Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

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RdZoid @the_transit_guy Right because there's so many eager walkers hoping to get from TGI Fridays to the...DMV? LOL probably cuz they realize walking sucks and want to get a license so they can drive. Cool Guy Club
skeppyquackers 19 she/her the sidewalks are crap and where i live,,, are barely separated from the road, have no shade, and are super narrow ?? walking sucks, it's incredibly scary to bike anywhere, and everything is too far apart anyway !! ur gay
YSJ01010 Stockholm, Sweden @LilNasX star walking sucks bottom it cant beat legends never die, rise and warriors a contract is a contract is contract but only between ferengi
georgetweets2u Melbourne, Victoria @SarahJ_Berry More public benches just on sidewalks. Being pregnant and walking sucks when I can't find a bench to rest on, so I am relying on my car more. This is a temporary issue for me, but older folks would also probably benefit from this! my mum doesn't even think i'm cool 🙃 autistic&adhd catlady🐱/swiftie🧣/lilmonster🌈 she/her
sidhe27 She/Her @50ftHorny Yup, so much so that walking past the olive stand at the store and smelling that many of them makes me feel genuinely nauseated... It sucks, 'cause there're a lot of things with olives in them that I think I'd like, but I just can't stand olives I wish I liked olives This the alt of @Seff2727 created to avoid being horny on main | 20 | Autistic | Trans | Taken | Microphiliac | I retweet perhaps too much
georgeb91 @thetrin @oroborous @neilc79 If the area sucks to walk in, then walking around is unpleasant and ends up not happening.
MousePodunk Texas @TransformARTive That sucks. You never know with dog bites. I got nipped by a neighbor’s dog once while walking past them on the stairs in front of my apartment. It was sore, but it didn’t seem bad enough to raise a stink. I took my jeans off later and found out it broke the skin. Salaryman by day, easily distracted rodent by night. He/him.
henrybemis13 🇺🇸 Sucks they don’t have sidewalks, but not a lot of car traffic and people drive slowly there. They also have beautiful trails that are theoretically within walking distance but cutoff by a highway Just seeking an answer to the question what is an American?
BLUEWONDCR Written by CAKE! bruh i just learned that its apparently a very american thing to stop and talk/help strangers so readily like European nerds are just like 'damn sucks for them' and keep walking ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ𝘚𝘜𝘙𝘗𝘙𝘐𝘚𝘌! 𝗟𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗿𝗱𝗼 𝗥𝗢𝗧𝗧𝗠𝗡𝗧 || NOTE THIS MUSE IS PORTRAYED AS AN ADULT. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
HarryCoffee3 @JerichoXV i thought and think kamala sucks but now I realise she was a brilliant choice. she’s worse than a walking corpse… go joe go
Playbayonetta2 New York, USA @yeeevs You kill micro organisms all the time, even while walking. You could try to live a pacifistic life and become vegetarian/vegan. But its very hard to avoid one of lifes principles. Sucks but... No dignity, just crap post. In a relationship, sorry egirls and chads! ;)))
steelers_convo The only thing I’ll say about Najee’s interview is that it sucks when the players have to take the fault for the coaches. Like Najee absolutely took all accountability for everything… and then you have Canada literally laughing walking up to the podium. Like??? Why you laughing RIP Dwayne Haskins Jr. Fly High Young King 🕊 WATCH FILM!!!!
MissConstrue Earthish, for a given value I made a full mile without falling over or needing my cane or anything. My teenage crow flew along and fussed at me the whole time. 🥰. flare still sucks, but walking really does seem to loosen up my joints and make the rest of the day bearable. Yay! Writer, artist, mefite, old gwjer, DuckiDeva and Spiderfarmer. Mood is currently surprisingly good, and there isn't even a body count. So, that's nice!
thedarcling [log 1] growing up sucks, though i must admit— it has its own beauty. seeing yourself slowly changing, adapting at every situations. walking to the unknown, with hopes and expectations as something to hold on to.
