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Walk to keep fit.

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Turfline England Sussex the county of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex. UK Conservative, my first visit to USA was 1971 (Aug 15 1971 Gold Standard ended) @hodgetwins I walk we’re ever I damn well like wearing my ‘Maga’ hat even at football matches and UK pubs were it’s Labour area supporting football clubs, Am a Keep fit person taught self defence techniques, but not to harm.
Antoine34607679 @MaryDenise22 Breathless when climbing stairs or walking up hill. Persistent cough. Best thing is to expertise and walk as much as you can to keep your lungs functioning as best you can. I do try and go to keep fit once a week 🌹 Roman Catholic mother of 6 sons and 1 daughter. Grandmother of 18 grandchildren. Counsellor and psychotherapist. Volunteer for local hospice.
CityCorpHeath London Keep fit, while helping the environment - sounds too good to be true but you can do this with plogging (picking up litter while jogging) and we have our first event on the Heath on Sat 20 July, 5pm, P.Hill bandstand. 5km run or 2km walk. @plogolution Welcome to the official Hampstead Heath Twitter feed - bringing you the latest news, pics and updates from the Heath team.
Lynn_GT @ragnasun8 I used to Nordic Walk before I moved from Bristol! Need to join a local group and would recommend it to others! A great way to keep fit whilst enjoying the outdoors and others; company! Lover of Entlebuchers, Italy and Amerone in equal parts! 100% EU remainer!
otdderamin Oregon, USA And this is a big one: just because you don't like something doesn't make it bad or harmful. You need to learn when to walk away when someone's doing something you don't like that isn't harmful. It can not fit in your story with your toys and you can keep scrolling. Disabled femby ace swamp monster (she/her). Owns @MajesticMesses. Void screaming, media analysis #spoilers, queer history, G&S & Critical Role. #AcesMild player
MarileKleinhans Johannesburg , South Africa @GeniusLeigh too lazy to even walk...i’m just glad i found something cheap and sustainable to fit my lifestyle...lets keep encouraging each other!🙌🏼 Paediatrician🍼•”I don’t want nothing I’m not entitled to but I want everything that’s mine.All of it!”•I bully myself cause I make me do what I put my mind to”
DiaryOfADoppel Mystic Falls, VA @MonsterousMask < while I’m gone,” she says, her voice light and teasing. Giving him a playful wink, Elena heads off to the bathroom. On the walk there, in order to keep from devolving into a fit of excited giggles, she taps away a response to Ric letting > "I must have said, "I'm fine, thanks" at least 37 times, and I didn't mean it once, but no one noticed." || #TVD #RP
MartyH Fernandina Beach, FL Beach walk morning. Ran into the horses on the beach group. Some on the island feel bad for the horses and all that. Looked like easy exercise to keep them fit to me 😉 After over 50 years in computing, Founder and CEO of Symas.
angelcyrusgomez Location withheld All I can tell you is that I have a plan. Because for seven bucks a day I can easily keep hydrated. That way I'm not spending so much on energy drinks and that way, I am fit and ready to go. I also like to walk to my grandfather's house but I will not be taking the violin with me Visit us and Donate today!!! and save an animal's life for $19! I'm a donor so I can say this. I'm honoring the animals to this day. Thank you.
globalgolf Raleigh, North Carolina .@PingTour cart bags are perfect for rounds when it's too hot to walk. They keep your clubs neatly organized, have plenty of storage, and fit snugly in a cart. Shop our selection 👉 We're the largest online seller of new and used golf clubs - run by golfers for golfers.
SxyBBWLacey UK and your fantasies x @jodielawsonx My huge target is 3 stone but I will be happy with 2 and being able to keep it off. Main thing is that I can walk into any shop and fit in their clothes! Sexy bi #BBW ,sarcastic, super geeky, tattooed pin up loving half Chinese sub girl #AdultWork #spoilme
theshuklajee Mumbai, India A morning walk keep your body fit and healthy and flowers around you keep refresh and energetic. ______________________________________________ Don't forget to follow & Pick credit -… A traveler, photographer, and travel blogger from India. Official Instagram - @theshuklajee personal Instagram - @theshuklajii #theshuklaji #theshuklajee
1Fluffynation forkin, tx @Young_Skydiver Bruh it’s crazy they get to the point to where they can’t even walk or fit through the door and they just keep feasting they don’t think it be like it is but it do
loveLifeNGO South Africa @aQuelle asked what do you do to keep fit and #BeActive. 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ Others take a walk, others go to the gym, and of course who would leave out sweeping the yard as part of their active routine... Wena, what do you do to stay active??🧐🧐 #IChoose2BActive #loveLifeZA An NGO whose core focus is to change the lives of young people using programmes to influence positive behavioural change | #loveLifeZA @loveLife_CEO
Gaddafess Kenya @mtete_silvia 😭😭😭😭😭😭 please God NO!! I am so fit and walk up and down mountains to keep fit pastrolism is life!
