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Walk to keep fit.

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infantmurderer @SBLitAgent My cousin (double vaxxed and boosted) had 0 symptoms when she got COVID. Extremely athletic kid, decided to continue to workout in order to keep herself fit. Turns out, athletic people SHOULD NOT do this. This caused her to have fluid around her heart. Can only leisurely walk now 📎Talented breather. Mediocre see-er. Failure worder. ♉️ ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻 she/they
StylistMagazine London, UK Several studies have suggested that walking could combat brain ageing and memory loss and even slow the biological clock – but is one walk a day enough exercise to keep you fit? Don't forget to book your #StrongWomenTrek ticket to join us next month The weekly magazine for smart, successful, sophisticated women. Follow us on Instagram too @stylistmagazine
raven13taz New Jersey, USA @EllixFlowers I understand fully. Afraid to walk my paths trying to fit to everyone. Now I’m just living my own life. People understand who I am. That ain’t changing. I’m liked and respected. You are on the right path and keep it up 😊 Hello I'm Raven13taz. Twitch(affiliated)Streamer and Movie Reviewer that loves Wrestling,Video games and ,Phil Collins. feel free to follow :)
WYpartnership United Kingdom This week is Type 2 Diabetes prevention Week. @Jeanett69372535 says: “I’m trying to walk at least 6,000 steps a day to keep fit and be a healthy weight.” #HealthierHack @NHSDiabetesProg #PreventingType2 We are a health and care partnership covering Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield, serving 2.4m people.
K98Media Manchester Spotted a cooler box fit for @fluffyguy Keep the drinks cold and ride along not having to walk!! Thee number 98!! Check out my YouTube channel for car related things.
YAnunoby Toronto, Ontario @SAINTNET1 Not a nets fan, but what is the benefit of letting Brown walk if it would take like 15m to keep him? He was by far their 3rd best player and he’s a great fit on both ends of the floor. Seems like it just makes the team worse to save money which can’t be spent elsewhere anyway. Grad Student. Raptors Fan.
pavyg Derby This weeks plank of the week nominations; Martina...Preaching everyone to keep wearing masks in public indoor settings and then doing the opposite. Nadal.. Part of ATP council and looking as fit as ever (just days after he couldn't walk). Gaudenzi.. ATP CEO self explanatory. Tennis Blogger #teamdjokovic, Vice-Chair @rrtennisderby #nolefam #backthebrits Exposing Tennis corruption. You can support at;
sastillman49 California, USA @davidmcwriter Walk, hike, cycle, lift weights and pilates. I’m 72 and the goal is to move everyday. I have to keep up with my 81 year old husband who’s more fit than me!! The key to feeling good is daily exercise, good food & wine and love ❤️ VOTER. Resistor. Canadian-American. Progressive Democrat. Truth and justice matter. Save our Democracy.
NikolaiDelValle I GOT AN AD RIGHT AFTER A MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SONG ENDED AND IT FIT SO WELL I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone. Honey, if you stay, I'll be forgiven Nothing you can say can stop me going home Rebiscoo and sarap ng filling mo~ HAHAHA /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ The chmeek to your smooch
donrazler Kaduna, Nigeria After walking and running for 3- 4.5km we ramained gallant. Always exercise to keep fit and live healthier eating the right diet. @WHONigeria Kaduna field office staff participated in the third edition of the "Walk the talk Health for ALL challenge".@WMulombo @drjadeen @KadunaSm Public Health Physician/Epidemiologist wit vast experience in programmatic & clinical management of TB/DRTB, HIV, Leprosy & Emergency Response. @WHONIGERIA
VOIC_tweets @davidcanham01 😄 Brilliantly done, that's right you hold your head high, walk your journey to recovery & take back ownership of you & your life however you see fit. That coal 🔥 you walked on has given you back your inernal flame. I salute you 🙏🏾 'fork em', and keep it moving. ❤️ An activist of image based sexual abuse aka 'revenge porn' with an aim to make a difference & stand up against gender based violence/abuse! Speak your truth!