johnizbackagain Same as it ever was @T2000000000 @flattery_sucks Used to bartend with a guy who went to the University of Maryland and wrote for the school paper. He had credentials to Orioles games and one time he said he was walking in the locker room and turned a corner at the same time as Cal Junior A mess
dakeys_silly Basque Country, Spain How I’m be a black woman and I know nothing about their culture you ignorant bastard. Make it make sense you color hoe! Herpes invested nasty bottom bitch who sucks and forks anything walking . Tryflin. Your forkin nasty! LITERALLY “the mysterious is the source of all true art 🖼 and science 🧬 “ what ever you give out comes back ten fold”😆☺ choose wisely! 🪄
skttrbrain Unceded Yelamu Ohlone Land Before I lived in San Francisco I drove everywhere and I remember that walking from Castro to back to our hotel in Union Square during Pride used to wipe me tf out. I wouldn’t have an issue at all now and I’m like 20 years older now. Car culture sucks. 😆 he/him• Queer as in fork you. Vegan for the animals & the planet. Car-Free since 2006. I like to ride bikes and pet dogs. @SafeStreetRebel
NickWidzowski Queens, NY @oroborous Sucks when you live in a place designed to be hostile to walking. I was the oddball who walked this fairly short distance a lot as a teen - and I'd be rich had I a nickel for the amount of times I was almost run over... Now: @NYCCouncil; Past: @Costa4NY; Dad, native Upstater, municipal climate policy wonk now and again. #LFC / #YERRRR
SawGa65 New Westminster, Canada @IRPlawyer @steeletalk I used to do it too… so I have guilt on this, and walking pups unleashed: my thing is, we all know there are people out there who (there are 5 million reasons why people do what they do) will just steal. It sucks that we can’t just have that trust. I'm a guy who likes to paint, hang around with my friends, family and dogs. That's me...
retrodaft Virginia is for Lovers It sucks but he’s not wrong, I used to live a small county that had multiple parks, outdoor areas for baseball, soccer, trails and dog parks within 10-15 mins walking distance from my grandmas and when we move abit further still in the same county - An artist, student, cosplayer, likes to sew 🧵 and plays some games. But mainly just a person trying to get by. sometimes posts art but usually forgets to.
FarmerIrr @JoeCassandra @StevenNatera Exactly! You really don't need a Michelin star restaurant walking distance from you. I just back from Europe, not having a car sucks. You lose so much freedom. If you listen reddit, it's the only way to live and I'm selfish for wanting what I want Recovering VC 👏, Building lease-to-own products for American farmers
detyo_ @_SlimSady2 It sucks but I wouldn’t have caught it anyways, it’s so worth imo, being able to keep catching and spinning stops while walking with friends or while at work makes up for it!! lvl 45. friendship grinder. shiny hunter, pvp player. pokemon go fan 🇪🇸. referral code 8MKKTTTVY
MargueriteSieg2 @dstiddypop43 Yesterday, walking up the steps in a house that had been raised after Hurricane Sandy to go to our monthly Democrats meet and write postcards. I've been struggling with a persistent plantar fasciitis issue. Getting old sucks. Over Educated Woman Paints beaches, boats, and bicycles. Stay Hydrated & Wash Your Hands. Democrat Biden/Harris #StandWithUkraine 💛💙
RichOnTheRadio Manchester @1s_opinion Fibro fatigue. Chronic Kidney Disease also causing fatigue. I can't take any NSAID's so I'm limited to Paracetamol and Codeine as every other medication knocks me out. Back pain is constant and walking I'd becoming more and more difficult by the day. The whole thing sucks. 😭 #Fibromyalgiasucks #MusicIsLife Presenter @Indierocksuk Tues 6pm bst #TiLtLegion submit your tracks to
CainAtkin 🇬🇧 | he/him Its friday morning and I am bored which means its time for random things that anger me vaping sucks ass, theres nothing worse than being like 3 metres behind someone walking on a path and every few seconds all you can smell is aggressively sweet its insanely uncomfy if you follow, expect weeb crap on your TL || I write software that's occasionally cool || @ college (uk) || 💀🪶🐙🐔🍙
JohnCheemboh Florida The only thing that sucks about this is not having proper audio and that guy walking behind her with a phone. She’s amazing. I’m not I to her music but goddang! political counselor. drop out. smart. car hobbyist. #ADHD net/sys admin. proud #Antifa member since 1933. #AntiFa4Life. proud parent of two girls. #forkRussia
gnart1a @Klauzevic1 I don’t really have an answer for that. I guess it’s because of our cowardly government. It really sucks though, all of these people from our occupant country coming here, expecting us to speak their language and walking around like it’s their land.
