Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

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clarkeffinkent United States @michaelmalice People are inherently lazy. It's both great because we invent stuff like cars because walking sucks. But also terrible because we are swirling into a crap salad of wall-e, 1984, idiocracy and a brave new world seasoned with a dash soylent green. It's bitter sweet journalist at the daily planet
oilxwater Red Sector shoutout to joel for forcing my dumbass to go to the hospital this morning and staying with me and E for taking care of me all day cause walking SUCKS. also my former boss buying me 2 tubs of mint choco chip ice cream. today has been pretty good despite the concussion. 20 | valkyrie can step on me anyday | IG: oilxwater
dad4life10 Texas, USA @k_oflee @Timcast True, but Obummer care sucks too and he's full bore into going back to Daddy's plan. Originality for sleepy Joe is nonexistent. He continues to try to ride Daddy's coattails. But Daddy doesn't want to have anything to do with the walking talking gaff machine... TRUMPUBLICAN KAG PARTY🇺🇸🎇🎆🔫 I bleed RED,WHITE,& BLUE, Marine Corps Vet #KAG #CONSERVATIVE 🗽
TaylorGrizzly @AlyssaArriola Naw cause sis Leche what if someone sucks it so hard they swallow it 😂 or if you’re walking through Ross not wearing a bra and it gets stuck to the rack
grotesqueghost it's been 7 days and walking still sucks I go back to work tomorrow so this is it this is the end I'm gunna die The product of a poet and a girl scout.
Cllaarrii_ Bakersfield, CA @beemoreno_7 I’ve had it. It sucks, mine was bad though. I’ll be walking and my leg would give out and I’d be reaching to grab something 😂 | Be the reason someone smiles today . | K.M 💙 |
MischievyCrow Chicago @citizen_bot_usa You completely ignored the question as to why you’d give out his real name for a meme, of course it’s because I am right and you genuinely want to ruin this guys life and wish actual violence on him. I hope you realize that people like you are walking Trump ads and it sucks lol Just a random person, don’t mind me. Hecz's #Greenwall Only.
sugardrift on T since 5/2/19 ! you know what sucks?? professors that wont accept any excuse for missing their class and dock u letter grades for it. i had one say if we got in a car accident she expected us to walk and not miss class. ma'am im walking out of your damn classroom. artist & local Bog Goblin | Gamedev | strictly SFW | 21 | he/him | white | i hope you have a good day !💫 | art only: @sugardrifting | icon by @terrierteeth !
Wilkie007 Massachusetts Two different apps, two different stats. All I know is running sucks. 5 minute walk, 25 minute jog, and 5 minute walk. Got through 15 before I needed to walk. Did 3 walking and was able to jog for 5 minute before I… Just a guy trying to live a happy life. Gym life. Baseball junkie. Basketball coach. Legion Affiliate.
Lando51853116 I was dead set on proposing even after this last time I still planned on it. I have taken that damn ring back returned it twice now and that really sucks and is embarassing walking it back in and I want to keep it bc I know ill eventually get to use it and you’ll wear it.
nenny21 Chicago, IL The way I'm feeling today sucks. I can't even think straight, heck I can barely think @BTS_twt and that is not good. I feel miserable, and I couldn't leave early from work. Less than hour to go. 👇🏻 Me walking around the office, feeling sleepy and sick. Personal account, fan account for sports, music, celebs, and for BTS.💜💜 You either like me or you hate me. There's no in between.🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
killTURNHERkill nyc walking into search and destroy gives me so much anxiety not even cuz of the store set-up but the music selection always sucks they play the worst punk music in that crap lol I've never heard a dope hardcore/punk/metal song in that crap ⛓king of hardcore⛓️ a&r, mgmt, creative director, DRAGON NRG 🐲 @theblacktongue @3rdshiftnyc @the64thfloor ⛓
yeshtracker No mans land And actually, after practicing this i prefer Love of God, in... and a big Love exhale. Fun to work with breath and prayer while doing...i was walking. Darn reception has me on delay for trying to keep up with saying stuff in the moment...but i felt like adding this Hopeless sinner who Loves God, Mother Earth and Football. Student of Life. Tracker of truth. Friends with Jesus, Buddha, Bob, Big Foot and CLE Browns
RelatorYT Jail @jcastlemanmc The Ditko books are absolute crap, the only good comic is Ultimate Spider-Man, Nick Spencer is a horrid writer, Spectacular Spider-Man theme sucks, Kill Bill is overrated, TLOU is a walking sim, Joker sucked bottom and only incels like, Synder is actually a god, 16 | YouTuber | Professional crap Poster | Jr Rizzo Clone | Wannabe Director | EGirl
et__ss Being an adult is walking through a supermarket full of snacks and convincing yourself that only this bullcrap is absolutely necessary and it forking sucks.
