German Scientist Discovers How a Walking Stick Insect Uses Its Six Legs to Propel Itself Forward | Read: by Laughi…

German Scientist Discovers How a Walking Stick Insect Uses Its Six Legs to Propel Itself Forward | Read: by Laughi…
At about 1.5 mile I realized I needed to pee but made it to mile 2 before I had to start walking. Running w...
I'm trying to watch a movie & my roommate keeps walking back & forth in front of the tv 😒.
NoneYa777 NoneYa
@tony_g1966 @mitchellvii @teapartytempest Its an election. Jeb tried it your way and he's walking out the door... Trump will mellow out soon
brewingrealty YYC
How happy am I with my walking desk? This happy.
alix_in_wndrlnd BASSHEAD + BEATS FREAK
I'm really proud of myself. I came so close to giving up and just walking out of work today so many times, but I made it. Thank god💜
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I will prob be a walking whale 😂🐳💕
__dreonnaaa cole world
Dru walking tho😭
QmasterQQQ NE Ohio
#Clippers are raffling off very cool Lexus with Doc Rivers voiced GPS - How COOL is that?
@Y_A_N__ whaaaaaat lol that's the best show ever bro! Try Lost or The walking dead if you haven't yet
j0varies LV, NV
all these people walking around are giving me social anxiety tbh
@markjp1968 not seen the Giggs walking bit
FacelessXName IN. MWB.
Wish I was in Indy. I miss walking downtown with people and enjoying all the lights from the cars and buildings.
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Mugiwara_Sencho The New World
@LovelyBrawler *The Straw Hat's eyes set on the bar. He thought to himself awhile walking towards the brightly lit up bar* [Hm, a drink—
941504_ potatoes turn to french fries
Es muy buenooo. "We ... we are the walking dead" EXO x TWD 🔫
EHeiste Traveling
@Ty_Valentine_x "I just had it built last month, so yes," she answered, walking over to the pit.
ReynoldsRant Memphis
"ya know, I kinda want a Doc Rivers-voiced GPS in my car." — Nobody, ever.
_Concheck kam
I'm walking blindfolded completely automatic all of my systems are down
@sa_cummins for a second I thought you were live tweeting the walking dead and I didn't realize it was Sunday
ThankYouMiami Miami Beach
We can't tell if someone singing "Pretty Woman" while you're walking down the street is a good or a bad thing.
DanggTho w/dog
I think I'll stick to walking the dogs at night tbh. During the day is nice but everyone can see me n i make a lot of eye contact so no ty
terisemcole NH—MA
Back to it...for 20 minutes of walking and trotting...
Why my son keep talking bout The Walking Dead. Smh. Who is teaching him these things!?!
ayazash82 Melbourne, Victoria
Corporate travels, Day tours, Heading to Airport or want to be picked up from the Airport
Delta Police Launch GPS Tracker To Prevent Need For High-Speed Chases - 604 Now
IbnNabou La Place
NW - The Walking Dead #NoWayOut
BrettBGowen New York, New York
There is a man walking through Times Square reciting the opening monologue from Romeo and Juliet to himself.
GPS, Walking, Tours
htteehee Manilla
I'm gonna be a walking advertisement today for Wanderland
Whenever I see a couple walking around holding hands I have this intense urge to go at them with a chaiesaw & cut them a part.

Created: 19 Feb 2016