LetsDropit21 Oxfordshire We're still the beating the drum for getting yourself out for a daily walk - it wasn't just for lockdown 😉 Here are some really handy ways to get yourself up and moving and to keep yourself fighting fit whilst exercising DROPiT21 is a structured 21-day health and well being programme geared towards people with busy home and work lives, but who want to make a positive change.
lowcalrexia they / them !? it was worth it tho, i gave permission to all those thoughts to actually shape my habits and consequently change my body. the body i hated. still. i am now wearing those pants, and they fit loose. i have to drag them up every couple of steps i walk because they keep falling. edtwt. 17. ⚢. vegetarian. delusional.
got_it__MADe RMC Eventing @dressagedyke At least two extra front shoes that are fit for your horse (and pads etc if they wear them) in case they pull a shoe! And keep hoof packing stuff or a hoof boot in a backpack to have at the ring/cross country so they don’t have to walk back to the barn missing a shoe function in disaster, finish in style
AdamDox 💯 THIS 👇🏻 I've lived in York about 8 years now and have used all forms of transport in the city. I don't drive into town, I am fortunate enough to be fit and close enough to walk in. Cycling infrastructure benefits everyone, and should be there to keep EVERYONE safe. Horticulturalist with a passion for sustainable food and farming. Creativity and logic aren't mutually exclusive. Forever finding my place in the world.
OOmogbehinmi Abuja Not this man telling me to still use the elevator after getting stuck in it due to power outage on my way upstairs. Uncle,don't worry,I will use the stairs. I want to keep fit,besides @aproko_doctor said we should walk and exercise always. May my eyes not see evil😂😂😂 Passionate Lover of God,keen about the Girl Child and SDGs Goal #3, Life changer. CEO Creamy Dara World😍😍
WA_made Warrington, Cheshire, UK This week is walk to school week. Walking to school helps keep you fit and active and creates a safer, healthier environment fo... #WAmade #warrington creative, industry and services, all made in WArrington | #madeInWArrington #WAmade #madeInWA | @WA_creativeGrp @WA_Creative @WA_Digital @WA_Space @WAc_Jobs
Paulhenleyabz Azerbaijan James, I walk about 70km per week to keep fit, and think I am OK, but BMI says I am overweight (score 26). Paul. @thejamesmax @TalkTV A nice version of Oilfield trash, tweets on UK and Azerbaijan issues. I try to tweet facts & discussion points rather than opinion. Clearly a he.
Healinghours7 any prns ||OT7 FOREVER ||cttro try a shorter walk or even just some stretches in bed. you can still have routines and things you try to keep up when you're at a low point, just put less pressure on yourself and fit them to suit the mindset you're at. Be Kind 🏳️‍🌈 Everythingoes ♡ Lomls ❥ 7
StAndrewHospice Airdrie, North Lanarkshire Walk in memory of a loved one, to keep fit or simply to do something a little different on a Saturday night! 😀 We'd love to make this the biggest & best Midnight Walk yet so why not ask your friends, family and colleagues to join you? 🥳 Sign up today: Specialist #Hospice providing expert palliative care & support services to patients and families across North & South #Lanarkshire.
WarringtonBC Warrington, Cheshire, UK This week is walk to school week. Walking to school helps keep you fit and active and creates a safer, healthier environment for the school and local community Live or work in Warrington? Get all the latest news, events, info and alerts right here. We monitor this account Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.
XummerDrop Graphic Artist / Video Editor Walking as soon as you wake up in fresh air is a great way to keep fit and healthy. Move to Earn. Walk into crypto. The app that rewards your steps. Join us now 👉 #Sweat #PayToWalk #Crypto #Walk2Earn Crypto Ambassador | #LUC | #LeoKings | #xCorgi | #BumCrack | #Cheetah | #XMETA | #XRP | #BTC | #ETH | #Trustline #Giveaway #NFT #SGB | DM for promotions 📩
ZanneIAm California I'm hoping Hazel will keep me fit. She requires a morning and evening walk, and while they are not at the pace I usually walk, I am walking two times a day. She may wear me out! She gets a nice nap after a walk. I get to go to work. Fangirl of epic randomness. I write. I travel. I dream. RIP BB.
