Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

The things some people say about Walking sucks.

Catrabbit13 And my feet are still in pain from an RA flare that started three weeks ago so walking sucks. Has beach hair| drinks vodka | not really a red head| probably at the gym right now
marsquave New Orleans left work early and it's already a pain on the bottom to get out of downtown, walking sucks too because of the large groups of drunk tourists graphic and type designer and photographer with questionable taste in media. love is real
NotaV10 @Th3Crusad3r Not gonna lie, I could have used that dimension door to get back home. Walking sucks on a bad ankle and 4ish hours of sleep. Lol Adult ⬅️(debatable) Human Person (she/her) Freelance Writer 📝 D&D player 1⃣ (Shut Up & Dice podcast coming... at some point 🎙️🎧) #critter
Neboo94 Malaysia Finally discharged from the hospital and on home rest for a month until fully recovers. It sucks not being able to do anything (because walking & sitting hurt so bad) but on the bright side, I can finally catch up on some reading 😁 "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."
Alexzandriss are you paying attention? it sucks bc i lost so many years caring about how i presented myself and how other ppl thought of me. i dug myself so deep into a hole of self hate. that voice in my head judged every little thing i did, from walking to talking to eating in front of people.. just dumb crap BE LOVE AND BELIEVE. 20. alexzandria 📿 writer/poet
its_me_danny_v Seattle, WA @cvtera Like... it sucks to see... but realistically it’s only the 2nd floor, opossum hit the ground, called him an ass, and kept walking
ebruenig one aspect of parenting i was totally unprepared for is you will eventually deeply hate a particular child who bullies/bugs your child at daycare/pre-k/school/whatever, and then you're an adult walking around with this hated kid in your head thinking, "that kid totally sucks" Christian. Mama. Bird enjoyer. Opinion writer at @nytimes. News tips: Also on signal.
itsabbyyyyy Andriod, San Francisco 旧金山 @gooo617 Encore seems like a piece of crap, I’ve heard the action is horrible too. Lived like walking/Vespa distance from where Encore is, and feel sad some days I’ve moved, but everyone says the action sucks and they are stingy My hallway is my walk-in-closet.Costume Designer & Entrepreneur.Southpaw w/ attitude. NY Mets no longer deserve to share my ❤️w/ T-¥♦️ ♥️ ♠️♣️
Preds_Empire @statsrespecter @JackEichGOAT I'm walking past this restaurant at the Taste of Buffalo and I'm wearing my Eichel>Matthews shirt and the whole tent starts cheering and yelling Blow Leafs Blow and chanting Matthews sucks. And gave me some free food. I love Buffalo
statsrespecter Nashville, TN @JackEichGOAT I'm walking past this restaurant at the Taste of Buffalo and I'm wearing my Eichel>Matthews shirt and the whole tent starts cheering and yelling Blow Leafs Blow and chanting Matthews sucks. And gave me some free food. I love Buffalo nashville predators stats\analytics(#rstats,#python) “I didn’t know what truly did interest me, but I was absolutely certain about what didn’t.”
juscallme_Jay9 Zagreb, Croatia Sleeping officially sucks. All these random aches and pains come out of nowhere and my baby is crip walking on my bladder... for hours at a time 😭 send help. — feeling pained The cross I wear is more than a fashion statement. Currently living in Europe
Hockenszn IFB most sport accounts @JackEichGOAT @tnsteelerfan86 @jjmid04 I'm walking past this restaurant at the Taste of Buffalo and I'm wearing my Eichel>Matthews shirt and the whole tent starts cheering and yelling Blow Leafs Blow and chanting Matthews sucks. And gave me some free food. I love Buffalo. this place forking sucks // Lions // Hawkeyes // Preds // Not affiliated with @TheeHOCK8 // Backup @IcyRinne
marlyjuana somewhere up high...... My connection sucks at my new place and frontier can’t come till Monday. I been watching dvds, playing puzzles, walking, and playing games with irie. So this is what we did before phones
sparrowemblem Walking in a snowstorm downtown sucks.” And he’s like, “That’s crapty city planning. You’re telling me that doesn’t improve?” And I’m like, “Yeah. Now take off your shirt.” Erin: And he would. Me: He would. FE account. (BE/BL/GD 🔜 SS) profile pic by my bff @chickenbabby. i write erotic stuff sometimes 🔞
Try2St0pDaTrain @gnarrcan @RainbowPride69 @mg6 @lFuZiioNz @1andonlyVis I told him use sub and he said no its in his favor right? Online sub? Hos favor? Right???? Okay use sub koisy not like i beat tf out of your sub with sonya and scorpion countless times lmfao he a walking os dude sucks Nursing. Iron Paradise. Tequila. F23 breathe. F2 db1 ex.