bdudley2012 @BlameBigGovt @amykay9377 You just got to do what's right it doesn't matter if you can't do two things together sometimes it just will fit. An example you can't tie your shoes and walk at the same time right. Keep telling the truth if it's true the rest will fall in place.balance on the inside is the key. I Be thinking about thinking
Fitbury United Kingdom Sitting is hard habit to break. But here is a tip to adopt into your workday to keep you healthy and fit. -Put the printer away from your desk so that you need to get up and walk to retrieve any printed documents. - Put your office supplies on the other side of your office. Quick heel pain, back pain & knee pain relief with our specially designed orthotic insoles and cushioned arch supports. See link below for more👇👇
claremcdean York One of the down sides of my chronic illness is struggling to keep fit. I walk to work and back but it’s not enough. So I am taking control. My cross trainer has arrived and J has installed it in our spare room. I have a reasonable plan and I am determined to use it. Baking. Strictly. Musicals. Academic librarian. Doctoral researcher. She/her.
GuardiansDG @KaleidoscopeGS Well u don't have to miss it just walk gradually towards it lol. I decided to slowly start taking everyday walks and use google fit to keep tabs on my consistency, and it may not look it but u will start getting trim lol, my clothes fit better now too!
WallysWalk1 Belvedere, UK Hi hun - sorry have not spoken much. Busy recruiting for walk! But just wanted to say that once it all settles down I can't wait to have a long chat with you, put the world to rights and, most of all, just laugh! Keep walking....u know I need u and Mr Shelley to be fit in 2020! x Simultaneous UK wide coastal sponsored walks. Sign up: #dementiacoastalwalk
GodwinPrimary Dagenham Today we took part in #dailymilelondon Mr Moran encouraged the children to remember this in the holiday and go for a walk with friends and family to keep fit! #widercurriculum Proud to be 'working together' to educate the children of Barking and Dagenham
TheFierceDiva1 Los Angeles @pastormarkburns @realDonaldTrump You should walk to a store and find pants that fit. Then keep walking until you can buy pants that you would want to fit in. Barf! Bleeding heart Liberal with an edge. I have zero tolerance for bs. #Trump loathing #MAGAt slayer. #TheResistance ✊🏾#BlueWave🌊 #BLM LGBTQ ally
thelifeof_real Ask me That's how I dated one babe that almost killed me with trekking Baby we are close Baby save your money Baby it's exercise Baby walking more keeps you fit Baby let's take a long walk Baby the traffic is crazy let's come down and trek That's how she trekked out of d relationship Business Oriented | a realist | I. T consultant | Graphics / Web designer | Creative thinker | Chef | Marvel fan | @ManUtd | Proudly Kogi/Akwaibom boy ♥
DukeofThumpwich Yorkshire Dales National Park @chatteris18 @DVATW Exactly. You make the effort and try to fit in. I’ve recently moved to Cumbria from Cambridge and I make the effort by helping at the Village hall, go to the pub and meet the locals & talk to people when I walk my dog. It’s not always easy but it takes time to be accepted. London lad living oop North. Voted Leave. Waiting for my Nazi uniform to arrive. Love a goose step.
JillYWhitehouse London, England @AmIMombling Funerals should fit the person and the people who love them. My mum’s funeral was in natural burial ground with our dogs there and now I can walk them by the lake where she is buried #funeralthatfits Writer; SSQ Group (COO & GC) ; Doctors of the World UK (trustee/director); former partner in 2 city law firms and Commercial Director of QD Group
clairevhill Knowle, Solihull, UK @Bellweather666 @MrShikharMisra Yes I want him to win too Heather! Light sprinkling of rain this morning and 15c but due to go to 20c later. Not sure when will fit the walk in today! It's Poppy's birthday too 😁🐕🎉💕 Countryside/walking/nature/watercolours - striving to improve my painting. Love gardens/our small patch, family, our dog Poppy, all animals, good food, coast
den_jw somewhere twixt the 49 & 577 @fourfoot Year three high school. Trip to La Rochelle and the admittedly fit French teacher (just out of uni) disappeared with a few sailors. She did the walk of shame in the morning. She had love bites on her neck. Not long after she left to work for M&S in Paris. wife, 4 cats, mortgage. Only the inevitable myocardial infarction to look forward to. Social Democrat. Follower of @AthleticoMince @TFTimeMachine #IFS
Lindy_pops1 England @LadBonnie How they are called judges is beyond me, they are obviously not fit to hold that title, they knowingly allow, rapists, pedophiles and murderers to walk away laughing! “Insanity rules Britannia” Animal lover. “ The measure of love is what one is willing to give up for it” I DO NOT REPLY TO DIRECT MAIL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸
BrayWanderers Bray, Ireland 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️LAST CALL! See you @ 10am for another 'Get Fit With Bray Wanderers!' event! 🚨 Join members of the first team and fans to walk, jog or run along the promenade in Bray and kick-start your Sunday! If you came last weekend bring a friend and spread the word! 👟 Official Twitter account of Bray Wanderers Football Club. SSE Airtricity League First Division. Founded in 1942 and elected to the League in 1985 #BWFC
ZeldaFan180 New York, USA @ForButtigieg People think all gay men are supposed to fit inside a little box that defines how we act, talk, sound, walk, etc... and it's ridiculous! If you don't obey the "rules" of being gay, you're considered "straight acting" or whatever they're calling it now. Videographer, Graphic Designer, Activist, & Proud Gay Autistic Democrat! 🏳️‍🌈#Pete2020 #Kamala2020 #Kirsten2020 #Amy2020 #Elizabeth2020 #NeverBernie #NeverTulsi
StrowAnthony Lakeland, FL @jdawsey1 @Acosta They are all free to walk South if it is so terrible. Mexico isn't the country they are seeking asylum from so my guess is they feel it's a heck of a lot better than sleeping in the desert without AC and zero facilities at all. Of course that doesn't fit your pathetic narrative.
