑀𝑒𝓃 𝒢𝓇𝑒𝓃'𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝑒 π‘œπ“ƒπ“π“Ž π’œπ“π“…π’½π’Άπ“ˆ π“Žπ‘œπ“Š π“€π“ƒπ‘œπ“Œ.”
ganjagremlin69 kia soul dealership going to SCREAM bc broome transportation SUCKS bottom and im rly upset about it. missed work bc ubers were gouged up to forking $30+ and the bus doesnt come as advertised so my only option is the next bus...which ofc LEAVES as im walking away from the stop bc it's been 5 min. men take dumps...women poop. blm Β° 1312 he/him
ChrisTapsell Arrrgh this sucks, but what a phenomenal legacy. Ecstasy of Gold is so universal that Metallica use it as their walking out music before transitioning into some 80s thrash and somehow it always works. Staff Writer & Official Successful Gamer @eurogamer. Part critic, part SEO nerd, part recovering wannabe footballer. Opinions mine / my PokΓ©mon's. He/him.
Pixelfish Northern Hemisphere! PNW! @SeanaLyn @LetitiaMontana Yeah, I wore a mask walking 2.5 miles to and from doc’s office (no car) and I have asthma...which is why I know I like to breathe without having to think about it. Wearing a mask sucks but COVID19 be worse. Artist. Writer. Devourer of Potatoes. ADHD. Art, feminism, science, improv, games, health, writing, photos, Peppa Pig. Doombringer’s mum. Many swears. she/they
yahboyCBake Austin, IN @notanush @R710Demmis @reallybadheart @KynnShab @forajido90 @SandhuMMA @MMAHistoryToday @USMAN84kg I mean obviously, but to say Usman wrecks Jorge in the stand up is just childish. Usman is going to clench, and try to close distance. The only thing that sucks is Masvidal is a come forward striker. I see him walking into takedowns. 21 years old Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, and MMA.
PreacherOfValor New York, NY @KDotDaGawd No cap you love had man, you're willing to invest your heart and soul into another person. It sucks like old eggs right now but you're going to find the woman that notice the passion you have. Keep walking tall boss. Foodie, looter, monster hunter veteran gamer who love entertaining the masses with his potato aim & need for looting shiny objects! Dm for business inquiries.
ExpletiveRemove @terioturf @wsyx6 As an advocate for responsible closures and mask wearing, I must agree! We have to do what we have to do, but it SUCKS!!! Mouth sweats used to be a condition of eating spicy foods, now I get them walking from my car to the door at the Kroger lol! The emboldened ponderings of the otherwise belittled and ignored.
Lalo__P aqui no mas Usually around this time my son, gf and I would be eating ice cream walking my boy. This sucks πŸ˜”πŸ˜” .
Granigank Treaty 6 territory (Edmonton) @happifydesign I switched from walking/transit to biking because transit here sucks and is expensive, inconvenient, slow, my feet started to hurt, and I needed to travel longer distances. Really I went walking/transit to car to bike. But I can't walk as much as I used to. #carfree, Settler, #yeg mom who likes to cycle, crochet, and cook. Frugal, planning to retire early, reducing waste. Opinions are my own. pronouns: she/her
SandroTheLoud California, USA My new safety vest sucks... I get snagged in doorways and fences. When I left my house, it got snagged on the doorknob... then I was walking past a wooden fence and it got snagged there and a random nail sliced my arm... where is the safety in this vest? Certified goof // hobbies include gaming, listening to music, and naming clouds // #LABleedsBlue
DEVLTO πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ | he/him | BLM I decided to rewatch The Walking Dead and I’m getting attached to people I know are going to die and it sucks. i want a divorce- @filmsbystormi
erinya @KatieGolding_Tx Not magical but sometimes I really do need to focus on other parts of the writing until I have the in the shower/walking the cat/awake at 3am epiphany of β€œaha why didn’t I think of that!” and then I can get excited about needed changes (the work part still sucks tho) Anti-poverty attorney by day, writer of SFF/speculative fiction by night, helicopter mom of two rescue kitties 24/7.
Arriana_o Vacaville, CA Social anxiety sucks cause i can’t even walk to a store without having a forking anxiety attack and overthinking that everyone is watching me and thinking I’m stupid for just walking?????:!:!: follow me I want the attention
metzler_michele Pennsylvania, USA Today has been a emotional day just wishing I could block today out and never look back ! Anxiety sucks , pain sucks and not feeling good atm sucks mentally because I am not sure what is going on physically with my legs they are getting weak even when walking the steps so much ! lesbian, ,song writer poet , I am a voice for the voiceless no hate lgbt family , love kids and animals and God !
bigelokg I’m so over sneezing when I get cold like you know how bad it sucks walking into the freezer section and instantly having to sneeze. Before it was whatever but now I either have to sneeze into my mask or keep it in and pop some brain cells lol JMU :)
Trenr8 @MilesRonan I don't know if there's anything helpful to say here that doesnt come off feeling weird. I empathize, and I know it sucks, but everything is gonna be ok one day. Just keep your eye on that horizon, and know that we're all here walking with you.
RobGNextLevel South Florida Improvements everyday and doing the MATH! Got some walking in this afternoon and I am feeling great changes. I have torn ligaments and bad ankles so going downstairs sucks for me but climbing is definitely getting… On a mission to lose over 300 lbs and inspire people to live healthier lives.
ChChChaChiaSeed Salt Lake City, UT @wanderingdave @stretchtraffic @slcmoves I am incredibly frustrated this initiative was rolled back. It hurts our cities most vulnerable people who don't have access to cars. Also, it just plain sucks and makes walking around in SLC 1000000x worse. @slcmayor I endeavor to be less stupid.
CyNic0le stan Actually Stephen on yt and that was the scariest experience of my life so if this happens to you i hope you know how to fix the scary vision blurring ear ringing stuff as well as i do, even if your brain short circuits on what your priority should be at the moment! im walking w/ a limp now :) it sucks she/her minor the gen z prophet of chaos and morality i do art things on my instagram CyNic0le sexuality is hard to figure out ok??! i give up and that's okay
tshumitto Walking outside and getting prickly heat off the bat sucks...😩😩 I am an unknown variable in the ever expanding technological and political landscape. Follow me if you want to take the red pill.
wintersdoc Winters, California My stamina sucks lately. My 67 yo husband smoked me walking up hills last weekend and now for the second day in a row I’m bailing on him after about 2 hrs of fence painting because I’m a drenched wobbly mess. Fam med doc @ SMG, mom, health policy/politics wonk, doing my little part to retool US healthcare. And dealing w/ Stage 4 breast cancer b/c crap happens.
Dita1960Ls Arizona, USA @paperbhoy @JohnR2106 @AaronBastani People never try to put themselves in other people's shoes unfortunately I do and it sucks trust me in the last month I've picked up people walking down the street people of color get my car where do you need to go I'm not going to see somebody get killed blue forever...πŸ˜·πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ˜·

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