DaisyCataleya Chicago, IL I’m embarrassed lmfao I was walking to my Uber and bam 🤣 he was like ...”are you okay? That sucks”😭
kylasmilel Worthing, England @AsimHussain95 I mentioned at the beginning of last term that my anxiety goes through the roof when people touch my things without my knowledge and I had a panic attack walking into my kitchen today. I’m being made out as the bad guy and it sucks A Nasty Piece Of Work With Green Hair called Kyla - some old dude
BlueFluffballl Born June 25, 2006 @Sowpa_Artz I get bullied at school to I use to get hit on the back of the head while walking down the hallways I would be called bad names back in 6th grade I was getting my stuff out of my locker and some 7th grader pushed me having my back soar. shcool is not easy it sucks and always will Awooo!! My name is Blue! [Bi] [13] [SFW] I'm caring, supportive and likes huggies! and wuv's you all ^//w//^ DM' are available if you want to talk UwU ÔwÔ 💙w💙
IsabelleCae W/Jai minding our business Walking around looking for jai thinking I done lost her, this mf in our bed under the covers sleep😭she sucks at playing hide and seek😂🤦🏽‍♀️ twin-tee.
resist_blue San Jose, CA @donalddoejr Liberal..🤣🤣😜Typical ignorant hack who learned a new word and trying to use it in a sentence & sucks at it...YOU’RE A WALKING MESS HOMEBOY, YOU’RE A POSTER CHILD FOR THE IMPORTANCE OF AN EDUCATION 🤣🤣🤣 Philanthropist
Chuck_Strike Carmichael I hate getting my dog groomed, I mean it's great because she looks so cute. But for the next few hours, I don't know what to do with myself. It sucks walking into that apartment and knowing she's not there. Oh well I'm going to post some cute pictures later 😁
blahuwu I've been sleeping at like 12 to 1ish and I don't know why but I've been walking up at like 5 AM and not being able to fall back asleep. It forking sucks, I feel ded tired, but I just can't fall back asleep idk bruv, just kinda here
Jordasch Denver, CO It’s true! And it sucks. I spent so much time at GameStop with ⁦@TravisSkupien⁩ in high school that we were on a first name basis with the employees - hey Andy! - but walking into a GameStop now is a dusty, dreadful experience. host of @leadoffslampod with @safeawkwardboy. writer/producer of @taconightfilm (link below.) bylines @wearemel @bandcamp @passionweiss he/his
Ti_Enjoli OSU | UC | MSU @OliviakUmana This reminds of the video of the sucks walking into the snow and saying fork this and turning around and walking back inside 🤣 BM(Neuro)E PhD student @ MSU. ENFJ. 1st black BME B.S. @ tOSU. Artist. @RAINN speaker. Miss Elite IN 17. Miss IN US 15. @SfNtweets fellow. STEMinist
sakura_alexia Other than possibly getting sick, I have somehow hurt my back too just for walking. Not my fault if my body sucks and I need to move looking like a wonky-ass penguin because I literally have no other way of keeping myself standing. This suck ass. Young italian self-proclaimed crappy artist / fanfiction writer. Also master of complaining about anything and everything.
24mileboy Pocatello, Idaho @snarkgrapefruit Spinal cord stimulator to block nerve pain from middle back down to toes! Sucks, feels like I am sitting on a vibrating pad all of the time! Savella for fibromyalgia pain and lots of stretches and walking! Vote blue no matter, proud Resistor!
svd_ney 20 // they? them? who knows "i dont like walking, im not meant for physical labor, moving is awaste of time, why do you think wireless transmitters were made, are we there yet, i want sweets, that brand sucks lately, the president changed and the quality dropped, the city sucks, but the countryside sucks 日本語・英語 // 文スト・ギヴン・鬼滅 // 英訳についてDMしてください~ // have your name and age in bio thanks
yoonderelIa OT7 enthusiast ™ 💋 “/You’re/ the weird one,” the boy retorts, rubbing the back of his neck. “Almost walking into the ring like that.” Jimin’s eyebrows jump, and he turns around, pointing at the mushroom formation. “You planted that in my garden?” The boy shakes his head. “My cousin did. He sucks.” 🌙 | ao3: kyrifics | I write on my good days. ☁️ | i love bangtan and cats and outerspace | u got me
gnomeicide Cambridge @RantyHighwayman Down in Trumpingron? Yeah, that whole site sucks for cycling and walking. Forager, cyclist, morlock, maker of things. Chicken fan, mad inventor. Retweeting or following doesn't mean you're right.
keyahnuhhh Queens, NY As much as I be wanting to save that extra couple of dollars, Uber pool sucks so much bottom and they always manage to have you walking 5 extra miles to get to the car or to your destination My silver spoon has fed me good. 🥄
BowpainBoki Germany Just got home after walking with a mate like 17km through my city and many, I live here for 6-7 years and haven't noticed so many cool looking corners around here, many potential photo spots for cars. Sucks that most are hard to reach and will require a permit or something... 19 | Yugo/German | That guy with the "Reborn" Lancer Evolution that won't shut the fork up about it | UGTuner Magazine
Danyella__V And it sucks that they dead tryna use the “sexuality” card as an explanation to what he was doing when in reality Aaron was a walking mental and emotional struggle with terrible CTE
RossDixonEllis @JustinWhang DOOM 2016 sucks. Overrated. Awesome soundtrack, the best of the decade. but the game is not doom. The mob arena style is boring, no enemies in the hallways until a boxy arena. Too much Slow walking.And having a cutscene for every glory kill is cheap and takes me out of the game. Guitarist from virginia. I will speak japanese and english on here. Yeeeeeaaah!
