Walking sucks

Walking sucks.

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mackenzie_bland Colorado, USA And the more we drive, the more asphalt we pour, the less trees we plant by the road, and the further back we push buildings. So then theres less shade, urban heat island worsens, and walking sucks even more. So we drive more 😭
_ASAPBobby Papillion, NE 1 minute into a walk: Ugh walking sucks 30 minutes into a walk: I love my past, present and future. The best is yet to come. I am thankful for all my friends and their part in the rich tapestry that is my life. My blessings are innumerable. Hope you never dim the light
NOYB2869 Terra @fullautoslur They like it so they can smoke and stare at strangers walking by. Eating outside sucks! I never liked it. Backyard astronomer.
PuddinH8sTweets Colorado, USA @Ky1eKatarn Because Twitter/the internet is made for talking to each other. Walking around outside is for lots of things, but for lots of people it’s not about talking to each other. And TLJ sucks 🤷 I am man. I fix, I break, I impregnate.
SaidBySully NJ @davenewworld_2 Great news! But… Let’s keep it that way and advise people NOT to jump out of high speed boats cuz ya know… walking is awesome and death sucks. I teach, I learn. I dream, I explore. I met Vanilla Ice once. So yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.
marc_cavalera Albuquerque, NM @butwhyalyssa It's like walking on egg shells with them. Any bit of honest opinions & they lose their minds. And try to make you out as the worst thing in the world. I said it before. Their troll game sucks. It's why most of us don't even bother anymore. Atheist, Straight Edge. No Facebook, Instagram, or Threads. And nothing but Payday candy bars. Hail Santa. 🤡👽👻🎃🎅
pokigr3 4.7 miles from you @arianesvow Idk lmao I had two people on the day I got to NYC and they no called no showed. So now they’re blacklisted and they owe me full rate. I’ll take it down when it’s owed. I refuse to be a walking doormat so it is what it is. Sucks to be them B.S. in forensic science 🧪 & criminal justice | korean | I SELL JARS OF SQUIRT | free palestine 🇵🇸
Sphixion San Jose, California @BenTheBaneDavis There were some logos that were pretty bad. It’d be slippery when water, ice, or sweat got on it and made fighters fall walking over it. Sucks fighters can’t have sponsors on their gear anymore. Maybe the dudes with casino’s written on their backs ruined it. Happily immature
mackenzie_bland Colorado, USA And the more we drive, the more asphalt we pour, the less trees we plant by the road, and the further back we push buildings. So then theres less shade, urban heat island worsens, and walking sucks even more. So we drive more 😭
GmingClipz Connecticut I'm glad we live like this. Walking everywhere is for poors. And it just flat out sucks. Driving everywhere >>>>> My tweets: They just mean more.
themochaqueen17 @StormTropa Lmao they were random bimbos at the airport, I just smiled big and kept walking 🤣 sucks to be them! Event manager, mental health advocate, sober AF, self-published author x3 & metal-core music lover. Opinions my own, RTs ❌ endorsements. 30.
lmagson @jimodonnell2 That's right. When my back problems were bad walking two blocks to the bus stop and then three blocks to work was excruciating. I'd have to stop and sit 3 or 4 times. Sucks. If you are a sociopath, go away.
Enndorii Oklahoma, USA Walking outside SUCKS but hey at least I am getting sunlight and exercise of which I hate both but I know they’re good for me if you're reading this I'm your sidehoe now || she/her || 21 || exmo || nerd slut is my gender || bussy enthusiast || minors DNI || cashapp: $TheEndorian
Rebekah023 University Park, Md. We lost a recent graduate early Sunday morning. Shot while walking through a parking garage. A nice area. He was kind & creative & the world is lesser without him. I taught him in 10th and 12th & am shattered. 21 is too young. The guns need to go. The US sucks 😞😞 Citizen, reader, advocate, educator. Lover of challenging the status quo and all things kitsch. Parent to 3 mini-humans. "Nevertheless, she persisted."
ariaa_51 MINORS DNI⚠️🔞☠️ART @deriph997 they don't need to pay or something I just don't wanna edit. Idk why they think they needed to escalate things so quickly 💀 hope they're bluffing and cool off. it sucks how I feel like nobody respects my boundaries here like im walking on eggshells, or maybe I'm the problem. she/her • one eye blind artist • comms open!
