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Walk to keep fit.

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3Madhvi Bhopal, India @TataCompanies I do PRANAYAM and YOGA to keep me fit but I also try to keep me fit with my daily activities as i prefer stairs instead of lift, try to go on walk to near by shops. Play badminton with my daughter. And all these efforts work like a zym for me. #MyTataMarathon #KnowNoLimits I am a business woman like reading,listening music.
patriciayoderr Sorry our doctor is running behind because he drove over an hour to get here and didnt realize our roads were worse here. Sorry, since you were 5 minutes late you're now considered a walk in. We'll have to keep going with appointments and will try to fit you in.
SantoseMike @bustyfitdoll Your boobs keep getting big and you keep getting sexier. The best fit doll to ever walk this earth. 🥰 Looking to take action on my sexual desires and help others with theirs.
cheyneburns Port Macquarie, New South Wale Keep it up Karl. Media needs to have a go at these bad actors. I'd expect if other outlets start pushing hard questions Dutton and others will just avoid interviews and do pressers instead. Ya know so they can walk off in hissy fit like #ScottyfromMarketing #auspol #auspol2020
BenH_and_Fit Ireland Want to keep fat loss going at the weekend, but don’t want to be a hermit and miss out on meeting with friends? Increase activity. Go for a walk, a hike or a run during the day Get +10,000 steps at least, more is easily possible too People underestimate the cals walking burns Nutrition | Fitness | Life Improvement
FlissSumner @CLAPACOMMUNITY PLEASE can we get a clapa medal produced, and create an event that we can all take part in? Maybe walk/run 10 miles through cleft lip and palate awareness week? We could pay to take part, and raise vital funds and keep fit at the same time! I’m mostly a Mom, studying social science and I make crap. Ropes and Rainbows. 🌈
Andycab79 Dartford @Burnsie010 I’m at the Royal Mail! 10 minute walk to work and keeping fit! Still keep my badge though. Green badge gooner.
nicoleleahslate United Kingdom @ChristyLynn419 Yeah I’m on sertraline and I try to keep fit and walk my dog etc x lgbtq+,environmental and mental health activist💪🏼 | lesbian🏳️‍🌈|(she/her)|Eclectic Wiccan 🔮🌙🌿
bargor2012 @ACECLEANUK My resolution is to try and walk more to keep myself fit
hertscc Hertfordshire Parkrun has become a big part of Martin’s life. He’s more confident and feels better than ever. Watch his inspiring story below. @parkruns are free, a great way to keep fit and meet people, and you can walk if you prefer. #PublicHealthinHerts #HealthyinHerts Follow us for information and news on our services. Reporting highways faults online: For information on jobs follow @hcccareer
OldhamCouncil Oldham A short walk? #ThatCounts Follow @gmmoving for more tips on how to keep fit and healthy as part of their @ThatCountsGM campaign. Official account of Oldham Council. Providing you with the latest service news, events and alerts from across the borough. Feed monitored Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm.
VisitSoton Southampton, UK Looking to get more active? Here are five places to walk in Southampton which will keep you fit and give you a chance to explore the city! 🚶 Read here: #OurSouthampton The city's official website - #Southampton
iowaguy1970 Waterloo, Iowa Helpful Steven tip: convert old Parmesan cheese shakers to ice melt shakers! Perfect to keep in your vehicle, they fit in a coat pocket or purse, and can get you from car to office or house safely. Easy to fill and refill and easy to sprinkle as you walk. #icesafety #winter great cook, gardener, photographer and comic book collector, involved with my church, Brain Injury and aged-out foster kids. ISU Master Gardener.
EvanMcFatridge Halifax, Nova Scotia @FitasaMamaBear Being #fit to me means being at a healthy weight, having endurance to walk around all day exploring/hiking, having/gaining strength, being able to keep up with the younger guys, and generally feeling good. 💪 #fitnessjourney #fitfam Grateful Husband, Conservative, Christian, Pro-Life, Cheesehead, Animal Lover
jjruss22 Seven Hills, Ohio @ClevTA @THEGerbsWFNY The wide zone scheme doesn't help hunt the way it did for Chubb though....I'm ok if they keep him, but would be shocked to let him walk for a pick and draft a better fit for scheme. Just tryin to get by and figure out the same things everyone else is trying to figure out.
