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Walk to keep fit.

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amitott Ottawa Ontario Canada @chiragbarjatyaa Body shaming can be very subtle and implied. Suggesting someone to do yoga, exercise or take brisk walk to keep fit is an indirect way of body shaming. Sharing information on weightloss products is another way of body shaming. Social Development Consultant Study human behaviour. Participatory planning. Trusting difference. Uniting as humans.
mrjaypeasmith Bristol, England @elanibuchan I genuinely believe that my vision and goals should encompass those of my future employees - including but not limited to financial security, good work life balance, ability to be entrepreneurial, introverted or extraverted, raise a family, walk the dog etc, read and / keep fit Lawyer 👨🏾‍⚖️+ Developer 👨🏾‍💻 = Legal Engineer 🤩 && Co-founder SenseCheck || Bass Player for The Mighty Rufus 🎸 🇬🇧 🇯🇲
jpandikiu @brianlilley Brian, you're allowed to report on the other things Canadians ought to do in order to keep healthy and lessen the impact of Coronavirus. i.e. Eat healthy, lots of greens, stay fit walk outside, make sure you have plenty of vitamins D, C and zinc. Good health goes a long way. Avg Canadian standing on guard. Not affiliated. Actions not politics. Dignity, truth, free speech, God, work are essential. Love your neighbour, sing & laugh.
MT_Kilpatrick Whittlesford, England @Chisholm4Trail @CambApproaches @JackAtReopen Oh, Jim, come on, surely it's easy? You just get out of the cab, walk to the other end of the train, press the button and Bob's your uncle! Tally-ho! The driver can jog down the platform to make it quicker. Keep them fit, too! Music is my mistress and she plays second fiddle to no-one -- Duke Ellington. Baritone saxophone & South Cambs Lib Dems
PT_LondonSandE London 📢 CALLING YOUNG DOG WALKERS 📢 The Young Kennel Club has today launched a four week challenge for young dog owners looking to keep fit and active during the Covid-19 lockdown! @TheKennelClubUK We are the FREE What's On, What to Do, Where to Go magazine for families and Schools with primary aged children in S&E London. Call 02083180400 for more info.
Newman_Pastoral Exercise is a great way to keep on top of physical and mental health during lockdown. A brisk walk, home workout or Wii Fit - do whatever works for you 🤸🚴🏋️ @NewmanRCCollege #TeamNewman #mentalhealth A team @Twitter for #Pastoral #SEND #Safeguarding and all things welfare for students in our care. #VocationNotOccupation
unter_b @HuddlestonNigel brilliant, in response to the play golf petition you send out a statement telling us to to keep fit and look after our mental well being by going for a walk with a friend but not on a golf course! You couldn’t write it. Is there no common sense in government?
vanilla_buns Canada I started some goals yesterday. Ring fit at least 3 times a week, a walk everyday (unless the weather is bad) and a proper 3-step skin care routine everyday. Small goals, but I have to keep putting on some pressure to make them actual habits that stick Bunzies | She/her | buns, vanilla, anime idols, animals, mixed fandoms. Currently playing a lot of Shiny Colors and Hades | translator |Français, English, 日本語
StRichardsHosp Worcestershire If you’re keen to keep active in lockdown, how about joining us for #FitForFeb? Walk, run or cycle 28km during February - or more - and match each km with a £1 donation. It’s a brilliant way to boost your wellbeing and our care 💙 #WorcestershireHour Free care & support for people affected by a serious progressive illness in Worcs. Caring, compassionate, committed & professional. 01905 763963.
PeterDu23019510 @WatermanNikki91 Chin up, Nikki. Footy will be back. Try and keep fit in meantime. Walk/exercises whatever. I’m a Sale Sharks fan. Desperate to get back watching. One day we will. Remember: Once a footballer - always a footballer. Get a soft ball, clear the kitchen - kick-about - yay! Buzzing 🐝 Sale Sharks South Stand Massive. Yorkshire Dweller. Love Limerick, Guinness, Music, Rugby, Film/TV, having a craic. Fell Walking
memaldar You can't keep someone who doesn't belong in your life and there is no future with someone who can only fit in your past. You can’t love a person into loving you back and this is why you must love yourself enough to walk away.. ويبقى الأخ الحبُ الذي لا يسقط ولا ينتهي حتى وإن رحل ، اللهم ارحم اخي واغفرله وعوض شبابه بالجنه يارب #احمد_الدرويش
StaffMoorlandDC Staffordshire Moorlands Being active is a great way to help us feel better. A brisk walk round the block, dancing in the kitchen or even 20 star jumps whilst you wait for the kettle can all help keep us fit and healthy. This account is monitored Mon - Fri 9am-4.30pm excluding Bank Holidays. When following or re-tweeting it does not mean we endorse you, your business or product.
