[abcc] The Latest: Mom Testifies Man Showed Interest in Daughter: A woman has testified that a former boyfrien...

[abcc] The Latest: Mom Testifies Man Showed Interest in Daughter: A woman has testified that a former boyfrien...

CooperSBeckett Chicago
A1 For better or worse #50SOG put kink into the mainstream, allowing us educators to take the reins from there #SexTalkTuesday

@thequeennnz @AmourTriniti You See How She Do Us😏

jaeggifranz CH-8142 Uitikon, Switzerland
Architect of 2008 bailout says US banks still pose 'nuclear' threat to economy

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go through drive thru cause I don't want nobody see us together

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@cefasox36 @LauraDT5891 @Claudiav1701 she heard us from the train

@Ronnie2K why won't you give us a boost you gave a boosting boy L5 that's messed up

[abcc] Couple Accused of Stealing $100,000 in Jewelry From Neighbor: Police say a husband and wife have been a...

Alteregotje Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
@FredericaChafe, @iMarjon, @SabinVanRoy, @theofficialsaar thanks for following. Via @FindUnfollower

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In situation like these i wish i could borrow Patience frm some1.... God... Y wth us??? 😭😫😩😫😩😫😭😭😫😩😫

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I'm listening to Tell Your Heart To Beat Again by Danny Gokey in my @KLOVERadio mobile app.

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"Tell Us: Is It Important to Elect a Woman as President?" by Unknown Author via NYT
us, DIY, wills
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Kyle Sanders gives us an inside look at writing and recording for Album #5

PlutoLamar Chattroitville
Ronda Rousey is one of the most disrespectful female athletes ever... Bruh y'all not gonna try to make us feel sorry for her. @espn

@daisyKTA @destinimorales_ funny b/c people are talking shit about us saying that we are faking it 😂 oh btw my snap was of me in bed sick

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Thanks for always supporting us KK. You are the best. #AXSChat
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Why not join us at Old Town Pizza and tap house tonight at 8PM? It's fun. You like fun don't you? Did we mention...

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Imagine blaming Di Maria for how he performed for us and not LVG?

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Just saw a hillary for president commercial. Lord help us all

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ksn #LQvQG thanks to everyone who provided us a chance to sit and watch live matches with family. Bcz of PSL we're now united.thank you PSL

Jewelcu_ctg Bangladesh
"U.S. Had Cyberattack Planned if Iran Nuclear Negotiations Failed" by DAVID E. SANGER and …

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America's Class War #DonaldTrump #BernieSanders Is @realDonaldTrump a #michaelmoore?

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