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Walking sucks.

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F1duspawnMaster @gardxnGnostic y-yOU DO? uHH,, mOST OTHER TROLLS JUST DON'T TALK TO ME ANYMORE,, iM KINDA BORING,, aND UNLESS WE ARE ON HARD GROUND MY METHOD OF WALKING SUCKS,, >flinching at her touch, his face was a deep bronze as he avoided eye contact. His self esteem wasnt the greatest. Birds-eye view, awake the stars 'cause they're all around you Wide eyes will always brighten the blue [ Multiship ] [ Info below pinned ]
Peter_Bas_Boss Los Angeles @Kkellez The only damn thing LA is better than New York regarding is the weather, oh and New York requires walking and walking sucks Host of the podcast linked below, on the CBS Radio network. comedian and entrepreneur
Tokyoeyeslow Walking sucks I’m fork around and get a mobility scooter idgaf Ima unicorn
SGP64_official behind you (Texas, USA) @thecypherden Hey den a texan here to answer your questions. 1.lots of scooters cause we like to keep the traffic down,walking sucks in heat. 2.We don't jack the scooters cause you be perceived as a asshole and the police will get serious about it. Geek || TEXAN || gamer || youtuber || 9 gang member || Sonic fan || artist friend code:SW-3397-4010-2827 Want to talk business!?:
dejavuueyes California, USA at the end of the day im no longer upset about the block im more upset with myself for getting that 2nd DUI and then me losing my car again. with this heat. walking sucks ass God Vibes...Good Times & MusicPoetry 😌👽🙏 🕇🏆 IG: glowinngrowinnn
AmxricanSoldier tv series questions edition 1. malcolm in the middle 2. doctor who 3. the walking dead 4. drama & sci fi 5. malcolm in the middle 6. stranger things 7. everything sucks! 8. brooklyn nine-nine reply with an emoji and i'll send you the questions I mean, who the fork are you?
AGalerian @Powerfork Time's have changed brother. When is the last time you walked by a guy or girl at night and didn't feel the need to be defensive. You never know. crap forking sucks. It's hot as balls. I see people walking and I want to offer to take them to their destination, but I don't. No.
F1duspawnMaster @gardxnGnostic y-yOU DO? uHH,, mOST OTHER TROLLS JUST DON'T TALK TO ME ANYMORE,, iM KINDA BORING,, aND UNLESS WE ARE ON HARD GROUND MY METHOD OF WALKING SUCKS,, >flinching at her touch, his face was a deep bronze as he avoided eye contact. His self esteem wasnt the greatest. Birds-eye view, awake the stars 'cause they're all around you Wide eyes will always brighten the blue [ Multiship ] [ Info below pinned ]
chitalpas One kitten knocked an orchid off the shelf and shattered the pot, another one (whose balance sucks due to a burst ear drum) fell from loft bc he was walking on the outside of the bars (we think he's okay)... They're so stupid and cause me so much anxiety 21 | she/her | BIG fan of reptiles (and critical role)
MilkteaMomoko Saṃsāra On that note since Astro sucks now, I'm a DRK main and I will be edgy bottom until I find a top that'll rail me so hard Walking Dead will activate [18+] I wear a lot of black clothes and I wanna be beautiful | Ero Model [BOY] | @BlackTeaPMC & @maritimemaiden Amzn:
PDavidAlexander Atlanta, GA Hit the gym at my loft for the first time today... and the gym here sucks! Any recommendations for a reasonably priced gym or workout (no spin classes) in the midtown area? Preferably within walking distance of 8th @ Peachtree? — looking for Recommendations SAG-AFTRA Actor + Barber. Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
J10whodis Boston, MA @Mozzy_NE First impression: I love this guy and it sucks that I have to play him the first day we meet Nickname: walking character crisis Closeness: 6 Do I like you: duh You are: genuine Tbh: you’re awesome, very welcoming member of the smash community and one of my biggest rivals J10/Jaeden • 19 ♂️• NE WFT/Palu • SPACEHIVE
bellyweenus @verizon we spend $600 bucks a month on all of our devices and now after walking in the SD pride parade trying to find our car you are throttling or your service sucks Just trying to pay attention and save the world one retweet at a time😀
EstanceMoriarty Paris, France It's mi-July and I couldn't leave the house without my walking stick yesterday. Every year I get less and less time without needing to use it. This sucks. That's all I had to say. Agender Ace Janeite & Feminist. Like a dragon, I hoard books, drink tea & watch #LIW. Co-Responsable d'@Asso_AVA (Pronoms: They/Ul)
Mukesh08332873 @goairlinesindia go air sucks. Take off from Pune for flight G8 284. Even in the last moment the gate number is not final. Senior citizens and kids walking the entire airport from gate 5 to 6 to 4 to 3. Shame...never ever go air.