chrisponty Republic of Wales @thebodycoach Will see what eldests schedule is like tomorrow and will try a session later on. Though fair play to her today, she ran a 5k to keep fit after a 5 mile walk yesterday Husband to Cats, dad of two wonderful girls. Enjoy running, love Biking. I can explain it to you, but I can’t make you understand.
russell_oconnor @TheRealCheezoid @keithweir79 @petercrouch For clarity. I do not go and walk past them and ruin their day or embarrass them in any way. Fair play to them for going on a jog to keep fit. I actually admire that in them and it's good to see people trying to get fit at least they're having a try which is good. Written various comedy since a teenager. Wrist really aches now. Now writer of observational comedy and Satirical/topical columnist for a regional newspaper.
peterSLmunro Edinburgh Overheard in Edinburgh: Two genteel middle aged ladies, out for their socially distanced stroll, discussing how to keep fit in lockdown. “I did Joe Wicks on Monday and, I tell you, I couldn’t walk for two days afterwards.” “I can imagine.” All composite things pass away. Strive for your own liberation with diligence.
jmedinamolina Utrecht, The Netherlands #UrbanChess is all about #positivity. It makes people walk from/to the park. It helps to meet others & connect. It helps to keep the brain fit. Most important, it is fun! Now already in 20 Dutch municipalities. And another 20 coming in 2021! #UrbanChess #TataSteelChess Founder of Urban Chess in Netherlands | Creating ‘chess courts’ in parks & on the streets♟
clairewoods32 England, United Kingdom @JMLGardenRooms @originfitnessuk This would be great. It's not always the weather to go out for a walk and I could use this equipment instead to keep fit. Loves entering competitions!
ClareRi60008604 North Wales @Peterewart4 Another walk. Got to keep fit and keep the weight off lol. You? X WELSH🥰🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️.LOVE MY COUNTRY🇬🇧. LOVE MY FAMILY AND TWITTER FRIENDS.❤️ ALL LIVES MATTER 👍 NO DM’S, I WILL NOT ANSWER.
JemmsCee2 Nova Scotia, Canada @TheBlueGem3 @squidpod Time & distance are great allies in creative work like writing. I suggest reading it once through without much interruption just to remember the “groove “ you intended. Keep an original intact and then revise a copy as you see fit. Get up & walk away at times, but enjoy! Teach the world to value thinking & learning. ABC. Twitter is nought but autocorrupt. Stay the blazes home; only palm paintings in the snow, this year. ☮️💕
elSunnyScotsman Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria @scotgov Why do people need to go outdoors for exercise. Walk on the spot or do aerobics for half an hour with the windows wide open. Fresh air and keep fit.
baldandglasses London, England Do a 14k run to stay and keep fit = can’t forking walk and stairs are a nightmare right now 😭 Finance House Managing Director. Used to be a DJ. Trainer addict. Loves family, friends, music, spurs, dogs, cats, alcohol & food. Some politics here & there.
RoshamboBaby San Diego, CA "We are sooooooo happy with our purchase! The shades are a comfortable fit for my 3 month old daughter and they are dark enough to keep her eyes protected when we take the pup for a walk! We cant wait to get her a few more pairs!!" 😎 Kc D. Little People Deserve Big People Shades. Polarized, Italian-made, virtually unbreakable, flexible shades and Rx frames for the whole family!
HullCollegiate Anlaby, East Yorkshire Download the @Strava App and search for Hull Collegiate Keep Active Club. It’s a great way to keep fit through #lockdown on your own or with your family. Walk, jog, run, cycle... whatever suits you, get involved. We look forward to you joining the team! @Sport_HCS An independent co-educational #IAPS and #HMC day school for pupils aged 3-18. Located in the historic house and grounds of Tranby Croft, East Yorkshire.
charityspoon UK and Republic of Ireland Keep fit, keep warm and make a difference to vulnerable children. ❄️ 👟 💛 Could you walk 15 miles in January to raise vital funds for Wooden Spoon? Start your monthly virtual challenge today ➡️ The children's charity of #rugby. Funding vital projects for children with #disabilities & facing disadvantage in the UK & Ireland. Become a member today.
