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WgsrNet Clermont, FL
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azirusi JAPAN
deuy chevaux 2cv 85×215×75 Kent paper, Foreign countries Periodical(LIFE) #art #sculpture #contemporaryart

Handmade Leaf Platter with Blue Bird Sculpture #EasterGift #Green

bexharris Launceston, Cornwall
Untitled (stop Tap) by Rebecca Harris 2012 #art #artist #body #foundobject

LukeFabre_AR Dihatinya Cheria♥
#AboutLuke: He is the son of Duke Crimson Herzog fon Fabre and Duchess Suzanne fon Fabre

FrankTheQuoter Quoteland
'Get Skinny' is my sixth book. I look over the books that I've written, and... #SuzanneSomers #quotations

craftjuice crafting world
Needle felted goldfinch A 3d sculpture from wool. This life size goldfinch has been needle..

BikeR_1980 New Zealand
Awesome bike sculpture, with King of the mountains spots.
Suzanne Davey Sculpture
Self-revealing laptop amongst sculpture voicing deals – yours headpiece upon empeople inasmuch as deals: XuzylXKs

pensionsync London, England
“@AW_Suzanne: Armstrong Watson #payroll event speakers just arriving, coffee and bacon rolls all round.” Yum. #hungry

Baksheesh cause musical revue mutual regard cysp sculpture auditions: CxJQZ

Techerit USA, WA
Mini Ribbon Coat Rack #Coat, #Durable, #Rack, #Sculpture #gadget #technology

74_suzanne A Potterhead in Diagon Alley⚡️
Hmmm....The Script vinyl on buy or not to buy.....🤔

KayeMenner Sydney, Australia
Check this out

filterednews United States
The outrageous ordinariness of Donald Trump - Suzanne Fields - Washington Times

BornForFiNRS W. 105 Elf city
@RsnPur @Davey_pigeon 2fab4me

RsnPur Mod Neena FC
@BornForFiNRS @Davey_pigeon now you have 😋

lakelandarts The Lake District
Come try making your own mini sheep sculpture. Only two more days left of #MOLLI's half term workshops.
Suzanne Davey Sculpture
Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card & Signed Paperback from NY Times Bestselling Author Suzanne Rock via @LVVampireNovels

74_suzanne A Potterhead in Diagon Alley⚡️
@Causesmusic If it's Trump give him a get him under the tram....😝🙈

ArtistsofDenver Denver, CO
Another #sculpture . Gray clay. Hollow

pitlanejane JD Motorsport, Surrey,UK
@747djd Morning!😘👋🏽 Very moody, atmospheric shot there Davey boy!👍🏼 Happy drillin'👍🏼

TheArtNewspaper NY/London
Asian Society Museum organises Japanese sculpture show—with no loans from Japan

BornForFiNRS W. 105 Elf city
@Davey_pigeon @RsnPur i have never seen purs face, but wow!

southsuburbsnow South Suburbs, Chicago
Garland Martin Taylor makes sculpture to stop the shooting: With Conversation Piece, the south-side artist delivers…

Suzanne_Brett cork ireland
Cork Independent - Disproportional representation

Nuke__C Chile
Nemes #sculpture #ironmaiden #bust #heavymetal ##sculptor #artwork #wip #collectibles

MiniGreenhouse UK
#garden Buddha in Robes Statue Ornament Figurine Sculpture Feng Shui 18cm 2093 Price : 9.79 Ends on : MORE INFO HER…

steve_sculpture Mid Wales
@patriciavolk I like em. Superb!
Suzanne, Davey, Sculpture
Suzanne_OGrady Dublin
Spending all day trying to help Leo get his Oscar

Created: 18 Feb 2016