huntingatherers Carrollton, GA It really sucks when you’re so good at COD and your friends are walking trash cans that they can’t play League with you because they get beamed 🥺 Somewhere, being something
JagersonPolitic Provo, UT (he/him) Haven't tweeted on here for a while, but, hey, Mike Lee sucks. And we're putting people in cages for walking over a line in the sand to escape terrible violence and poverty. this is now primarily a Beatles account | @lancejagerson | Venmo and Cash App: LanceJa
thatforkerkeith @goshikiyun Oh god. That's how I was with Alois and his heels. It sucks. But yes oh my God. Like you're walking around a con all day comfort should be the important thing. |20y/o| This is where I cry over man titties |BakuDeku hoe | Reblog heavy | 18+ | cosplay account @keithcosplays | read my carrd before following
Em__Dash__ North Carolina, USA I haven’t gone a day without crying in awhile and I hate trauma therapy and it sucks and I’m just basically a walking open wound poet | appalachian | professor | queer | blue-collar scholar | editor @Screen_Door_R | she/her
SwtNSouthern In Your Dreams My tiddies look so good today and I'm gonna be walking around all day. Pics will be on AVN and OF when I get back. If you're not sending, sucks to be you 😋 👑Southern Brat. 👑Fetish Content Creator. 👑#FinDom 👑#Femdom 👑Your Addiction. 👑18+ ONLY. 👑 NO SKYPE 👑$50 MINIMUM
ellisromance Maryland I'm not sure what was the point to show up at these immigration detention centers, stare at people through a fence and say, "Wow, that looks like it sucks," and keep walking. Was the intent to make yourself look bad? 🙄 I write under Shelly Ellis & Shelly Stratton. Know Your Place (now available). The Final Play (Oct. 29, 2019) NAACP Image Award nominee. Rep'd by @bpoelle.
_nikkiterri_ New York, NY @NYCTBus Thanks. I appreciate it. Commuting and walking home at this hour sucks, and walking an extra creepy block doesn’t help ☹️ Over there.
lorddrawz ... @JoeMerrick @MandJTV_Michael This means that the Failsafe models, and the walking and running animation in SUMO were basically wasted, that kinda sucks imo I’m a fan of Nintendo, Pokémon, and Art!! I do traditional art at the moment but I’m planning to do Digital.
deimoxdanger BAY 🔜 LA Honestly I’m tired of serving already. I love walking out with tips everyday but I’m tired of the crapty paychecks and getting taxed on your hourly on how many hours you work sucks. voted most likely to cause a scene ☽ 🇧🇷
zaemitgetta Yknow WHAT. I have chronic tendonitis in my right knee and it forkING HURTS all the time especially when there's a flare up caused by standing or walking for too long. Yes, two activities that abled bodies should do by default. Can't even imagine having to dance :( it truly sucks ♏️🐉 Wildflowers are stronger than dirt. Fic writer. Edit maker. Check my carrd for details. Astro stuff & emotions. 1/3 Anpanbun. she/her
hailee_baughman Butte, MT Walking away from someone after putting in so much time and effort into them sucks Snapchat: Baughman55😇
davejrt_ Australia @ahpook oh mannnn this sucks. When I was there in April walking around jetlagged this was one of the things I came across first and that crap...we need this sort of thing in Sydney.
shootingrimes Queens tv series questions edition 1. the walking dead 2. merlí 3. grey's anatomy 4. ciencia ficción y romance 5. casi angeles ysi 6. skins 7. everyting sucks, z nation 8. the innocents y teen wolf reply with an emoji and i'll send you the questions sigo esperando a que carl reviva
chikalisas i think the way gym gets taught to kids like. really forking sucks. took me a long time to figure out i don’t hate being active and exercising, i just hate the ways we were taught to do it in school? like. i like walking n hiking? i like learning to skateboard? i like rollerblade franky 💫 18 💫 she/her | i dabbed in front of the second most important catholic church | art account over at @datareplica
cwcooper810 Queen Creek, AZ @KelsWingert @FOXSportsBraves I was walking back to my seat (wearing my Acuna jersey) and this guy yelled at me that Acuna sucks. I just said we’ll see about that. Next pitch....💣 couldn’t help but just look at the guy and #ChopOn #OklahomaSooners #Pelicans #Braves #AZcardinals #ArizonaState
mrisssaf I used to spend 90% of my time at home walking around in my undies and it was so comfortable but now I cant do that because there's so many guys that live in this house and IT SUCKS I dont feel like myself being modest in the place that I LIVE Self taught photographer and artist. Uninterested in you 👑
Sthoms105 MKE This bullpen just absolutely sucks. Walking guys, terrible pitch selection and execution. It’s brutal to watch. My twitter feed is the classic dumpster fire gif. Brewers | Packers | Bucks | IT Pro | Movie Guy
PhilSparks Santa Monica, CA 2/ You're driving a crapty 90's mustang....and you're telling me my life sucks ? ....I'd rather be forking walking than drive that crapty car douche...
