and poch won't make the top 4? Suits me

SeunMike Somewhere, Nigeria
@Born_Free_Jo and poch won't make the top 4? Suits me
latikia 22 km SSW of nowhere special
South Perth residents win legal bid to have $60 million high-rise approval quashed by Heather McNeill via Sydney M…
saintvictus Jl. Ahmad Yani, No.126, Bogor
Make You Feel Alright Ft. Yura Yunita by Ginda Bestari —
rajeshyadav01 Gurgaon, Haryana
@farziRastravadi @Asif_AAP There will always be idiots who don't understand the sarcasm,most of them will be AAPTARD Chanakya(320 BC)
duncanm iPhone: 51.524643,-0.079664
@gimpyblog did you heard Wilshaw's solution to the problem on Today this morning? Make it a legal obligation to stay.
ThatDanRyan Brisbane, California
@Durf I bet your father-in-law could make an absolutely stunning burrito.
Grey's anatomy make me wanna fuck in a hospital
@IamDKShivakumar Sir, will Govt. allow to set up roof-top projects on third party roofs and will it purchase the power from interested firm?
make, will, legal
Iceland Will Stop Hunting Fin Whales...for Now... #whalehunting
paultevis United States
The dirty secret Republicans won't say is that current illegals will be given legal status. They just want to fix the influx problem first.
Blues cross the line, TMO called in but they seem confident. This will seal it for them, and what a win it would be! #BLUvHIG
cannibcl FL || 080216
@Flowerbabc Why did it make you extra sad? :(
Donald Trump just said something that is going to make Republicans lose their shit.
@SuperheroFeed Jay instead of Barry - and kid will be born with that helmet and winged boots.
McCafferty will forever be one of my favorite bands
RBDMagconJB Vitória, Espírito Santo
I love Jack and Jack so much it hurts me and them follow would be the only thing that would make me feel close to them
Follow to unfollow for a stupid follow count and this will be my response from here on out 😂 pet peeve.
aghaalex Brisbane Australia
#murdoch decide who will be the next PM not Australians
Every dark is followed by a bright sun. BapuJi will soon shine like the sun. #सत्यमेव_जयते
Octo_mum In my own little world
Your diplomatic skills enable you to make the best of a tough ... More for Libra
“We will not accept turning the country into a warehouse of souls” he told the #Greek parlimnt after blasting #Au..”
bakraniskANDAr Depok, Jawa Barat
If he is for you, he will be yours. Be cool, stay beautiful. Be your own wonderful self.
@dinahjane97 dinah will u please check my dm
Human interaction. The most complicated form of happiness I will never figure out.
Burress_Resort University Of Cincinnati
Ladies and gentlemen why I get up in the make my friends laugh.
@cyrusalderite I will commit suicide in front of her class that's it
@RogerHelmerMEP yes and it is a prison with a deteriorating regime that may make him share his cell with all kinds of undesirables in future
hana_1D1229 Japanese
@Harry_Styles HI MY ANGEL💜💖 You're always beaming❣ You make me happy. I can't Thank you enough😌 Please follow in me to say it to you. 77
Wills Online
We all make mistakes, but we can learn from them to move forward.#VoteMaineFPP #KCA
brianjsmyth Dublin
Delighted to support @jciireland @RockTheVoteIE events across Irl. Make sure to use your vote today! #BeBetter #GE16

Created: 26 Feb 2016