PunamRaneFG Dublin City, Ireland Good one! Yes 30 mins of run or walk everyday to keep yourself fit physically and mentally! No excuse Fine Gael - Blanchardstown - Mulhuddart - Meakstown
shikamaruus cloud watching and my blood forking boils when fit young dudes walk in and tell us they have a health condition and don't need to wear a mask because we can't do anything but we know they're lying and it takes everything in me to not call them out bc I want to keep my job lol bakugo dies she/her • 22
avery64 England, United Kingdom @welshmumofone Oh wow! What a great idea, especially at this time of the year when its difficult to cycle outdoors safely! I walk and cycle to keep fit both physically and mentally. 💕🤞😎🤞💕 Age 73! Passionate about books, technology, fitness, health and the pursuit of happiness. Comp. like crazy to boost pension and spoil grandkids and hubby!
COSFGA South Fulton, GA We are kicking the MLK holiday with our Get Fitter without Litter Campaign. Participants picked up their supplies and will help clean up the community as they walk, run or jog. What a wonderful way to stay fit and keep South Fulton Clean! #cosfga #cosf #southfultonstrong The official Twitter account for the City of South Fulton.
amitott Ottawa Ontario Canada @chiragbarjatyaa Body shaming can be very subtle and implied. Suggesting someone to do yoga, exercise or take brisk walk to keep fit is an indirect way of body shaming. Sharing information on weightloss products is another way of body shaming. Social Development Consultant Study human behaviour. Participatory planning. Trusting difference. Uniting as humans.
symaahmed Sydney, New South Wales Day 1 of #100daysofwalking Committed to the challenge to keep myself motivated and accountable to stay physically and mentally fit every single day for a 100 days. Enjoyed a quiet walk this evening. The flowers put on a good show. Wife, Founder, #CX researcher, #Marketer, #MentalHealth advocate, Mum of 3: a daughter, a son, and Awethenticity 🧘‍♀️🌳 | Alumni @UQ_Business and @UniOfSurrey
campbelldarren To all those struggling to keep fit, you’re not alone! I’ve been struggling for the last month to find the motivation. Today I forced myself to get out the house and go for a long walk, I feel mentally better for doing it and you will too! All you need to do is start. #motivation Father of 3 Athlete turned pundit, Sky ambassador, Director of PAS and Team Super Schools. Life is a journey, where we end up depends on the path we take...
T_Swizzle02 Arizona, USA They keep piling up, what took so long? We all knew who it was already. 1 reason, so the media could perp walk those that fit their bullcrap narrative and once the dummies that watch msm went back to licking windows, they can sneak the truth right past them. #8secDumbdumbs *** PROFANITY AND SARCASM WILL BE USED OFTEN. IF IT'S FUNNY OR PISSES ME OFF I SHARE IT. I'M A PATRIOT AND BELIEVE IN CONSTITUTION OVER PARTY POLITICS ALWAYS***
SaldanhaViva Birmingham & Artigas Out of curiosity, how, in the parallel universe Government rules over, can a solo parent keep fit and healthy without shopping for fresh food regularly, no time to cook, and nothing more than a walk to the local park on the days weather allows? Thinking about justice, self determination, education, equality, diversity, language(s), translation...God and creation in general. And doing little.
DikshaR39062692 संगरूर, भारत Keep your health fit by taking water time to time, doing exercise, going on walk and also fix time for Meditation which gives relaxation to mind and boost positive energy..... #FridayFitness Innocent
NuttCracker777 Aruba, Jamaica, oooo i wanna- @cindih78 @hyunsbians this very same argument was made to keep gay people out of bathrooms. the truth is that making it illegal for certain people to use the restrooms they find most fit does nothing, as bathrooms have little to no security and rapists can just walk in anyway. follow for exclusive garfield nudes she/her
gorse_ruth Black Bull St, Leeds, LS10 1HW HOUSE COMPETITION!!! Check out this competition that the whole family can help with. Keep fit and active during lockdown and we will see how far we can get! Run, walk or cycle and send your proof to and these will be added to the total! #keepfit An exceptional secondary academy, part of The GORSE Academies Trust. Executive Principal Secondary Education:Mrs L Griffiths, Principal:Mr B Mallinson
shireenhiggins @VictoriaPeckham Agree - there is a huge difference between those going for a walk and those who are paid up regular members of a club sporting activity who compete regularly trying to keep fit ready for when competition starts again. They are almost professional but as not paid don’t count
GWayFUN @mother_magpie I will keep my fingers crossed for you. It's a shame you can't hire like a hockey player (someone good on ice) to sprinkle sand for you as you walk. They should make contraptions for cars that fit over the front of the car and sprinkle sand down before you drive over it too.