SeaNightz Massachusetts, USA @BillJanis @RadioFreeTom @sarahzhang Not at all. I couldn’t even squat like that when I was 6 or 7. My Achilles tendons -too short and my arches- too high. I have a bigtoe bonespur frm cartilege breakdown, because of not being able to even flex my toe enough while walking. Only 10% flex now! It sucks. :( she/her, science over fantasy, no to dictators (foreign or domestic)
XBT002 B1, Balamb Garden and fr fr the music they blast on their mini JBLs at 10:30pm while walking on the street vaping SUCKS managing funposter @theblock__ • ex-cex therapist @okx • cofoundoooor @beincrypto • og btrasher eic @bitcoinist • retired master clickbaiter @looper
Martian19656 Chryse Planitia, Mars I am beginning to think we ain't going to the Moon in 2025 thanks to Starships failure. Curse Congress for cutting the budget in the 1970s. If that never happened, I'd be watching footage from 1981 of Astronauts landing and walking and planting the flag on Mars. Reality sucks tbh A Gumiho from the Red Planet Mars My Reddit: My DeviantArt:
BulletMagnetMan Asgard @BoundingComics James - your film sucks balls. It's that simple. It was reshot to hell and back. The casting sucked. The script was appalling. It was a dead man walking before it ever got filmed. Deal with it. aka BulletMagnetMan. True Tolkien fan. Gamer. DON'T FOLLOW ME! Don't f*ck with me - hungry pigs always need feedin.' Qui audet adipiscitur
charliemew2 Chicago, IL I genuinely just had one of the most incredible spectacle boss fights with Titan that got me so hyped only for the next TWO ENTIRE HOURS of game to be doing absolutely awful boring side quest dribble walking from map marker to marker with next to no combat and it SUCKS Material Artist at People Can Fly. Fire Emblem, Cooking jokes, and 'Wow, X game/anime was a lot better/worse than I expected!' Posts. SCAD 2018/Sony Alumni
Blalex18v2 Amerikkka @kenny_sanford @MinusPeach C’mon bro, you’re not walking over puddles of blood and crap. You don’t gotta lie. Downtown sucks, but you lying about it doesn’t accomplish anything. Tall, Dark, Handsome, Dilettante, Coward, Repeat Sunburn Victim | Former Millionaire | #Sounders #LUHG 🇱🇸🇦🇱 Opinions are my own RIP @blalex18 🙏🏾
powerkranz she/her morgana: so my dad didn't like me a literal walking war crime, a cult escapee, an unknowing demon host, and whatever the hell jukkhag is: damn girl that really sucks you're Queen no more the title is mine now ♔ opinions are my own
wylnvnck caleb simps • 23 • lesbian @canesnight exactly !! and like walking in my town sucks and is boring and biking is like FUN so i'd do it but my parents do not believe me but i was the only one who really knew him, every inch • he/they/she
Rawin___ OR @Nolanmills Ik, again it is 100% coping I like melee, but on a game basis it is literally so bad, even on a competitive basis it sucks. half the roster is terrible, and are not capable of winning almost anything, and the game feels like you're walking through water with 10 layers of clothes Video Editor | Adobe Premiere/After Effects 1M+ views across all creators I've worked with Specialized in short form content Banner from @bluerosetori
DJLeMVP New Jersey @ryancannon28 Do the last 10 games. “Good stretches” Rizzo had his first XBH in the last 10 games today, hasn’t homered since May and hasn’t been the same since the Tatis thing Stanton is basically Joey Gallo rn tight rope walking the Mendoza line Be fair dude, everyone sucks @Yankees | @Giants | @LSU | @NJDevils | Arbiter of DJ LeMahieu | Tweet featured on @MLBNetwork | Always Unbiased
ooster887 @RelayTS Was it the walking dead video. You did show a lot of blood 🩸 it sucks and I get it but if the shows not for kids don’t make the video for kids. I’m thoughts on the world. I love film and movies Soon to be a writer. I'm on book 3 of a song of Ice and Fire. Letter box Henny