Bzj79 @WerderEdESPN This week sucks. Tua rattled me. My hands reacted the same way during my 1st stroke 5 yrs ago. I was lucky to regain speech and walking ability to normal levels. I still had full movement but no control for 72 hrs. Hoping he does. Mental ninja, 2x stroke survivor, 100% clean tweets, UO Alumn, Eugene, Astoria, Bend, Former Power Industry Exec, Current professional traveler, husband & dad.
Miragexmelody @TheMarconomicon Thanks ;; it just Both my boyfriend and I now that we've both got it and it /sucks/ (like I sometimes feel like I'm walking on glass) and the fact that people don't take it seriously just We're all very upset over here :/ She/her, 25, taken. Gamer,dnd player/DM,book lover,dice goblin and writer. ☆Instagram (Miragexmelody) and on Arkus' stream where I Mod!
Bolshoise @JmborTams8 @RespectfulMemes Yes. I live in Georgia and the second I walk out of my neighborhood the sidewalk immediately ends. You’re walking on grass bordering a forest so cars are pretty much obligatory for most American families. Sucks
CallMeTerby CW: 107 | HW: 260 | UGW: 97 I almost passed out twice today, I was walking up the stairs and my eyesight went black and before I was about to passout I made myself sit down so I wouldn’t get hurt, ugh this sucks, I hate that I can’t maintain being underweight without being physically sick 24/7 26 | she•her | BMI•17.8 | NON EDTWT DNI
riotpedestrian he/him This sucks, actually! EVs are not the way to a climate positive future. We need to focus on reducing ALL vehicle miles driven, and instead center walking, biking, and taking public transit!! Deaf pedestrian and bicyclist 🧏🏼‍♂️🚲🚈 forever fighting climate change 🌈🐝🌻 civic dirtbag 🛸💅🏼🔥 build the cities for lovers and friends 👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏾🏙🌎
Donnahunnieee I got too excited and thought I could get back to streaming last week but uggghhh my health just sucks. I can’t even commit to walking Levi sometimes 🫠 Twitch Affiliate (on break) ☁️ Rescue momma
Janybrava brooklyn. Getting to work is no problem. It’s the commute back and me ending up walking through Times Square every night because the B doesn’t run late which sucks major dick. 25 \ Brooklyn 🙃 I love astrology so do with that what you will
katiejanenaps Los Angeles, CA @FairyTaleMindy Oh no I'm so sorry. And - yeah - the constant need to nap but not actually regaining any energy sucks. It's really flared up my chronic pain horribly. Nik is being amazing walking the dogs full time, basically trying to do anything that helps, but it sucks. 🐶 &🐱 mom, ⚖️ 🎥 by ☀️, 🎨📷 by 🌙, @nkantar's much more anxious half 💍, pro-nap 😴, #team🏳️‍⚧️ #blm #stopasianhate #littlemonster (♀️she/her)
insanitywelcome Texas, USA I hate bad days when it comes to my back. When the pain is at a high, and the feeling in my left leg gets worse. Tried walking up the front steps, and my left leg did not lift as much as I thought it had. I about ate the stairs. Nerve damage sucks so hard. Husband, father, disabled vet, #PNGtuber @Nakamaclan YouTube: Business Inquiries:
yourIQishigh @HealThyBurgers3 @synticat0r @JuicemanQ_NRG @DiscussingFilm YT people don’t listen to you because everything and anything is racist now😂 my man is the least followed person because his character sucks. Michone from the walking dead, Samuel Jackson, will smith, Chris rock, all of these guys are loved by the yt community. Bc they can act. Recruiting and live updates on the Florida Gators football team
excalibur61 @ParanormalJunk2 Look, running *sucks* for a lot of people. If you have short legs, or flat feet, or bad knees, or are not already lean, running can be both unfun and damaging. If you're *not* in any of those categories, focus on the forward motion and on routes that you would enjoy walking. Stories in @fandsf, @Analog_SF, @CossmassInfinit, elsewhere. Officially tired of the phrase "chef's kiss."