GreenBaySports Green Bay, Wis. The Brewers and Giants both tried to give away the game in the late going but Ben Gamel's ninth-inning double allowed Milwaukee to escape with a win. The official sports Twitter account of Press-Gazette Media in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
shebpresssports Sheboygan, Wis. The Brewers and Giants both tried to give away the game in the late going but Ben Gamel's ninth-inning double allowed Milwaukee to escape with a win. Follow us for updates on all things Sheboygan sports, from preps to bowling to recreational news! And maybe an occasional rant about area and state teams!
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ValoIsAMusicBoy I one day plan to walk into a scene with a fresh fit and be able to reply to compliments with “thank you I designed it” 🌻 Nobody can stop me from blooming 🌻 @cvorvid is my angel now and forever. He/Him
CentWisSports Wausau, Wis. undefined Sports coverage from @wausauherald, @stevenspointjrl, @mnherald, @wrtribune.
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FdLSports Fond du Lac, Wis. The Brewers and Giants both tried to give away the game in the late going but Ben Gamel's ninth-inning double allowed Milwaukee to escape with a win. Official twitter account of the Fond du Lac Reporter sports department
js_newswatch Milwaukee, WI The Brewers and Giants both tried to give away the game in the late going but Ben Gamel's ninth-inning double allowed Milwaukee to escape with a win. Automatic updates from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's breaking news desk. **NOTE** This account is fed by robots.
Alec_AgStone Philadelphia, PA You pay, the sandwich heavily sags into a flimsy garbage bag it doesn't really seem to fit in and is handed to you. You walk out, into the light of the sun. The colors suddenly seem real again and you become aware of your breathing because the air feels rich and life giving. CHE '15 | Drexel U '20 | AEPi | I like EDM, memes, and beer
js_brewers Milwaukee, WI The Brewers and Giants both tried to give away the game in the late going but Ben Gamel's ninth-inning double allowed Milwaukee to escape with a win. Brewers updates from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters.
sgoodman12 Sydney @Toure Really? I suppose you walk into a shop and expect every shirt to fit you. No. You fish around until you find one that you think suits you. It does not mean it is right, just right for you. You are in a sad minority Producer. Director. Writer. Dad.
freewilledvoter United States #FakeChristian @VP you have changed the narrative to fit your own desires and have found solace in those who walk in the same sin as you. @GOP @realDonaldTrump #GodJudgesNotMe #CloseTheCamps Not affiliated with a political party, want my vote, earn it!
nonbinaryty @izeofjules just nab their old work fit and walk in stop stalking me you creepy forks. go on or sumn.
Zerrick_Gerard Saint Petersburg, Florida When you walk into the club on a Friday night with that new fit on and a pocket full of paycheck! 😂 Life = Choices So Your Choices = Your Life
SnCoParksRec Topeka, KS More than 70 participants did 25 laps in a 5K Water Walk tonight in the Lazy River at Shawnee North Family Aquatic Center. Great way to stay cool and fit!
goldenbaked_jo I was shopping today and the clerk gon walk by my fitting room and yell “you twerkin to see if the clothes fit???” LMAOOOO, she exposed tf outta me 🌿🌸🙏🏾🎵
FrancescaLMay Cornwall Went to a club and a group of men clapped my (understandably fit) pals as they walked in. Got to me, last to walk in and they said 'not you though mate'. Thank you so much for making an already not so confident girl feel like utter, utter crap. 🖕 Don't look back into the sun
TheDruSilver Pittsburgh, PA @AEWrestling Feedback 1: Shawn Spears music does not fit his entrance walk and facial expression. Punster. Mustache grower. Boardgamer and bored gamer. Restaurant explorer. Professional wrestling fan and much, much more.

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