abrenique San Antonio, TX So i’m walking to the UC and i hear this girl say “K Camp sucks girl “ i’m like maybe she’s just not a fan ...other girl responds with “yeaaa and who’s webbie” 😭😭😭 other girl say “ Exactly” .... I MUSTVE GOT SO PISSED OFF THAT FAST 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #PVHC2K19 #PVAMU 18 | PVAMU 🏫
moonlightdreami Chicago, IL i had the most intense leg workout ive done in my life and now i am walking like a duck & it sucks wild @ heart | libra ☀️ taurus 🌙 libra ⬆️
Pokemonmasterj7 Thatcham, England Spoofing sucks and walking is so much fun how guys get shineys all time makes no sense I got 2 in a week when I walk I get about 4 No spoofing for me Just me into pokémon go wwe spurs popsicletails and going on adventures with my girlfriend
Wiltshire1980 Isle of Man @sttepodcast Lord of the Rings (1st one) - so dull I couldn’t bear to watch the other 6 hours of walking Noah - this both blows and sucks Lost in Translation - to me it’s pretty boring but it became a hipster love in film Husband, father, occasional writer of unwanted scripts
sipmyocean 928 🌵 @RGhahaha Oh dude, that’s all you see @ AWC!!! Marines and vets... kinda sucks living next to a marine base. So many people walking around like they got on an invisible cape & crap... it’s a job bro!!! You ain’t a super hero.
ferranticathy @bgdadyspnkbtm I’ve been walking alone for awhile now and it sucks just enjoying life as it comes... laugh as much as i can and always smile. just wanna have fun
irabajc Getting cheated on sucks but you ever been walking somewhere and get ya socks and shoes wet? rts are not an endorsement more of a “somebody come look at this”
itAston San Francisco, CA Ok so I just tried walking that 3.1 miles to work. In my boot. In 50 degree weather. Even then, now I'm sweaty and out of breath. It'd be nice if everything wasn't hilly. I guess I'll try Uber next..? But I doubt it'd be any faster; sucks it takes forever to get 3 miles... 😕 22 years old / @Connect_Pangea / Graduate of @RiceUniversity / @Google Software Engineer / Living my best life / from Houston 🤘
hoestorian hopeless That dude is a walking slander of himself. It sucks that you dont listen to Black women that say he's a scammer, but dont ask people to line up and be ignorant with you too. We are stronger together. we can't do this alone. they/them pronouns please. antifascist
NerdRiot Salt Lake City, UT Working my first unofficial day at my new job... and I'm sick. Walking around with a face mask out of respect. This sucks but I'm excited to be here. They/them. All I ever do is game and be gay. Oh and make food, I'm a Chef that games after a 10 hours shift.
zuri_too Biggie’s birthplace I was walking up the steps at the subway station and my left knee buckled the fork up on me out of nowhere. Getting old sucks. The year to fear is already here.
veganforpussy they/them pansexual At the Secretary of State and this forking sucks at least there’s a Taco Bell in walking distance crap! fork/teenage world and the last happy night of your life out now/EP coming fall 2019/LP2 coming 2020
StrikeDakota Phoenix, AZ @SyloWolf Well I got a room at the aloft hotel. But it’s always nice to walk with others then walking alone if it is your first con and to walk alone sucks A fursuiter/Pup who likes fun at cons he goes to. Likes to wear Rubber/ Latex. Enjoys Bowling and with family and friends
GoddessGolda United States @HSDprblms I’m sorry that sucks! my sister dislocated her knee walking across her living room . We have very “wonky” knee caps . I’m getting her a new brace that puts pressure on the knee cap but equal on top and bottom . I can send you a pic of it . Ace bandages or the sports tape is good I am Golda , proud daughter of a Combat wounded Vietnam Vet . Proud Navy wife Dying from the effects of Agent Orange on my Dna . I don’t want to die
JPERGELRWE Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave @thehill Because of the lies spun by Trump and his walking talking vomitus; not because he did anything wrong. Hill SUCKS Sarcastic with a smile. Willing to bet $500 I can kick Trump's bottom during an HONEST round of golf 🏌Potty mouthed and unapologetic. #Resist
BulldozeStudios Battle City Okay, I literally do not know what to say right now. I am completely speechless. I lost over $50 worth of stuff in @AldaGames The Walking Zombie 2 tonight, and it has me not wanting to carry on with the game for the time being. Sigh... this sucks hardcore. :( Bulldozer Studios official Twitter account, where we keep you guys up to date on all the latest goingons with our games and projects!