HavensHosEvents Southend, Essex Walk with your friends and family for fun, to keep fit or in memory of a loved one. Join us for our annual 5 or 10 mile Havens to Havens walk in spring 2020. #MakingEveryDayCount for children & adults with complex or incurable conditions in #Essex. We couldn't provide our services without the people who support us.
richbsys Bristol, England @AdamJWest @el_macs We can;and should) down suze cats, walk rather than drive, reduce and recycle, fit solar panels if poss, turn thermostat down (I have) But I fear that’s virtue signalling. We can’t go new Puritan on ecology. The benefits ofcwgafcwe have (warm homes, electricity, travel too great concerned Systems Engineer who can't spell. This account taken over by my fear of Brexit. see @RBeasSystems for the Systems Engineering
cinnamonstixxs_ kent I have had a baby every year for 4 years straight and my body is REALLY paying for it 😂 I’m 22 years old and I walk funny cause my hips cause me agony, my mental health is a tragedy and my body is the least fit it’s ever been 😂
forkintyrants Lima, OH @postgrad_barty About 2 weeks, invites me to her homecoming, I walk in dressed in my fresh fit for the occasion, and get dumped immediately. Tells me she thinks I’d be better with her friend. Dance the disappointment away, and ended up dating her friend lmao I need more nerdy friends. Sc:dammitladybird Ig:sweethypocrisy
3Madhvi Bhopal, India @TataCompanies I do PRANAYAM and YOGA to keep me fit but I also try to keep me fit with my daily activities as i prefer stairs instead of lift, try to go on walk to near by shops. Play badminton with my daughter. And all these efforts work like a zym for me. #MyTataMarathon #KnowNoLimits I am a business woman like reading,listening music.
MuckyMaster Surreality Of Torture Chambers @AbiBitterElixir You aren't alone. 45% of the Worlds population thinks that. The balace 55%? Well, 15% of them are fit, 10% walk alot, and the rest can't afford to eat properly! It's the sad truth! Sorry, didn't mean to sound so morbid! 🙄🙄🙄 3rd time lucky.... I'll promise to be a good boy and stay away from politics.....
gophoenixing Mumbai A lightweight foam formulation in the @ASICS_India #DYNAFLYTE 4 makes for a breathable fit that complements your every step from heel to toe. Walk into @ASICS_India store, @gophoenixing, North Skyzone, First Floor, and make this pair yours. #ASICS #Shoes #Fashion #Shopping Mumbai's Largest Shopping & Entertainment Destination. The home of over 500 brands. 3.3 million square feet of space. Come here for 'A Day Well Spent'
JonahDowns2 Corpus Christi, TX Like literally just for one day, is ALL I ASK! Just to wake up, and be a descent size, and not have to think hard about what might fit, and just walk out feeling good about myself for once. 😭😭😭😭 To me, that would be the ideal “perfect day” to me, just to be a descent size🤧🤧 🎨👨🏼‍🎨Aspiring Concept Artist • 🐎KHS • 🎼🎶• ♋️
JanieceStaton Beaverton, Oregon, USA @guardianeco Translation: Ghent is a great city to live in/visit, so long as you're healthy and able-bodied (able to walk or ride a bike). Humans who don't fit that criteria are excluded. Those living with disabilities who wish to be independent must go elsewhere. Hello! Devoted & disabled RN, BSN, MSW, MAT, who has redefined my career as Activist & Advocate. RTs don't = endorsements! Shalom!
Yournam05909357 Lagos, Nigeria @Cutewalterr He should use his head and walk the relationship and use his legs to run as soon as he gets the chance to, but e fit be say dey don already put the guy inside 35cl coke bottle mm Manchester United fan🤒||Industrial chemist|| follow back Asap🤗
Chima_Saboyo Lagos, Nigeria One who decides to walk with Jesus must bear in mind that they must be obedient to God at all times and not try to compromise on His instructions simply to fit them into their own desires. Remember that God desires obedience more than sacrifice! Good morning. Rom. 8:31| Half-Baked Geologist | Writer | Anime Lover | Anchor, @CFFonTV| @FCBarcelona |Squatter in @Dominican_Media | Podcaster @theboynetwork_
lucas_wade13 denton/huntsville/denton @MaxstonWright Not a person you or I know would walk by that in the shops and be like, oh that’s me for sure. I’m big on Coop, but this fit GARBAGE 💀 23. UNT 2019ish. I love the Cowboys.
ayatoscock ayato and subaru’s filipina gf i wanna walk around trying street food with ayato and watch his eyes light up as he says "hey lets try this!!" or shop at h&m and hype him up when he buys a new fit, or hang out at the park and make out under the slide after he pranks little kids playing in the playground when yui unhooked her bra and said 🥞🥞 the first time she forked ayato.. yeah i felt that
MaybeCoffee13 Somewhere over Yonder You know not what you speak of. They were some of the smartest and bravest men to ever walk the earth. You're not fit to lick their boot prints. LOL Shut up commie.
Fortuned_ Haiti Can’t walk in my shoes, and you can’t fit in this sweater 🤭 hungry- in more ways than one
AnarchoBob Belfast, Northern Ireland the Work Capability Assessment ruled your mum is fit to work, despite being unable to walk more than 6 steps; it'll take 5 more weeks without any money to appeal the decision, and the rents due on monday #awfullybritishreasonstocry Anarchist Bobcat. Antifa are good, burritos are life. pronouns: they/them Huge nerd
itzOmegaBen England, United Kingdom @luna_miggy I mean they walk around with monsters that can fit into pockets, no matter what size they are and he's concerned about "oh no her legs are cold"? Have at ye!!!
