R u nuts?U disgrace urself!Interviewing a guy who steps on Am flag,Black lives Matter,we will not watch u again!

JimPitchell Wethersfield, CT
@MartinSavidge @jimpitchell R u nuts?U disgrace urself!Interviewing a guy who steps on Am flag,Black lives Matter,we will not watch u again!
make, will, legal
FUCKJlMIN shiina+z :D
@prettyoongs you should make yoongi+scarf thread

Deltasportsplex Greenville, Mississippi
Players will be contacted this week about teams. If you are not contacted by this Friday, March 18, please let us know.

RebeccaAliceEFC Liverpool, England❤️
@sunnylfc7 a actually will aswell yanno😂😏
dailypostkenya Kenya
UHURU will lose by a landside in 2017 to either me or RAILA – MUDAVADI to Kenyans

Superman must be designed by a 6 year old. "what can he do? Everything." *invent kryptonite to make it up* Superman = POO

whohigh_imhigh Union City, GA
Life will foreva be hard !!

I don't say Sanders and Trump are perfect, but they are the changes, I told you we have to take a Big Risk in order to make changes. Take it

TheReal_Terry Road
It's whatever you make it lil one.

So the high will be around 90 all week. Hello summer. 😒

JT would make a great manager i think

'You were Charlie, you were Paris. Will you be Ankara?'
Wills Online
What you will allow is what will continue.

makeupbymontha Houston, TX
The new launch from patmcgrathreal will make you look like a goddess!

GlitterAndGlib Sтσяувяσσкє/ Oz
@BoqisaMunchkin Boq. I don't condone lying. You're smart, I know you are. Understand even smart people make mistakes." I take your hand--

ShadyHenien Stratford, CT
E-mail Monday: All the best to the thousands of Residency applicants that will match into a training program today! #Matchthrowback #AMARFS
make, will, legal
How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer

You will become rich and famous unless you don't.

thelovelymrfred UK.
gave men a lot of pleasure like that (where there's a will there's a way)
Make your Will online today!
I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make

StarGirlNat #TWFanmily #GalaxyDefenders
@CarrieHFletcher @TomFletcher We Will Be In Disneyland Florida In 3 Weeks👍👍 @omgitsjessxo

robin_ox scotland
@Missguided when will it work, I want my 50% off I'm poor

Yes, having an always wet diaper will be uncomfortable @stacee_skye. I am glad you are finally coming around to the punishment aspect.

UKShallots Beds, Cambs & Lincs
Couldn't agree more with @Michaelkilkie - crispy shallots make an excellent satay garnish! #essential

"You can't outrun a bad diet." Wise words & good article. Thank you @DrAseemMalhotra

@AskCiti actually, I already asked to korea CS center. But not a response yet. Thank u consideration. If I need ur help, i will asking. :)

ghazios2013 Milan
@CenturyBurger i will say yaaakhhhh

Scholars defo come up with political theories just to create long words that make them sound smart, when really no one knows what's going on

"Heal the world make it a better place for u and for me and the entire human race..."
Afro_Gemini Near you, Zambia
Maybe we throw in a definition.. A secret r/ship is one which nobody knows abt or a few pple might know but u're told not to make it public

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