aporxie PNW @hadesselch well, no... I've had it since I was a teen LOL. over a decade ago. I'm just having a flare-up atm in one of my ankles and it's bad enough to prevent me from walking. it'll pass but it sucks. Mac ✦ he/they ✦ OCs and fanart, tragically unfunny ✦ please do not repost/use my art w/o permission ✦ Varlais Marcel (Zalera) + several alts 😔
PSidikman @MSNBC But, everybody agrees the economy sucks. Why? Inflation is raging, gas prices soaring because Biden has shut down production, houses are unaffordable, Biden sending our wealth to Ukraine, daring Putin to start a war, illegal aliens walking across the borders at will and we are… Science matters: Sex is binary, determined at conception. Climate changes, always did. Nations can't exist without real borders. Laws require enforcement.
Gmen_Navy_ New Jersey, USA Ron Marinaccio is a walking forking bum dude sucks and has all season Nets | Yankees | Giants | Rangers | Liverpool
keep_wolin Greater Seattle Area Walking to Mandalay Bay is fun and cool. Walking to the Thomas and Mack sucks. Jewish guy from New York. #Data | #NBA | #Tech 📊🏀 #SQL | #AI | #Python 💻🤖 #Fitness | #Photo | #Travel 💪📸
koprtop Oklahoma is NOT OK @_dogelole @akubukanako @thelictor Agreed. I live within walking distance (2-3 miles) of shops and restaurants, but there is no place to walk, and traffic is heavy. In places, there’s barely a shoulder on the road. And people yell horrible things. Sucks. “For this part, darling, you must be brave.” she/her, mom to 3 daughters, 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+, blue in a red state
creatorsgame365 the wall @JayGoltz84 You might be right about Farrell dudes a walking TO. Baptiste is more than capable.. he can actually handle defensive pressure, play defense, pass and shoot. Same with Nardella, sucks the injury big got em. attack everything
Skilledwarman @marflowell @primo_vzx @joshkeaton Next spiderverse sequel gonna be them walking up to that dude and telling him he sucks Duine Raijul on Twitch and Youtube @DuineRaijul for that stuff
GorillerGotShot Antonio Browns House @JackEichBUST I'm walking past this restaurant at the Taste of Buffalo and I'm wearing my Eichel>Matthews shirt and the whole tent starts cheering and yelling Blow Leafs Blow and chanting Matthews sucks. And gave me some free food. I love Buffalo. Internet bully. Yellowstone adventure guide. Big Montana Guy.
TheArtOfTouch12 Sarasota | Tampa | St.Pete Made it! I forgot where to try and park so that I’m near the long mat that takes you out because walking in the sand at siesta key sucks!! Kinda stinky today not as bad as last time I was on this side but I need the peace Artist: #Sarasota | #Tampa | #StPete| #Orlando | #FortMyers | #Bradenton | #P411 ID: P120589 | EMID: #674226
JackEichBUST Buffalo, NY I'm walking past this restaurant at the Taste of Buffalo and I'm wearing my Tage>Matthews shirt and the whole tent starts cheering and yelling Blow Leafs Blow and chanting Matthews sucks. And gave me some free food. I love Buffalo. *Updated* from the original Tage Thompson is better than Auston Matthews
JackEichBUST Buffalo, NY I'm walking past this restaurant at the Taste of Buffalo and I'm wearing my Eichel>Matthews shirt and the whole tent starts cheering and yelling Blow Leafs Blow and chanting Matthews sucks. And gave me some free food. I love Buffalo. @GorillerGotShot it's that time of year Tage Thompson is better than Auston Matthews
4lizzymars @RonDeSantis Poor Ron, you’re a JOKE without a punchline. While campaigning find a personality cause you SUCKS big time. Trump has been dog walking your bottom and you have destroyed Florida economy with your ignorance racist propaganda. Good Job! Just me and nothing more.