YoonkittyWrites 21 (B/W POC) To have even the waiter laugh at how forking poor you are and how much you don't fit in and have everyone keep staring at you even as you walk down the street because you're the guy who's walking home in a satin gown with a bottle of wine in your hand? People who don't even know I'm Aura,aegosexual, perienby they/them bttm/mommy/sad hwx account i post p0rn! dni if discriminatory/sfw censor names plz/use tone indicators
CarloNatch London, England @k1ara89 Well don’t push yer self too hard lass if yer just started to work out you can hurt yerself take in a steady pace.(I recommend walk-> jogging->running or if muscles stretch->cardio->working weights) I do cumbia and kickboxing to keep in fit find sum ye like but take care of ye Gamer,British/Mexican lad Apex &R6 but enjoys anything fun and a rusty Artist but will improve
Amarjee16017623 #WorldHypertensionDay Include morning and evening walk in your schedule. Do exercise and yoga to keep your body fit and healthy. Always be positive, I am Hardworker, Honesty I am member of shah satnam ji Green.s force
GraveRobyn2 In summer, Californians keep fit because we park in shade, and walk the distance to the store. Professional student of Art(fine and not fine) Armchair archaeologist and historian, amateur bookbinder. Holy terror and professional irritant.
kriszizzo_fit A good #fitnesscoach or #personaltrainer doesn’t tell what to do to get from A to B. Instead, they give you options and explain the pros and cons of each. Once you choose your favorite option they walk with you to make sure you don’t go off course and keep you moving. #health
AFBushey With our busy lifestyles, it’s easy to get completely bogged down in the daily struggle just to exist. Finding the time to visit the gym, fit in a walk and buy healthy ingredients to cook from fresh can seem like a mountain to climb. But there are... The official No.1 fitness chain in the world with over 3,300+ clubs worldwide. Join one club use them all. Open 24/7. Coming soon to Bushey
InfoGujarat Gandhinagar, India As part of Fit India Movement, @BSF_Gujarat organized 10 km walk to promote fitness and healthy life style among #Borderman and families. #FitnessMotivation Official Twitter handle of Directorate of Information (માહિતી ખાતું), Government of Gujarat
AdviceToWriters Los Angeles, CA Becoming a writer is not a “career decision” like becoming a doctor or a policeman. You don't choose it so much as get chosen, and once you accept the fact that you're not fit for anything else, you have to be prepared to walk a long, hard road for the rest of your days. P AUSTER Writerly wisdom of the ages collected by the author of Advice To Writers, The Big Book of Irony, and The Portable Curmudgeon.
jamcals You put your bag away and walk around the corner. There she is, her tiny ankles you could fit your hand around, her slim calves and her lovely thigh gap. you look up and she’s holding a cup of black iced coffee. Her slender fingers wrap around the cup, constricting it gracefully. silly little 16 yr old girl
AJ_Smith_Writes Somerville, NJ @Young_Slay2 The day they hand even one of my colleagues a gun is the day I hand in my ID badge, fill my pockets with all the Dixon Ticonderogas I can fit (those are good pencils) walk out and never look back. What the fork are we talking about. HS Teacher. Writer. Sonneteer. Occasional rugger. White trash literati.
Nameles21385602 Three shootings have happened in less than two weeks in the so-called "land of liberty". Liberty to actually walk about with a troublemaker flag and trying desperately to get on the shoes of world player, shoes that no longer fit the country. La verdad, solo uso esto para escribir verdades y ver pornografía. ¿Por qué les sorprende?
DawnofMercy Washington, DC And that's how I lost the weight, and am still losing. It's a journey & I'm grateful to be on it. I'm 53 years old. If I can enter into my golden years with one less health burden, that's a good thing. Plus it's great to walk into a clothing shop knowing something there will fit. SThD. Author of upcoming Father Edward Dowling SJ biography (Student @CUACanonLaw. My email address is on my website.
HillcrestCardCo Check out our Etsy shop! @MobbyButcher in reality these are all different paths to wellness and quality of life and it is super wacky to try to make everyone's path fit onto the same road just because you have some cultural belief that your road is superior and everyone can and should walk it. Spicy greeting cards & leftist postcards ✨ 370 five-star reviews! ✨ Worker-owned ✊🏽 Latina y orgullosa 🇨🇺 they/she queer 🏳️‍🌈 #AutisticPride
JustReactsYT Binghamton NY @DantheLakersFAN I can see that. I just feel indianna is high on westbrook and wouldn’t mind experimenting with him for a year then they can let him walk in FA. Him and hailburton surrounded by shooters like AR and Jonhnson is the perfect fit. Subscribe to my YouTube channel where We talk about the good, bad, and the ugly! Benchwarmers Podcast covers sports JustReacts will be more personal!