sshrout07 @intrnetdaughter Wv, however it’s a walking trump ralley and it sucks
ArcanaFox Brisbane, Queensland Go to shop to get a new bin and emergency alarm. Voice over says to evacuate because they're investigating something and people are just ignoring it and walking right on in. Sucks if it was forking important NSFW and crappost account of @CaffeineHazard | 18+ only 🔞|Caffeinated ball of Anxiety| Fursuiter| Cat Lover | Any Pronouns 👌| Gore Whore | Vulture Culture 💚
futureretroism @rileighsmirl I’m a large guy and it really does suck to feel like you’re making someone uncomfortable just by walking around. That’s not on women though, I know the danger is real and it sucks to have to be cautious all the time. It’s on the society that allows things to keep happening. Gaming, podcasts, nerd crap, whatever
BlueRedBlood St Louis, MO @usuck2me I was just walking my dog and I stepped in a hole filled with this freezing cold water that went half way up my shin!! This winter rain sucks ass!! I try to tweet with positive vibes, friendliness, love and care. Some people just refuse to accept it that way
LovePOTUS45 True. It sucks. Only republicans go to jail. Whole democrat party is corrupted and walking free Where is the justice. Lock up all dems Hillary Obama And Brennan Not ro say Joe And Hunter @POTUS @JudicialWatch @TheJusticeDept ❤️TRUMP2020RedWave ❤️#MAGA #KAG #NRA Here on Twitter 4 one Great Reason👉President Trump #GenFlynn #SethRich #Benghazi #BuildKateWall 🚫DM👉🏻Will be muted
RyTheZombieGuy Germany @itstheashleym Walking dead sucks bottom and has been trash for the past decade Add Me On #AzurLane And Hi3
Kikeyinks Getting heartbroken by an average looking white guy sucks, because you would just be randomly walking and see five other average looking white guys who look just like him. this air is different
USDwraith @MainEventTV_AKA See what sucks is I mostly look at this crap when I'm at work, which is second shift. In an airplane hangar. And it's dark out by first break. Before work when I'm walking around outside in the sunshine, life doesn't seem so awful. I just don't get enough sun these days.
ObliviousOreo Deadass walking to work sucks ass. But yet my dumabss parents will get a car and not even let me use it. Mind you they put that crap under my name LOVELESS Act V: ♑️🇳🇬 IG/$app:Obliviousoreo
roydeangraham Belmont ms @PN_II_ Sorry for your loss. I know how you feeling I lost my dad to cancer Too prostate cancer. It sucks. But its gods plan hes better of now he walking them streets of gold now no pain no worries. Bless you and y ok your family be Praying for you in this time of need. I'm a big ole miss fan love the ole miss sports love the them though think and thin rebels for life.
kt_geers yeah sure walking outside in the cold sucks but do you know what’s even worse? walking into any building in your parka and then profusely sweating osu ‘21
ItsmeEddieC Florida; Adirondacks; Spain @Rob_in_KY It sucks. He looked so good in walking ring. And so did 7 I freelance write for @HR_Nation; l listen to the @Lebatardshow; Asturias, Spain #FearTheTurtle #Barbaro; #Justify; #Saratoga; #NotebookPicksByEddieC
UpTopBosss Sugar Hill, Harlem @kathlotus @DavidBegnaud Ugh it sucks i was walking by serafina in condado and glanced towards the ocean and saw it but barely anyone else saw it but me thank you guys because you prove to my friends im@not crazy 😆
patrise_reed Alabama, USA @sarahcatt @DrunkAubie @AuburnMBB While walking out of the colleseum, some bama punks looked at us and said “F___ Auburn! Auburn sucks!” Classy!!! Life is better at the beach🏖 War Eagle, y’all! 🦅Follow me and I’ll follow back ✌🏻Peace, love and happiness✌🏻#MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
infinitejaguar USA @TheWalkingDead @EvenStevenYT @TWDWorldBeyond Do you see all of these responses? FTWD ended at season 3. Season 4 & 5 are absolute garbage and are NOT the same story as 1-3. MoMo and Friends: Clear the Walking Dead sucks, and you should end the show. It's just Jaguars all the way down, man! (Also, I'll occasionally promote a book or two that I'm writing, trying to get you to read!)
BoringHeymanGuy Ghazipur, India @TripleH @CFL @WWE This guy really sucks all he does is walking back in NXT and take pic with nxt guys and giving congratulations on his tweet and giving championship replica to whoom i don't know Future Of The @WWE
fir5t1nline @TheMavShow 1/Hey! Full time teacher and dad of Twins (4) and also have a newborn (5 months). What I wish I knew was to not listen to everyone. You will hear a lot of negative. I cannot tell you how many times someone told me " man your life sucks" while walking through the store. Gamer/Songwriter/Teacher of cool things. Listen to my music at Teacher/Student podcast at

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