ohh srsly kim u srsly think that you can beat chloe down.its ur fault babz. U only jus know to make family bae

@KimKardashian @ChloeGMoretz ohh srsly kim u srsly think that you can beat chloe down.its ur fault babz. U only jus know to make family bae
SeeBarbieTweet Pittsburgh, PA
"If children have rich learning experiences, the outcomes will follow." #LearnYoung #SXSWedu
sr_smoke The Cloud
@NASA @reddit will the sun disappear forever?
firtha16 Leeds/UK
@kwpotter Original & my own Art/Design love #FitzSimmons. Will this be an upcoming Ep of them in those clothes?
Autotrader. Buy a car that will get you laid.
@WCMurda In room dick is cool but not this time... Plus me and my Mexican boo might share a bed so I will get my feels in lol
Wills Online
@SandraHelena39 maybe so but the headline makes it so anti wengerites will reply. which is just unnecessary.
ToniAyne Dallas, TX
It's a stormy day here so we decided to make our own Wrestling themed board game. #boymom #momofboys #momlife...
cyberchoy Chiryu
Poor Americans will get $9 a month to buy broadband or mobile data
GahDamnJay 810•VEGAS
make a sextape with @RayJ
LenParadise Tucson, Syracuse
We will all be able to be arrested for having a beer. POLICE STATE
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silverpebble Cambridge, UK
@stoneflowerjane @higgledygarden Please will you make one for me please Duke?
@itvcorrie her husband is the evil Jesse Dover who she steels his money to give to fiz and tyrone, but will met her maker by fire..death.
make, will, legal
Cam_Girl_Sarah space
Today was not a good cam day 😭 let's hope Thursday will be better??
_loveKelly 614
Y'all make fun of the fact that females embrace hoeness now like anybody is left with a choice. All we gotta do is breathe, we hoes 😩🙄😂😂😂
FJGoodall Houston
Singer @desivalentine is incredible. Listen to "Something Real" & you will agree - via @MochaManStyle
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Goldrushcomic Seattle
@aknightadrift if they ever make another #finalfantasy set in Ivalice, they need to hire you to do #conceptart. Perfect fit for it :)
make, will, legal
Next tweet will be my 2nd Response For #SDRC so stay tuned @gohopez @SolarChbz @StudioOfSolar @InTheSolarHQ
JerseyForever22 Jersey City, NJ
@_ivieeex3 🙄 well ill make my return soon after this court shit all handled
rlnave Jackson, Miss.
Carlos Tanner, plaintiff in lawsuit vs @PhilBryantMS hopes Fed Judge Carlton Reeves, a JSU grad, will side with him
Hi @CloseupPH😊 i will spend the LAST #CloseupForeverSummer #NowOrNever 😍🎆🎡
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hesangeIIic DE
@Harry_Styles Only you can make the darkness bright, only you can fill my heart with light. Please, follow me if you don't mind? 46964
wedoyourmath USA -323-315-0391
@SuperG__ U can DM us !! We will gladly Help out, our experts guarantee u excellent grades as well !!
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jaxbchgirl521 Jacksonville
@MSF_Sea Cameron, if you give in to this invasion, you will be known as worse than Chamberlain. And a total COWARD.
smallfry417 PNW
@urLABness @NicTaggart I know. Hopefully someone will.
LaurenDuck15 Oakdale•Monroe, LA| USA
Just hope this test is as easy as I think it will be but that never actually happens😅
make, will, legal
Not giving up if you love someone fight till you can't fight anymore I'm fighting and not ever will I hurt you again
_TRAPPriest Screwd City Of Houston/
Real nigga let's make that as clear as my windows
nomar4eva West Bank, Palestine
@inabster @meNabster @1318mef I will look into it. Very interesting and would explain a lot.
batmanmhs2011 Maize, KS
@M_Lynnn96 mine just went up and it will be the hair style the rest of the week to.

Created: 8 Mar 2016