ACon67 @TShadowKnow @DavidRo07001647 @TomPolhaus @TimRunsHisMouth Dude no CA SUCKS. I live in CA and there's tons of worn down roads, crime, homeless, and crazies walking around yelling at themselves. This place IS a craphole.
Aquamariah1 @TheeWifeOsexual It's actually really sad what has happened between men and women. Now men are walking away from marriage altogether, and I get it. But it sucks for good women who want it. We have a horrible reputation because of the ugly feminist movement. Ex-New Age Ex-Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist Ex-Past Life Regressionist Ex-Tarot Reader Ex-Reiki Healer Rescued by Jesus Christ 2020 #faith ✝️
abardyn71 Toronto @mighein @mdkent3 @ByMHarrington @lukespeak30 Oh boy. I remember walking out and fans were PISSED! Chanting REGGIE SUCKS. Even being like 12, and just learning the history of baseball, THAT struck me as odd in the moment. Sports junkie, Pro Wrestling fanatic and cannabis enthusiast. Medical cannabis patient who opposes ACMPR program! Coping with anxiety and PTSD. #NP4P
RHYTHMIlC 𝘖𝘊 @theolympi this is why walking is horrible and everything sucks. mdni. mv/ms. extreme. #𝚉𝙾𝙼𝙱𝙸𝙴
bluemoonwx @loeweheart i can see you really LOVE walking jadhqzj it’s actually amazing how many steps you take and healthy too!! for me taking a bath is my way to cope with an stressful day and i walk to feel better with myself 🤲 my town is really small so i get what you mean when you say it sucks 😭 SNSD's Gee gatekeeper
celticraider73 Wolverhampton, England @JCVIM Never been a fan of London it's expensive, driving anywhere near the centre sucks, I've never found it really friendly, and if your disabled forget it. I've always preferred York, you can see 2000 years of history just walking round and it's alot cheaper
TonyHighwind where they got the good crap Although both depict humanity's backslide into fascism & superstition following a species-wide traumatic event, one key difference between the two is that The Walking Dead sucks and is boring, whereas Warhammer is so forking metal as to have at least one band copy it's aesthetic. Autigender he/they, old, ancom, yankee #Landback Like if Hunter S. Thompson and Han Solo had a baby, and that baby grew up to suck at both writing and piracy.
ribbonleaves British Columbia, Canada Yes there are parks and community centres which are very nice but walking to them is like playing frogger it just sucks!!! I hate suburbs!!!! ofie, she/her | 22 | cis ace sapphic | priv @xavthedragon 🌷🐇 | omori account @Still_Something
TheGunz77 Canada @Farquaading @monsterhunter Did all that. Only options I had left were starting over or just uninstalling and walking away. I'm not starting over because the Rise earlygame SUCKS and I can't be bothered to do all that over again. Metalhead, unpublished musician, and I think I'm really funny. I also play video games and work in healthcare.
grrrl Tehran For today's bit of irrelevant wisdom I would like to point out that the "new and improved" @AmericanExpress app kinda sucks. You have to make two more clicks to get to the lounges information which is definitely something you want to do walking across a huge airport.
gripthefox @BlogSpells Sorry to hear that. Sucks when something's clearly wrong, and no one can tell you what it is😑 Don't think about what other people will or will not think; you did the right thing by having it checked out. No fun walking around in pain. Hope it goes away soon🖤 🇧🇻Arctic dweller. Reads a lot📚 Metalhead. Yarn wizard. Crossword compiler. Lgbtq+ ally. Atheist. Gnome maker. Not a fox. Tweets mostly about cats & books.
VenusLietrap this is why it's really important to me to live in uptown, like i know the gentrification and aggressive police presence sucks, but having places, and more importantly friends, within walking distance is something you don't realize you need until you're 20 min away from everyone

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