culesh_H Sterkspruit | Bloemfontein Being a tall girl sucks at times. You'll be walking minding your own, the next thing a low tree branch has tugged your wig😭😭 now I have to be ducking and diving every 10mins hayi 💔💀 Best friend @delaroixii1 on header|Kindly visit 22💕| Radiator girl☠☢
stefano_marsala bro today while watching The Joker i had this constant fear of someone just walking in during the movie and just lighting everyone up just like in Colorado back in 2012...isn’t that sad that people can’t even go in the movie theatre without a constant fear todays world SUCKS forza Milan 🔴⚫️
axis_angelo The Red River Of The South Holy forking jeez this town sucks ass Everyone's walking round like they sat on a bunch of rusted nails,no one smiles and I really feel out of place in this pit of cow crap,meth and hay This is why I don't like to leave the house much 😎 6'2 Half Asian -- Just a DumbAss that loves Story Telling and Cooking..Potential Axe Killer,Bore and CringeLord -- Prematurely Grey & Beaten With The Ugly Stick
6_paths_ Akron, OH @NiceWigg @Respawn It just sucks hearing your own teammates footsteps pounding in your ears. Or hearing someone walking around that sounds like it’s one floor lower and it turns out they’re 4 stories down and outside in the street. Sound was good in kings canyon though 🏀
samariaterry Moorhead: "My daughter is down on the field after the game with me and she is crying because she is hear a few fans as she is walking out of the stadium telling her that her dad sucks. They were right, on that day I did suck." Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter @WJTV | Auburn Alumna | IG: samariaterrytv
1BruhCode1 Orlando, FL Sucks seeing someone you used to see walking around campus gone so soon .. I didn’t now you much but for what it’s worth you seemed charismatic and always had a smile on your face 🙏🏾🙏🏾
ECFNJ Winchester, VA Rereading Walking Dead, and Negan sucks just as much as the last time I read it. Could be a great threatening guy but he sounds like a kid who just learned to cuss. Lame ass. Comics. Books. Tattoos. Cats. Wrestling. SJW. That guy from @fcfcomics and World's Greatest Uncle since 2006.
revjktullos Meridian, MS Joe Moorhead was walking down the tunnel with his daughter, Kyra, after losing at Tennessee and she was already in tears at the Bulldogs losing. But something upset her even more. JoeMo: ""You hear a few fans as she's walking out of the stadium telling her that her dad sucks," Pastor at Druid Hills #UMC and Lost Gap #UMC, disciple, husband, @asburyseminary alum. ISFP. Former radio dude. Tweets are my own. RT/❤️ ≠ endorsement.
TheMightyAlbu @eliehonig @RepMattGaetz @RepMattGaetz is no mobster - he would cry like a baby walking into Prison and @iamcardib would dog walk him. He sucks Just a dude
TomMLemon St. Louis See this is why making a case for Ozuna walking is hard. He sucks at times and makes terrible decisions. But then he actually makes hits Sports, Sarcasm, and Puns. Not necessarily in that order. Tweets are my own. Married to the gorgeous @Mariel_Buckrop. Even though she muted me on Twitter.
colejyoung09 @titansfilmroom Dude I’m saying it sucks that they forked up another qb. I’m saying hey it sucks cuz instead of maybe improving the forking team they will have to draft a ROOKIE QB. He isn’t walking through that door and being great. Patrick Mahomes just don’t happen all of the time.
RachelVHer Atlanta, GA Why couldn't Taylor just come to Atlanta. The Mercedes Benz Stadium holds about 80,000 people give or take a few thousand. It's huge. There's parking everywhere and intensifying walking distance to the stadium. Uber and left everywhere! This sucks I mostly tweet about Taylor Swift, but I also love movies, TV and books. It's a smorgasbord here!!
heyalyssaa @SimplyHER_ That’s what I’m saying, being pregnant sucks. I hate every women that said I would miss being pregnant lol stay as active as you can until the time. The dr always told me walking and squats would do the trick lol you’re almost there 💙 @jroc407 💕💍 I’m only here to retweet funny crap. 🧚🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🦄
DeannaLyndus PGH ... for the most part. I'm lucky that currently my work, a grocery store and bank are all in walking distance, but Pittsburgh transit in its current sucks compared to other metros and I have so many memories dealing with it where I got so angry I cried. Trash hag leftist. Equal parts salt and rye whiskey.
baileebug_ United States Crazy man . . I'm never going to see my beer bellied, crap talker ever again . 😭 I miss walking into parties and spotting you stright talking crap 🙃😂‼ life really sucks idc.
Drthomas691 @juell1 @AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump @juell1 I disagree. It is NOT our duty. Also, allies and enemies change regularly. The USA has a sullied history of accepting aid and then walking away. Sucks, but it's true. Look up the Hmong during Vietnam. Btw ...I love the profile pic of Caitlin Jenner. One of her better ones Faher. Husband. Mason. Registered Independent voter.
Ashurpaul23 San Jose, CA @garyvee I need a car...walking in Arizona sucks and working 2 jobs sucks even more 🇺🇸Proud American/Assyrian
katzfan71 Mt Vernon, O-H-I-O I would too if i had tickets. However, I had $700 seats in AA for the Oklahoma game a couple years ago and it was not a positive experience for this Buckeye fan. Walking out of your home stadium w/ur tail between ur legs sucks! 9 YEAR US VETERAN - GO BUCKS!! **The views expressed on this account are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer**
LucieMatthews_ Bristol, England So... Today my meds messed with my head so much I forgot a physio appointment- kinda vital for my rehab and that thing we call walking; which my leg sucks at. So far these meds have done nothing and I just want answers as to if my leg is going to ever work properly. #nogoodcancer Progress not perfection 💪🏼 Cancer survivor 🎗 2.4.19 Advocate for #nogoodcancer

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