Nope, the longer I wait the bigger of a chance I take that I'll make a big deal out of it or something. I just need to do it

@KarofskyDavidM Nope, the longer I wait the bigger of a chance I take that I'll make a big deal out of it or something. I just need to do it
AnnJr_ So Chi
I are pretty good this weekend so I will have a Philly cheesesteak for lunch no fries
maddigascarr mhs
Prayin it will work for 3 more comps😭
Got myself a real nigga so them hating hoes will be glad to get em .
KBoston41 Frostburg State '20 ⚫️
@Fashion_killa_a tomorrow will be the 🔞
__Kaylana 757
I know i know, i make it hard to let go
TheASMLife Chicago, IL
This scene is why Darryl will die. #TheWalkingDeadMidSeasonPremiere
Dre2Niceee R.I.P Matthew Medrano❤️
@tanner_bernal @ramenboy_ ✊🏾make sure you use the orange button
CameronC4_ Fate Loves the Fearless
Gotta make time to watch Better Call Saul
iwrestlewbu wwe universe
my heart will go on
@PhantomRoxas Then he should actually make the point instead of just doing the same thing.
GreenSkyDeb Boston, MA
God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Revelation 7:17
unifiedpakistan Islamabad, Pakistan
Questions for the E.C.B. Leader, Fed Minutes and Walmart Earnings: This week, Mario Draghi will appear at a he...
@serenesnsn I didn't know I have the ability to make people smile so much when chatting with me😂😂😂😂
srashti2222 Madhya Pradesh, India
@ArmaanMalik22 @aapkipreeti omg! That's not something to make fun was a horrible thing to happen😫
YellowAfternoon Kansas City
I immediately regret 98% of the decisions I make.
jefferson_isaac São Luís - MA
And God is faithful. He will keep the temptation from becoming so strong that you can't stand up…
GQ_Zoolander New Jersey, USA
@ZuzuFire108 @ndifranco will it be all Dinos? Any human evolution content?
WLASocial Australia
@Austin26Kellie Great to know Kellie! A survey will be sent to you shortly (if it has not already) encouraging your feedback.
I'll be your friend My love will never end Till death do us part
SouthDeltaMB Vancouver, BC
This Mortgage Broker must have done something right. katherinemills you make me so happy, I love…
giannaadamico Clearwater, FL
Happy Valentine's Day ❤️ you make me the happiest girl in the world. I love you ❤️😍
PSG_Global Manila, Philippines
PSG GLOBAL SOLUTIONS will be at Robinson's Galleria for a 2-day job fair. Interested in joining us? See details...
bambouqd9 New York, NY
@newyork808 Damn! I think I will be in Ireland then but I am not sure yet. Will keep you updated!!!
Wills Online
_ccarolynnn on to better things..
I swear I feel like Louisiana don't want see nobody make it 😒
Make your Will online today!
jainainesh Cary, NC
@WCPSS make sure you make the write decision
ObsessedINFP The Heart of Dixie
@ObsessedINFP He's taking the test, will keep y'all updated
1Aim_1Destiny Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Can't believe that #BlackMamba will be gone. Gonna mis the greatest ever. Depending on whom you ask. @kobebryant forever.
👹- I look up u so much and make me want to be better!! You're beautiful inside and out and soo blessed! Continue doing you!😻
KMLagmay 31216
will forever support you no matter what Mamba #KobeBryant

Created: 14 Feb 2016