1donJano Miami, FL You can’t walk in my shoes, and you can’t fit in my sweater ! Music Producer, Quada Music 🎵 🐊🌎
Fit_Storey You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. I have helped hundreds of people obtain a healthier body, I believe I can help you too. Ready for a better you? click here 👉🏾
SovietPingu United Kingdom of Tea Drinkers @Yosherinio When you want a full English, walk into a cafe and all they serve is vegan food. Whoever thinks vegan sausages are fit for human consumption want their heads checking. Noot Noot | Politics are toxic as is religion | I do enjoy video games, Anime, Manga & Rock Music | This is an internet persona | I'm actually quite pleasant.
ministerpurpose Sadville, USA Gf and I are tryin to get Fit so we can go to Galaxy’s Edge and walk around a lot and I’m humor, Star Wars, theology, politics, horror, art, cats, mental health advocacy, trans inclusionary radical feminism. often nsfw. RIP valerie 4-25-88 ✊
Hole4Loads Boston fit bottom cum dump for loads LOOKING all night. Walk in, Unzip, and BREED #boston #bbc #ANON #cumdump total cum slut always looking to be bred. BBRT: Hole4loadsnow Sweat, CUM, being whored, spit, gear, humiliation, piss. #bbbh #cumdump #boston #anon
HaggenHermit Auburn, WA Anyone want to walk the hill with me? JK. I’m more of a sit and be fit guy. A homebody that enjoys the finer things in life. Artisan cheeses, fine liqueurs, jacking smokes.
mrlonelythots my man be kinda forking fit it blows my mind like damn sexy ur just gonna walk around like that??????? and expect me to just sit here!!!!????? 4 when i get emo and find time
ashleyyakin A lady just tried to walk width wise down our narrow aisle to get to her seat and just fell into me because she obv didn’t fit that way 🙄 I complain a lot about crappy service
Ebo2224 Batavia, NY @andrewperloff Dont think they are prob just got paid to do this but they cant walk into levi stadium gay name for a stadium to fit with a gay team though ....and wear philly eagle jerseys or gear so they did it for the cash !!!!! C.R.E.A.M.
RYGEE10 @susanatx23 @Daniell37166665 @KXAN_News She is another delusional ENTITLED, uneducated TRANSPLANT that KNOWS she doesn’t fit here. Following you sister❤️🇺🇸 And LOVE our AMAZING President too. My mom can finally walk outside on her Ranch in S.TEX without a GUN since he’s FIXING the INVASION. LEGAL AMERICANS 1st Life Long Texan, Conservative in Beautiful Austin, Clearing out the LIBS, Taking Back Austin and TEXAS WE will NEVER be Blue,#TrumpTrain, Sec Ammend, #Trump2020
Anba_LenU2B Banana islands (&België) Walking and walking, we had really good weather. No wonder Parisians look so fit, they walk a gazillion miles amongst petty cool architecture!! I'm Anba, someone that is something like a human??.... BananaPrince and Yt-cover-artist. Header @pett_commi77 icon @rrakina_
lifeofamyxo how heartbreaking is it when you walk past a fit person in college and then realise that you’ll probably never see them again.. #ALevels2021 𝚋𝚒𝚝 𝚘𝚋𝚜𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚖𝚞𝚜𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚕 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚛𝚎
MrMichaelKeegan @Murphybro2 @HelmanDC Foles, Manning, Flacco, Eli, Johnson, dilfer all fit the mold. It’s important to note Dak is not an elite QB. The cowboys options are overpay a good QB and hope he can carry them to a title or let him walk and invest heavily in the defense.
salty_jedi virtual land Now you you have all got over the festive period and promised to get fit (again, like every year) try out my #fit4wot Or try my other challenge- #marathonmonth "26 miles walk/run each month" a mile or whatever a day. Or sit and fester at ur gaming rigs World of Tanks Community Contributor , gamer, streamer of WOT.
mauriceabarry St. John's, NL, Canada Went out for a lovely walk. Saw several Mount Pearl crews, all doing it by the book. Saw four private contractors. Two of them were ok even if they were blatantly pushing the snow back on the road. As for the other two: not fit; no regard for others’ safety and snow everywhere. Parent. Educator. Everything else changes.
Galcalz Finished my second(third since I had to break my first into two parts) walk of the day. 15,053 steps, 450 cals, and 2 hours 3 minutes. I'm going to wait like an hour before I do any ring fit. 22. 5'3.5 (the half is important). 120.8 gw:92 Don't report just block please! binge free: 6
g_thaanngg @miguelxmontana @lavndrlucidlust I would’ve said the same thing. It’s just plain lazy and ignorant. Like bruh....Ik it may not be that deep but COME ONNNNNNNNN there are so many versatile models if you want it a certain theme then find ppl that fit it but how they let someone walk out like that. They look😖😂
hidethez We’ll always have Paris @postgrad_barty I was set up with a guy who spent the date talking about how fit he was and how he played football. I suggested we climb up a hill at a nearby park and he literally couldn’t walk up the hill and chat at the same time, he was breathing so hard. He was a puny specimen. I really don’t eat ramen that often, but I have a vulgar attraction to it always.

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