InvertedMoloch A hole in the wall in the bottom of the floor. Likewise Claire sucks bad but urs hard to hold her accountable for her flaws when she is so transparently a walking corpse with misery for blood. WHN and Max as an author are extremely good at showing flawed characters without judgment beyond what the other flawed characters say 24, She/Her, trans girl with authorial intent, demanding the impossible. Avatar by my fiancée, @mmiddry
yasweetroma @sydluvscatz @nocalbbz walking is extremely low impact, although it will tone your legs a bit in a way or another it will be hard to notice and will probably only show on the numbers, although it sucks it still burns cals so yeah A great genius!!! ortho + ana
rifi_s My dog was up all night pacing and walking in circles. She’s exhausted but she won’t stop her little circles. Doggy dementia sucks! 😢
steps_lightly Wembley Stadium it sucks that people are incapable of exercising a bit of thought and differentiate between throwing flowers or soft things when he sees it, and pelting him from the side while he’s walking past. watch him not accept gifts anymore to discourage this habit of throwing stuff it’s cause i love you, babe. give me something to dream about. wishing i could be there for ya. around harry‘s age. fan account, they/them. genderfluid. queer
deloreandorian Tamaroa, Illiniwek Confed. My school touts itself for being one of the best campuses in the nation for ADA compliance, yet it somehow has the most awkward sidewalk I've ever had the displeasure to use. When school is in session and 56k+ people are walking around, this sucks urban planning grad student @ uiuc with interests in cartography, graphic design, and transit
Yin_NGMI @LanceSweatpants Haha lfg! I've been walking every morning between 6am and 7am. Been relaxing AF, sucks waking up early though ahah Do people even look at the bio? If you did then @ me
mardorgordor sponsored by grace Anytime it rains in KNUST off campus ,precisely Ayeduase ….walking to your hostel becomes a problem ,why can’t the management task the hostel managers a percentage and use it to fix our roads ,last time I had to walk through the muddy water to write exams. It sucks ! student leader| children activist| Potential engineer 👷‍♀️|Fmr. Financial secretary @gaesaknust| President @cighknust |Fmr.central organizer @nupsgknust|
HarryDo15331167 @budweiserusa Sucks because I actually grew up drinking Bud and Bud Light. A low estimate, I would have about 450 bud lights a year...Now I get pissed just walking by their products. I dont accept followers sorry...ask me how many forks I give.
hoshiumisexy he/him i met @kopokkur walking into the wrong bio lab and asking him about his pokemon keychains and he was like damn lets be lab partners and then the TA was liek "well actually kdad mchoshiumilover is not in the right room" and i was like this forken sucks. lets still be bros tho the least funny guy you will ever meet (27) hoshiumi kourai luver
myrna38717 Washington, DC @DcSafer And probably crossing there because the ped signal timing sucks at the intersections plus he would have to deal with turning cars & the slip lane at Nebraska. (Either that or he’s walking from his car parked mid-block.) Pedestrian rights advocate. Aging non-driving/walking/public transit user. Atheist. Retired Lawyer. Ukulele.
bjcanney Chelmsford, MA @NestPgs No different than anyone walking into a new job. If your trainer/manager sucks and can't transfer knowledge or context, there will be struggles. Mac had a solid rookie year with McDaniels, took a huge step back with Patricia now gets BoB who is a massive upgrade.
blessedoneJ316 @DrLoupis Do they really think that is beautiful? It’s sad and disgusting. I fought weight all my life and being fat or obese sucks! Clothes look like crap on you, walking is a chore, having fun is few and far between because you sweat like a horse and can’t breath!

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