PhilSparks Santa Monica, CA 1/ Now I just had some douchebag Hollywood executive just talk crap to me that I didn't even know. But he didn't talk crap until his car door was open and I was walking way past him. What's the point in that ? He also said it sucks to be me. What grown adult says that ?
_aishajean no offense but walking up to trevor jackson and cutting off that ugly bottom rat tail sucks 🏳️‍🌈🇬🇭
NolaMetsFan New Orleans, LA @SNYtv A calf strain sucks, depending on how severe he might not be able to run for at least 12 weeks. I'm currently on week 5 of a torn calf muscle and just got off crutches and currently in a walking boot. This guy can't get healthy at all! Mets Fan living in the New Orleans area Saints Fan Who Dat!
TrashPandaFTW @HackingDave that sucks, I broke my toe once fighting off sith lords while saving a school full of children... witnesses might say I was walking through a Costco parking lot and kicked a shopping cart stall... they are definitely lying I make bad jokes that I laugh at. You get what you pay for if you follow me 😱😜
shelivealive she/her i need women being shirtless in public to be normalized asap i have hyperhidrosis so it sucks when it’s hella hot and men are walking around shirtless while i have to profusely sweat through my shirt uncomfortable with emotional response
HeelSam Tokoroa/Auckland @therealKenye @ESPNChiCubs Strop sucks dude. Brutal is walking batters and then allowing a Home Run. Schwarber ain't great but this one is on Strop.
_laurencowen working at a mall in palo alto sucks. do you know how many times i get cut off by some stupid human who HAS to take an instagram photo right where i’m walking? it’s like everyone here is so rich they’ve stopped using common curtesy along with their brain and i hate it asphinctersayswhat
harmmsss DTX My brother found my tampons while cleaning the bathroom and he’s walking around the house gaging 💀 gosh being the only girl in the house sucks 😂😂 Sweet like honey💛| 👻harmmmsss
DonnieS35832188 New York, USA @JHolmsted Damn that sucks. But yeah @JHolmsted what the hell was she doing walking around that place with 4K in cash. Whenever I go to that city I keep my wallet in my front pocket, and never pull cash out in public. Proud American, Army Veteran, and of course supporter of POTUS! Also, stow your feelings at the door because I don’t care if I offend you. MAGA 2020.
Givetheringback Everything Posted is Alleged ! Reality sucks! Just the other day LeAnn was walking the red carpet for The LION KING w all the other Z list celebrities and the next she's singing at a run down dump. The real celebrities of the movie were on another part of the red carpet so they don't get Z list cooties. For entertainment purposes only. Come watch the car wreck that is LeAnn and Eddie. For years these two slowly spiraled from B/C list to Z list. Next stop: porn
BigDtalks Turns out, walking from Bagong Ilog to Ugong in Pasig via C5 is very manageable. Except for all that exhaust one sucks in as you walk. And the almost non existent sidewalk. It's like dancing tinikling with motorcycles which are overtaking on the right side. Jesus Follower. Husband. Father. Friend.
CosmicFaustus 15. A good thing that’s happened this summer? I haven’t had to be outside IN it very much. Means fewer heatstrokes, no sunburns from just walking outside, and being able to BREATHE because Southern Summer Sucks. ✩°。⋆ 29 ⋆ History Grad ⋆ Voice Actress ⋆ Fanfiction Writer ⋆ Heavy RT ⋆ Mostly BSD
TMW504 New Orleans @NevadaJack2 This warning is 25 years past due. I grew up at the base of mount Evans in Colorado. When I was a kid, you were lucky to see them. I went up there 20 years ago and they were walking up to the cars begging. It was one of the saddest things I ever saw. #welfare sucks the life out Proud to be an American, #IAmANationalist Conservative, Mother, Wife, Friend. If your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself author unknown.
INC0NSPICUOUS CP 🍰 I assure you that I put a lot of thought into it before walking away. I assure you that it isn’t easy for me leaving either. But between my sanity and your “it sucks,” my choice matters more. Parody account • Elliot Wonjae Song • FC: Joohoney • OCRP • My heart, soul and all my thoughts belong to @kangxdongho since 2014.
soniccitrush easily. EASILY. the worst part of AX now is the fact they forking cordon of LA Live. stop that crap man. there’s like barely any walking space and having to walk around the barriers forking sucks, it’s little but that walking builds up and gets super annoying and the pictures are ζ*'ヮ')ζ • hol horse's actual wife
Arrrrash I hurt my knee today walking up the stairs and not realizing there wasn’t an extra stair at the top. Getting old sucks I play video games, tweet random crap and sometimes make youtube videos |
XperianLannistr North Carolina, USA Nancy Pelosi sucks crap and in spite of being a literal walking skeleton, lacks any semblance of a spine. fork off Nancy. You suck. forkin’ boo. Large son haver. Been on one since Dre said it. Leftist but Ed Harris said I got the right stuff. He/Him

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