MusicCPDandMore Grimsby, England #WellbeingWalk #DRETLockdownCup Very busy and tough day today, so it took a lot of effort to head out for a walk in the rain tonight. But I feel so much better after doing it! A great way to unwind and keep fit at the same time, and all counts towards our #TeamHavelock km total! Principal, musician, passion for innovative teaching & learning - especially when enrichment (with a bit of singing) involved! Views my own.
Christo94492588 Scotland, United Kingdom @LouiseScottSTV And yet food is an essential items and yet that been taken away from the essential items list.This insult to whose who depend on essential food items and also where I am at the moment is not In easy reach for those who keep fit by walking to the shops of even too walk to Tesco’s
PC_Reed Just a handy reminder of how far The Proclaimers would walk just to be the man to fall down at your door. Stay safe, keep as fit as you can, smile when you can, look out for each other and enjoy watching the days get longer. 💙🐴 South Yorkshire Police Mounted Officer. Husband and dad. Advanced Practitioner. Views my own and not my employer’s.
Juliealderson2 England Look at this beautiful day ❤️ a well paced long walk to maintain our long distance walking fitness. Stay safe, keep fit, it’s good for MH and save the NHS. What better prescription could you want👌 The Universe, science and nature. Beach, Woodland, Fen and Moor. MTB, Aerobatics Walking & Camping trips with my soul mate ❤️#TheGreatOutdoors #Pagan
epiblabbers Man..i really gotta start some basic workout again...i feel forking tired from basic stuff like just cleaning the bathroom and taking the stairs + crouching down to put away some light boxes 😬😬 guess its time i walk around the block n keep fit to a minimum side account for AUs n threads - NSFW (NO AGE IN BIO=BLOCK) - Epi - 20+ - BkKr enthusiast - MIGHT contain problematic/dark content
otigart @JamesMelville Exercise a lot. Like a maniac... gym now closed from 7th Jan so...walk, run and exercise at home . Stay motivated to keep as healthy and fit as possible. Eat black chocolate everyday and good green tea. Hug the kids and chat Skype with those I love... Twitter has been a help too architect and artist... London & Barcelona
carolan09453484 @LBC @mrjamesob No I don’t . Cycling 7 miles is a walk in the park . The poor sod is trying to run the country and keep fit to help him do so . Cut the bloke a bit of slack and get behind him in his fight against this awful enemy that is destroying our lives.
honeypot108 @dialabed My dream for 2021 is to own a treadmill. I have always wanted to be able to keep fit & I cannot afford to go to the gym because I am a pensioner and a widow. I cannot walk in my area because it is not safe. I have angina & I am compelled to keep fit 🤞🏼🤞🏼
CHockeyStAnnes North Somerset Who else loves a walk? Not only does a walk keep your body fit and healthy but also your mind too which is super important now more than ever! Check out these walking activities to keep your children busy during their daily exercise!🌿 @RFewStAnnes @StAnnes_EHS Learning Mentor, Family Support Advisor & Deputy Safeguarding Lead in a great dual campus school. TPLT ✨ Mental Health First Aider #Kindness ⭐️
ButterflyMcGrew North Florida @DavePerrino @ddale8 Then, too, remember he'll be what, 78 or 79? Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden try to keep themselves fit, and it shows. Golfing doesn't really compare if you don't walk the course. The Big Macs and the lack of other exercise will take their toll eventually.
_chatterjie Chicago, IL If you WFH, do you try to do something active every day? How do you fit it into your schedule? I keep telling myself I'll go for a walk on my lunch break, but something always comes up, and I don't want to go in the morning/at night since it's dark. She/her. Senior UX Designer & Artist. I share a birthday w Sailor Jupiter. 🇵🇭🇮🇳🏳️‍🌈
Yorkshire_Steve Yorkshire @stephhoughton2 - my daughter's football club (Wetherby Athletic) have introduced a 'Walk the Road to Wrmbley' challenge to keep the girls (and families!) fit this lockdown. They have to log the miles walked each day with the aim of 'reaching' Wembley by Easter Sunday. Ex-maths teacher, HoD, LA maths advisor, middle years pgce lecturer, SLT, SLE and RNL. Like/retweet = this is interesting (I may or may not agree with it)

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