pnavadgi South Mumbai,India International media is defaming PM of India and BJP. Increasing prices of food/edible oil/petrol is part of Fit India 🇮🇳 . PM wants Senior Citizens to eat less,walk more & stay healthy. He doesnt want Indians to over eat & become obese. #Inflation #Mumbai 20 yrs in IT, Fin Tech Industry. Staunch Mumbai kar. Tweets are personal. Retweets dont endorse particular ideology. Being Human, Caring & Sharing is core to m
powelbm @JulieBorowski Absolutely! It's sad that if someone "isn't fit to stand trial" they walk the street. They need help, which means they need separated from normal society and cared for! Sieze the is short and we only get one
jasonhatch20 Minnesota @Fit_For_Golf Any tips for long plane rides? Making my first trip to the UK in a few weeks (Scotland golf trip) and want to move around a bit on the plane. Stretch? Walk the aisles? King James Bible Believer. Husband. Father. Golf junkie. Lions die hard. Opinions are my own and they're correct.
PoetaChica Atl via time vortex DE 🇵🇷 And guess what everyone? I found a new nightgown and this mofo has pockets! I got that Grandma 1892 fit on that shows the jiggle as I walk past. Real hot girl crap. Artist. 🎨🖌Poet. 📝Gallifreyan. 💙💙Unapologetically Black. If see a blue box & sonic screwdriver, Geronimo. #Healthcare #Art #Advocacy Check ya Energy.
Nrgizr11 #EducatorsONTheMove Day 132 #RWRunStreakEh Day 2. 5x50m jogs (100m recovery walk btwn) and a 4 km walk. Keeping pace with my other walks which is a positive sign! @fit_leaders #BoycottAverage #BeatHodgkinsLymphoma #BeatBleomycinLung #MovementIsMedicine Highly active, free-thinking, faith driven individual who loves teaching.
PReegis USofA!!! @Luca31404488 It would barely be an hour flight, Luca. Do you supposed NF would love to film the "reunion? And then they could go to London-throw a fit @ the church service over their seating/procession place & walk out..thus proving how mean the RF is to Saint Meghan True Blue* American who is rather OBSESSED with the British Royal family! & needlepoint! Here to have fun. Nasty comments on either side of debate not welcome!
brittshae1701 Forks, WA Tired of being scared to send my child to school, not because of bullies or he won’t fit in, because a shooter could walk in and kill him at any moment. Like we’ve proven countless times will continue to happen until we take guns away from people who should not have them. don’t talk to me or my son ever again . . . abnormally loyal (like Brooke) . . . . . founder of the tom fan club . . . . . . Levi Hulsman’s Manager . . she/her
luchagato Somewhere in Westchester, NY @notinourstars @Amglast1 @littelray2 @Independent In our society we have these concepts called “masculinity” and “femininity.” These are loosely defined roles and rules that are associated with our sex that we are expected to follow. How we walk, talk, dress, work, emote all fit into these roles. Licensed Clinical Laboratory Technologist. Slacktivist. Former Wrestling fan. Not good at a lot of things... except spelling. Laying down & rotting.
ymajek Nigeria I feel like taking a long walk at this time of the night, need to clear my head and all... and since I can't sleep.... But I no fit, na Naija I dey... Make I no miss😜😁😁😁😎 Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor & Administrative Officer @techu_ibadan🎓 #DukeOfEgbaland #MajekodunmiDynasty Power & Sound @officialcggo⛪
being_ghayoor Lahore, Pakistan T624 - ''I have no desire to fit in. No plans to walk with the crowd. I have my own Mind, Heart and Soul. I am me and it has taken me years to realize how important that is...'' Obsessed with Sunrise, Sunset & Flowers Snapchat: being_ghayoor22
ZaneElliot @TiredOfLies2021 @JoJoFromJerz I go to places that have CNN on, I do not throw a fit and walk out, but then again I think for myself, use logic, and do not believe everything I hear or see.
milestonia86 Arkansas, USA That's why the staff has to walk back what he says. He says what he believed 20 years ago and that doesn't fit the puppeteer's current agenda-- Co-own the family screen print shop with my brother. Mother of a severely autistic, adult son who has taught me what's really important in life.
Kareem17Khaled After almost four years in college and all that growth and changes, i still can’t fit in. I’m not blaming anyone it’s just every time i walk in the campus feels like I don’t belong here no matter how much I try senior18/MMPME

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